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How to choose car wash goods

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“I want to prepare tools to wash my own car” The most common question for people like this is “Which tool should I choose?”The tools needed for car washing are roughly divided into 4

  1. bucket
  2. Car wash sponge/brush
  3. car shampoo
  4. towel for wiping

This time, we will introduce in detail how to choose these four types of car wash goods. Prepare your own favorite car wash set and start a fun car wash life!

1.How to choose a bucket

A bucket is the first thing you need when you start washing your car. Don’t underestimate the bucket.

The bucket is a tool with many uses, such as washing dirty towels, washing away foamy sponges, storing water and using it to rinse the body.

It is an important tool that affects the finish of the car wash, so choose carefully.

If you search for car wash buckets, you will find many different types. There are various shapes such as round, square, and foldable, but the square bucket is the most recommended here. The capacity should be around 15 liters.

2. How to choose a car wash sponge and brush

Next is how to choose a car wash sponge and brush. It is best to choose a sponge brush that has a large surface area, a handle, and is shaped like a rice ball.

This has the advantage of being able to reach far away and wash the car without using a stepladder, even for large or tall vehicles.

The reason why the rice ball type is recommended over the square type is the ease of use. By using the tip, you can wash even small parts neatly and leave less residue.

The square sponge has a larger area to wash, but it is easy to leave grooves and press lines unwashed, so if you are not used to car washing, the rice ball type is easier to use.

3. How to choose car shampoo

When choosing a car shampoo, choose a neutral, no-wax, no-compound product, that is, a “normal car shampoo”.

If you use products with compound or wax well, you can make your car shine just by washing it. On the other hand, it is a double-edged sword that can peel off the coating or cause dullness of the body if used incorrectly.

If you are a beginner who is just starting to wash your car, a normal type of shampoo will be safe because it is less troublesome.

However, if you gradually get used to washing your car, it’s not a bad idea to try a wax-type or compound shampoo.

Please refer to the example below and choose the best car shampoo for your body condition.

Vehicles with severe limescale

For vehicles with severe limescale, we recommend using a car shampoo that contains descaler ingredients or a compound.

However, compounded car shampoo has an abrasive action, so it should not be used on dark and light colored cars or coated cars.

Vehicles with minor scratches

For vehicles that are concerned about thin scratches, we recommend a car shampoo with compound or wax.

Car shampoo with a compound has an abrasive action that makes scratches less noticeable, while car shampoo with wax makes scratches less noticeable with a film of oil.

There are two points to note.

  • Car shampoo with compound cannot be used for dark and light colored vehicles and coated vehicles.
  • Car shampoo with wax is not recommended for coated vehicles

Please note that using it on these vehicles may cause scratches or reduce the water repellency of the coating.

Vehicle not waxed

Car shampoo with wax is recommended for vehicles that have not been coated or have no water repellent effect.

Car shampoo with wax can be expected to have a water-repellent effect on the body just by washing, and the finish will be shiny.

It can be used on vehicles with dark and light colors without any problems, so if you want to apply wax easily, please try it.

4. How to choose a towel for wiping

We recommend using a highly absorbent “pile fabric” towel or “chamois leather” for wiping. Household rags and towels prepared by cutting out used clothes have poor absorbency and are not easy to work with.

If too much water is left unwiped, it can cause limescale and make the body dull, so choose a towel with good water absorption.

Click here for more information on car washing

3 recommended car wash tools for beginners and women

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“I know how to choose the tools, but can’t I have a more convenient car wash?” For beginners and women who think like that. Please rest assured. If you choose the set product that we will introduce from now on, anyone can easily have all the car wash tools.

Set products are sold by various manufacturers, but this time we have carefully selected the most recommended products. Please refer to the selection of car wash tools.

LuxDee Car Wash Supplies 18 Piece Car Wash Set

This product is a set with all the tools necessary for car washing.

Set contents

  • wipe up towel
  • Car wash brush (mouton glove)
  • Pig bristle brush for cleaning small parts
  • Bucket (13 liters)

This is a great value product that contains a total of 18 items of these tools by size.

“It’s troublesome to choose car wash tools one by one.”

However, if there is one drawback, it is that the bucket is a foldable round bucket. The capacity is not so big, so it might be a good idea to prepare a square bucket.

Car Wash Kingdom Beginner Safe Car Wash Debut Set 5 Pieces

If you don’t need that many car wash tools, we recommend this car wash set.

  • sponge
  • soap
  • Coating agent
  • towel
  • bucket

These are a set, and the bucket can also be used as a stepping stone, so you can wash high places without preparing a stepladder. This may be a nice set for women.

All the tools can be stored in the bucket, so it is easy to carry and very convenient.

nda-style car wash set

“If you want to challenge yourself to wash your own car, I want a full set of necessary tools!” How about this product?

The set includes 22 tools necessary for car washing, such as brushes and towels, and is designed for professionals.

Also, if you wear the included waterproof apron, you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes dirty at the car wash.

Except for the fact that the detergent is not a set and that it is a round bucket, it can be said to be the “strongest” car wash tool set.

