Citroen new “C3 Aircross” full model change 2nd generation released in 2023 | Latest car information

Citroen will make a full model change of the “C3 Aircross” and release it in 2023.As of 2023, development is underway, test runs have begun, and spy shots have been taken.

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About the new Citroen “C3 Aircross” full model change

Big plans for the ‘C3 Aircross’, the smallest SUV to get an all-new second generation in 2024. Our spy photographer captures and designs a camouflaged prototype of the new model during winter testing in northern Sweden, revealing its enlarged footprint.

About Citroen New “C3 Aircross” Full Model Change Exterior

The new C3 Aircross is significantly longer than its predecessor. According to the latest report from France, the overall length of this model is expected to be around 4,300mm, following trends in the B-SUV segment, significantly exceeding the current generation’s 4,150mm. This change brings it much closer to the 4,360mm long C4, but maintains a safe distance from the 4,510mm long C5 Aircross.

A camouflage wrap covers every corner of the prototype, while lighting reflections from different angles give hints of surfacing. The front looks more like a C4 with split headlights, larger intakes and a longer bonnet, making it look more like a proper SUV. The boxy fenders on the profile look more prominent than before, and the wheelbase is clearly stretched. You can also see the angled window lines. Perhaps the black painted B-pillars create the floating he roof effect. The tail of the prototype is more heavily camouflaged, so little is visible other than the upright rear glass, large tailgate and a small section of LED taillight.

About the new Citroen “C3 Aircross” full model change interior

The interior isn’t visible in spy shots, but could be overhauled following the example of Citroën’s new model. It stands out from many products in the B-SUV segment. A larger footprint results in a more spacious cabin, more legroom for rear passengers, and potentially more luggage space.

Citroen New “C3 Aircross” Full Model Change Powertrain

The powertrain will feature a newly developed 48V mild-hybrid system and will be powered by Stellatis’ new turbocharged 1.2-liter mild-hybrid petrol engine. Peugeot has already shown a variant with a maximum output of 134hp (100kW / 136PS), but there are reports of a less powerful variant. Improved exercise performance and environmental performance. Judging by the rest of Citroen’s line-up, it’s likely we’ll see his e-C3 Aircross all-electric, using the same single-motor powertrain and battery as its sibling.

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