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Demonstration experiment of “NISSAN HYPE LAB” started

On March 8, 2023, Nissan and Nissan Tokyo Sales announced that they will conduct a demonstration experiment of the new platform “NISSAN HYPE LAB” on the Metaverse until June 30, 2023.

At NISSAN HYPE LAB, customers can review and select Nissan car models and grades, test drive them, and purchase contracts in the Metaverse space.

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From consideration to contract within the Metaverse space

“NISSAN HYPE LAB” can be used 24 hours a day by accessing the website from a PC or smartphone.

You can move around freely in the lab set up in the Metaverse space, and virtual staff are stationed in the lab from 11:00 to 20:00. We will guide visitors to the lab and introduce Nissan vehicles.

Users who live in the sales area of ​​Nissan Tokyo Sales who are considering purchasing a car can make a reservation through the virtual staff and receive a car life advisor (sales staff) and a car It will be possible to carry out everything from consultations, estimates, and purchase contracts in the laboratory.

In addition, you can experience the “3D simulator” where you can freely select the grade, exterior and interior color of the latest models such as “Sakura” and “X-Trail” and the “360° driving view” where you can enjoy the driving scene of that model.

There is no charge for using the service. The language spoken by the staff is Japanese.

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