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“KeePer LABO” and “KeePerPRO SHOP” developed nationwide by car coating company “KeePer Giken”. As of February 2023, there are 6,421 stores nationwide, so many people may know it.

For those who are interested in car coating but want to know the actual reputation, apply KeePer Giken’s new coating menu “Fresh Keeper” to the author’s car, and get the actual reputation and evaluation. Thank you.

Easy coating keeps you beautiful!

Even if you usually drive a car, there should be many drivers who avoid car coating for reasons such as “I sometimes wash my car, but coating is troublesome” and “It seems to be expensive.”

In order to overturn the image of such coatings, KeePer Giken, which is engaged in the car coating business,Fresh Keeper, a menu item that maintains beauty with a simple coatingoffers.

The company has a wide range of “KeePer LABO” and “KeePer PRO SHOP” nationwide. As of February 2023, we have 6,421 stores nationwide.

This construction vehicle

Work started in a fairly dirty state due to the rain and yellow sand that fell a few days ago

Suzuki Swift Sport purchased as a new car in 2020.Although I wash my car regularly, I have never applied a special coating.I tried it on my vehicle.

According to KeePer LABO Mitaka store manager Shota Sugawara“Basically, there are virtually no vehicles that cannot be coated. With the exception of some vehicles with matte paint and special vehicles that cannot be stored in a maintenance shop, we can coat any vehicle, no matter how old it may be.”That’s what I’m talking about.

This time, we will carry out the coating menu “Fresh Keeper” targeting women and coating beginners, based on the concept of “easily and easily maintaining beauty”.

What is Fresh Keeper?

The “Fresh Keeper” to be applied this time is a body glass coating product provided by KeePer Giken.

In the first place, what is keeper’s “car coating”?

The enemies of the painted surfaces of vehicles are sunlight, rain, dust, sand, and so on. The car wash sponge is also an enemy. Keeper’s car coating acts as a substitute for the painted surface and protects the beautiful painted surface for a long time.

How does Fresh Keeper work?

fresh keeperTwo-layer structure of glass coating and resin coatingIt consists of The first layer of glass coating gives the body surface a high degree of transparency and luster. However, if the glass film is used alone, dirt may stick to it.

Therefore, a second layer of resin coating is applied to prevent dirt from adhering. The resin coating has a strong antifouling ability, preventing dirt and water stains from adhering.

With this two-layer structure,Prevents stains and maintains luster and lusterThat’s it.

Fresh Keeper maintenance and warranty

Mr. Sugawara talks about the maintenance and warranty of Fresh Keeper as follows.

Fresh Keeper is guaranteed to last for at least one year.Therefore, we issue a construction certificate (guaranteed for one year) after construction. During the warranty period, if significant deterioration occurs on the painted surface, we will repair it free of charge.

Also, even if the deterioration is not significant, for example“Maybe the luster is gone? ]“It may be difficult to repel dirt? ]we will respond to the extent possible if you can consult us even for a slight change.

In addition, if you make a reservation between 11 and 13 months, which is about 1 year after construction,Free inspection hand wash car washThey say they will. You can rest assured that they will check the condition of the coating and consult with you about the timing of the next installation.

Fresh Keeper Enforcement Flow

1. Car wash

Thoroughly remove dirt from wheels and tire housings

Removes various stains on the surface of the car. Thoroughly removes dirt from the body surface, as well as tires, wheels, and tire housings.

This time there was a lot of dust due to the rain that fell a few days ago, but they cleaned it up in a short period of time, less than 10 minutes.

2. Degreasing work

I couldn’t get it off with a regular car wash.Thoroughly removes fine dirt in micro units from oil on the bodyTo do.

We will completely remove the wax components that have been applied so far, and leave the car in a clean state.

Wax ingredients used before are also removed and it is in a bare state. In this state, it does not repel water at all.

3. Glass coating construction (1st layer)

Once the dirt is removed, apply the first layer of coating.

We will coat the wet body with the first layer of glass film. Apply the solvent to the sponge and spread it evenly and quickly.

At this point, the body was already glossy l

4. Resin coating (2nd layer)

2nd layer coating agent. All solvents are developed in-house.

We will coat the dried body with the second layer of ECO resin coating. As with the first layer, apply evenly and quickly.

Adjust the amount of force so that it does not become uneven.
It spreads evenly by using the reflection of light.

It has a shine and luster that I have never seen before.It took less than 2 hours so far.Completed faster than expectedIt’s an impression.

After coating is completed, apply a light to check if there is unevenness in the coating. It is said that even the slightest unevenness that an amateur cannot distinguish is overlooked.
The body, which had been stained with yellow sand, regained its luster and brilliance.

Comparison and impression before and after body construction

Overwhelming gloss and shine.

The vehicle I brought in this time hasThe wax component remained, but the fresh keeper gave it an incomparable luster and luster.

