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I want to start with a simple overnight stay, but what should I prepare first?

What items do you recommend for sleeping in the car?

Do you have any worries?

I am enjoying my weekend van life with a simple sleeping car “Caravan Multibed” that only comes with a bed kit and a table. I bought it.

In order not to make a mistake like me, instead of staying for a long time, I would like to stay in a simple car with a nap + α.5 useful items to have” will be introduced along with the impressions of actual use and the state of sleeping in the car.

In my case, I often travel alone with my son, so I think it will be helpful for those who are thinking about sleeping in the car with their children.

The first thing you want to have for sleeping in the car.

portable power

In my case, staying in the car is just for a nap, and I don’t stay for a long time from the previous day.

As a matter of course, there are people who are taking a break or sleeping in the car in the parking lot, so turn off the engine as soon as you arrive.

My car doesn’t have a running charging system, so I use a 500W class Jackley JVC Kenwood portable power supply BN-RB5 for the electricity I need for sleeping in the car.

I think some people are wondering what the actual power of a 500W class portable power supply is.

In conclusion,It can be used almost without any inconvenience if it is only for one night in the car..

In my experience, this 500W class can be said to be the minimum necessary capacity, as there is a possibility that it will run out if you stay for a long time or use it wastefully.

When choosing a portable power supply, be sure to choose a “pure sine wave” product. There is also a type called pseudo sine wave, which is available at a low price, but it may not work properly.

The first thing you want to have for sleeping in the car.

power saving rice cooker

In-car meals are basically cooked using a rice cooker.

This may be useless information for those who don’t eat rice, but the GOHANNDAKI rice cooker I use is super power efficient at 100V/200W.can be used with a portable power supply.

size is width170mm×Depth195mm× height205 mmand very compact.

You can cook up to 2 cups, so I think it depends on your family, but in our house, it’s enough for 4 people.

If it is a two-person trip, it will be the amount that will be left over depending on the case.

In the car, I use this rice cooker to make white rice and mixed rice.

As for the rice, I love to use unrinsed rice, which is easy to cook and can be cooked just by adding water.

Side dishes are sometimes procured locally, and if they are not available, canned food that is always available in the car is used as a side dish.

The first thing you want to have for sleeping in the car.

travel cooker

Cooking rice with a rice cooker, buying side dishes or canned food alone,Sufficient for one night.

However, I would like to have variations such as brewing tea and making instant noodles.

That’s where travel cookers come into play.

The Travel Cooker is an excellent electric cookware item sold by Yazawa Corporation.

Power consumption is100V/250W~350Wis.

It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including “boiling”, “simmering”, and “cooking”.Complete with 1 unit.

Comes with a pot with a handle, a lid, a spoon, a fork and a storage bag.

The pot with a capacity of 1.3L can boil water, and the square shape is perfect for the size of instant noodles.

It is also possible to make small pot dishes.

If you feel like it, you can cook rice with this.

I only make simple meals in the car, and I only have the minimum amount of tableware that can be purchased at 100 yen shops, such as stainless steel chopsticks, plates, and cutting boards.

But the food I make and eat in the car feels strangely delicious.

If you plan to stay in the car, please try eating in the car.

In my case, I am traveling with a child, so I am reluctant to use fire in a small car.

In that respect, this travel cookerSafe because it is electric.

If you choose a power-saving home appliance, you can use the 500W class portable power supply introduced earlier to boil water in a travel cooker while cooking rice in a rice cooker.

If you can’t do this at the same time, it takes 30 minutes just to boil water, so it takes a lot of time to prepare meals.

It is true that the more output and capacity of a portable power supply, the more room there is.

In my case, I think it would be even safer to have a model with a slightly larger capacity.

The first thing you want to have for sleeping in the car.

electric blanket

If you have an FF heater like a camper, there will be no problem at all, but in a car with a car overnight specification such as a simple camper without such equipment, the electric blanket isA must-have item for sleeping in the car in winteris.

The YAMAZENN electric blanket JMK18L that I use is 100V/60W and energy-saving, and I use it instead of floor heating when sleeping in the car in winter.

Thanks to this blanket, I was able to overcome the extreme cold of minus 8 degrees Celsius while staying in the car.

The cold air comes from below, so even when you’re sleeping, the warmth comes from your back.

Be sure to prepare an electric blanket for a comfortable night in the car in winter.

However, electricity consumption is high in winter, so it is necessary to check the capacity of the portable power supply and control the strength of the electric blanket.

When I use a portable power supply for sleeping in the car, I cook rice with a rice cooker the next morning, so I have to secure the remaining battery power for that.

I’ve made big mistakes in the past.

It was particularly cold in the morning that day, so I thought, “Well, it’s okay,” and used the electric blanket on “strong”. have done.

I hurriedly set the blanket to “weak” and started cooking rice with the rice cooker with the remaining 35% of the battery remaining, but the battery remaining amount decreased further and it was almost running out, and finally the blanket’s power supply Turn off the power for the rice cooker.

I have a bitter memory of being shivering in a car in the extreme cold when the last 1% of the rice was cooked.

It turned out to be a “good lesson” that electricity runs out faster than expected when it’s cold.

The hot rice I ate at that time was exceptional.

Things to prepare first for staying in the car

small projector

Even though it’s a simple car night with a nap + α, if you have a little entertainment before going to bed, the car night will be much more fun.

Recommended issmall projector.

Use this to turn your car into a home theater.

The inside of the car will be a movie theater, so children will be especially happy!

The body specs of this projector are 110mm wide x 48mm thick x 90mm deep and weighs 0.25kg.very small and light.

It does not get in the way at all even if it is loaded in the car.

The resolution is 1080P and the screen size isSupports from 15 inches to 100 inchescan.

It also has a built-in speaker, and you can connect the main unit to your smartphone with a cable to mirror (project the screen of your smartphone) and watch YouTube, or you can connect it to a DVD player.

The screen is completed simply by hooking a white vinyl sheet to the pipe of the partition curtain.

At home, we use this projector to watch DVDs while eating snacks before going to bed. My son enjoys this time the most and watches it while eating popcorn every time.

In order to make the inside of the car a fun space, I think it is a recommended item not only for sleeping in the car with children.


How was it?

I introduced 5 items that I think are essential for sleeping in the car.

Having these will make your stay in the car even more comfortable, so I wouldn’t say it’s everything, but I definitely recommend getting them.

Unlike a camper that comes with various equipment from the beginning, a caravan with a simple bed kit and a table like my caravan will have more items as needed.

How often do you think you will need additional items?

What is your priority?

It’s easy to get lost, but the fact that you have plenty of room to create your own space is the fun and real pleasure of a simple overnight car.

Staying at home is much more comfortable, and staying in the car is often inconvenient, but it’s also fun, and my son happily accompanies me every time.

I will continue to travel while cherishing the time I spend with my parents and children.

Writer: Zunasuke

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