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Pollen is bad not only for people but also for cars!


Pollen season that comes every year. It’s a difficult time for people with hay fever, but it’s also a bad time for cars.

The body is often faintly yellow, and many people will be disgusted just by looking at it.

If pollen adheres to the car, it will of course spoil the aesthetic appearance,If it becomes a stain, it will adversely affect the painted surface. Especially when there is a lot of scattering, it is a place where you want to wash the car frequently and remove the pollen.

However, there are many people who do not have time to wash their car and say, “There are pollen stains on it…”. Pollen stains can cause serious damage to the body if left unattended, so be careful.

Is it difficult to remove pollen stains with water?


Pollen contains a protein component called “pectin”, but when it gets wet, the pectin inside dissolves and has the property of becoming viscous.When pollen gets wet due to condensation or rain, it increases its adhesive strength and sticks to the painted surface, creating stubborn stains.

The combination of “pollen and water” is quite troublesome, not only does the dirt adhere, but in the worst case it damages the paint.

If pollen stains are left unattended, most of them cannot be washed off with just water.If you forcefully rub it just because it won’t fall off, your body will be full of scratches. Especially in the case of dark colored cars, scratches will be very noticeable, so be careful.

If the pollen gets wet and dry, it will stain in less than a week.Therefore, it is best to remove pollen stains from the car body immediately, but many people may not be able to spend time washing their car.

However, it seems that the pollen attached to the body can be easily removed by using something.

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