Car shampoo popular recommended 3 selections

If you have a car wash tool, you want to be particular about car shampoo. We will introduce recommended popular car shampoo, so please find the perfect product for your car.

KeePer Giken Coating specialty store car shampoo

If you’re worried about car shampoo, honestly you won’t have any problems with this product. This product is a product developed by KeePer Giken, which is familiar with “Diamond Keeper”.

Therefore, it is often used in professional settings, and it is used in the same way as ordinary car shampoo.

It is compatible with all body colors and can be used on coated vehicles without any problems, so it is an excellent product in terms of safety.

Surestar Car Wash Supplies Car Shampoo No Compound

Sure Star provides high quality car accessories. The car shampoo sold here is also recommended.

Like KeePer’s car shampoo, Suluster’s car shampoo is compatible with all body colors and can be used on coated vehicles without any problems.

It has a large capacity of 1 liter, so the cost performance is also excellent. If you ask me, “Which is better than KeePer?”

Carmate Car Car Shampoo Water Scale Iron Powder Shampoo

Why don’t you try this product for vehicles that have “severe limescale” or “iron powder stands out”?

This product uses the power of chemical reaction to decompose iron powder and limescale. Just spread it on the body and leave it for a while to remove dirt easily.

It also removes oil strongly, so it is also useful for pretreatment before coating. However, it cannot be used for the following vehicles because it is too strong car shampoo.

  • Coated vehicles (vehicles not scheduled to be re-coated)
  • yellow car
  • Vehicles using lacquer paint such as Bentley and Rolls-Royce
  • vehicle with repair paint

Please be aware that there is a risk of stains and discoloration when used on these vehicles.

3 Recommended Car Wash Sponges and Brushes

BloomSesame Car Wash Shearling Gloves

Mouton Glove is a car wash sponge recommended for those who want to minimize car wash scratches. High-quality mouton (fur) is very soft, and even if you rub dirt on it, it will minimize damage to your car.

If you wash and dry it, you can use it as many times as you want, and it is highly durable.

Recommended for those who want to wash their beloved car by hand.

Takagi Patch car wash sponge

“I’m worried about rough hands when I wash my car…” For those people, we recommend a car wash sponge with a “handle”.

A sponge with a handle does not touch the sponge directly, so the detergent that causes rough hands does not stick to your hands.

In addition, since you can reach far, you can wash the roof that you can’t reach without a stepladder, and the underside to wash it while bending down, which is very convenient.

If you hit the handle with the body, it will scratch the body, so it takes a little trick to use, but once you get used to it, it’s a very easy-to-use product.

160cm length 2-in-1 car wash brush car wash mop

My favorite car is big. Because it is small, it is difficult to wash the car. How about this product for such people?

This car wash brush is a mop-shaped car wash brush with a handle that extends up to 160 cm, and can wash high roof cars and large RVs without a stepladder.

Also, if you remove the tip, you can also use it as a car wash glove, making it highly versatile. If you use it in two different ways, such as a glove for fine areas and a mop for hard-to-reach areas, you can easily wash small to large cars with this one.

The mop head is made of scratch-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about scratches when washing your car. It is also recommended for those who ride in a one-box car!

3 selections of 100-yen goods that can be used in a car wash


The price of each car wash tool is not so high, but it will be unexpectedly expensive when you have all of them. Therefore, there are many people who say, “I want a car wash tool, but I don’t want to spend that much money.”

In such a case, 100-yen goods are recommended. We have picked up tools that are useful for car washing from among the 100 yen items, so if you want to buy car washing tools at a great price, please refer to this as well.

car shampoo 300ml

Daiso’s car shampoo is surprisingly cost effective at 100 yen for 300ml.

You can substitute sponges and towels for anything, but not car shampoo.

For those who say, “I can’t help but just buy car shampoo,” you can get this product for 100 yen, so it’s a great value.

Here is the purchase link for Daiso’s car shampoo

soft car cleaner

The soft car cleaner sold by BABABA, a wholesaler of 100-yen miscellaneous goods and daily necessities, is ideal for cleaning indoor dust such as around the dashboard and instrument panel. Among the car wash tools, the mini brush for cleaning the interior is surprisingly expensive.

If you use this product instead of the mini brush that is sold as a set of 5 for about 1,000 yen, you can get a cheap indoor cleaning tool.

Available in two colors, blue and gray. If you choose the one that matches the color of the seat and put it in the car, you can use it immediately when you are concerned about dust.

Wheel brush soft sponge type

Wheel brushes are also useful for 100-yen products. Wheels are the dirtiest parts of your car.

The wheel brush that cleans the wheel is easy to get dirty and has a short life. In such a case, this wheel brush is sold for 100 yen per one, so it won’t be a big expense even if you replace it frequently.

The shape is also designed to make it easy to wash the wheels, and you can wash spoke type and fin type wheels cleanly.

It is a very convenient product to have one in your car wash set.

Click here if you want to see Daiso’s wheel brush!

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