“Isn’t it an urban legend?” Is it true that the color and dirt of a car change the accident rate? |MOBY [モビー]

Does car color affect accident rate?Body color and accident susceptibility


Car accidents such as collisions and collisions are often caused by the carelessness of drivers, such as lack of confirmation of safety and distracted driving.but“The color and dirt of the car change the probability of getting into an accident.”There is a story.

A University of Auckland study found thatBlue body colors such as blue and dark blue are more likely to cause accidents than white, black, and gray carsdata was issued.

The exact reason is unknown, but there are several possible reasons.

The first isBlue color is difficult to seeIt’s for Blue does not reflect light as easily as white or gray, and it blends with the color of the sky, making it difficult for other cars to notice.

the second isBecause blue is a receding and shrinking coloris. Each color has its own wavelength, but blue-based colors have short wavelengths, making the lens of the eye thinner. As a result, blue appears further away than it actually is compared to other colors. By making the car appear farther than it actually is, you will be late in noticing the existence of the car, which can lead to accidents.

Are there any unpopular body colors?i asked the dealer


We learned that each color has its own characteristics, and that these characteristics can lead to traffic accidents. Depending on the body color of the car, the probability of getting into a traffic accident changes. In order to avoid traffic accidents even a little, it may be better to avoid blue colors.

In fact, according to dealers in the Tokyo metropolitan area, many users want to avoid colors that lead to accidents.According to the person in charge“I feel that there is a high tendency for older people to avoid the color blue.”talk to

again,Colors that do not stand out at night, such as blackor,Red looks aggressive to drivers of other carsIt is said that there were users in the past who avoided . In addition, he says that some buyers are encouraged not to choose such colors by family members.

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