KeePer LABO’s staff thoroughly removes oil and dirt remaining on the body, so it can be coated on any condition of the car and restores luster and luster.

By making the body surface smooth, it also has the effect of making it difficult for dirt to adhere.

After the installation is completed, it takes about 6 hours in winter and about 4 hours in summer, but they will lend you a loaner car for free.Therefore, it is also a nice point that you can use the waiting time effectively, such as going home or going shopping.

I was allowed to observe the state of construction, but at first glance it looked like a plain work.

However, the car was washed with pure water to reduce water stains, the coating force was slightly adjusted to prevent unevenness, and a special light was used to check for uneven coating. This is a pro! I was able to experience the hassle and technology up close.

This time, once again, I was able to see the professional skills up close and was impressed with the quality of the coating.

Comments from construction staff

What do you pay attention to during coating construction?

All work done. I got the shine like a new car.

We asked Mr. Sugawara, who was in charge of this project, about the key points during construction.

“We thoroughly check the condition of the car before we start working on it.In addition to removing dirt, we also strive to accurately grasp the condition of the car, such as whether there are any excess wax components left, scratches or dents that hinder the coating.

In addition, we have a manual for anyone to do the work correctly. We do our best to ensure that the work is completed accurately and quickly.

We have also introduced a qualification system and are working to improve the construction quality of our engineers.

Specifically, we will establish two types of qualification systems, “Coating Technology Level 2 Qualification” and “Coating Technology Level 1 Qualification”, so that only trained and skilled technicians will be able to carry out coating work.

For example, our top-level coating menu, “EX Keeper,” can only be applied by technicians who have acquired the 1st class and who have taken a specific course. Although the coating menu requires a high degree of skill, many of our technicians have acquired Level 1 coating technology and are working hard every day. ”

All the solvents used are developed in-house, so there is no compromise on the finish.That’s what I’m talking about. I felt the high level of professionalism in the thorough inspection of the vehicle, the accurate work process according to the manual, and the introduction of the qualification system.

I want you to know how easy it is to use the Fresh Keeper!

“As long as we entrust our customers with their precious vehicles, we work every day with the hope that they will feel the difference and be happy after the installation is complete.

In particular, we would like customers who do not wash their cars frequently, or customers who wash their cars but are not enthusiastic about coating, to know how easy it is to use Fresh Keeper.You will definitely be satisfied with the ease of maintaining the luster and luster without frequent car washing.I think it’s a dot.

In addition to the car purchased as a new car,Even if your car is many years old, we can make it look like new again.

We hope that many customers will experience Fresh Keeper. ”

“KeePer LABO Mitaka store” store information

This time, I interviewed at “KeePer LABO Mitaka” located near Tenmondai-dori along Higashihachi Road.The store is very clean and comfortable.

You can also watch the process of your favorite car shining over the counter, so please stop by once.

thank you very much!

Mr. Sugawara, the store manager whom I interviewed this time, was in charge of all the work.

Location: 4-225-3 Nozaki, Mitaka City, Tokyo
Phone number: 0422-26-1717
Business hours: 9:00-20:00 (last order 19:30)
Closed: Tuesdays (Open every day in December and national holidays)
KeePer LABO Mitaka store details/web reservation (official)

“Fresh Keeper” will be presented to 5 people by lottery!

This time, thanks to KeePer’s kindness, we will be holding a tie-up campaign!

The “Fresh Keeper” introduced in this article will be presented to 5 people by lottery.

If you follow the MOBY official Twitter account and retweet the tweet of the article you want to install among the tweets of the campaign article, the application will be completed!

The application period is until 12:59 on Thursday, March 16, 2023! Please check below for details!

campaign period Until 12:59 on Thursday, March 16, 2023
Service provided fresh keeper
Target store nearest keeper pro shop
Winner 5 fresh keepers
Application method ① Official account from Twitter
@mobyjpPlease follow us.

② Please retweet the post of the campaign target article (article that you wish to install) from the official account during the application period.

Eligible candidates (eligibility) ・Have a Twitter account.
* If you do not have one, please apply after obtaining an account on the official Twitter site at your own risk.
・Your Twitter account must be public.
・Follow MOBY’s official Twitter account “@mobyjp”.
・Retweet the campaign target post from the MOBY official account “@mobyjp” within the period.
・You must live in Japan and have a car that can be installed.
・Persons who agree to publish the status of receiving the winning construction menu on the KeePer official website.
* Vehicles before and after construction or during construction (movies or still images) will be taken and posted on the KeePer official website (photographed by the construction owner is optional).
・If you are a minor, you have obtained the consent of your parental authority.
・Those who can agree to all the terms and conditions of this application.
Winning announcement After a fair lottery, the winners will be notified by direct message on Twitter from the MOBY official account.
At that time, we will contact you with a registration form to enter the information of the winner.
Winning announcements will be replaced with direct message winning notifications.
*The lottery will be conducted by KeePer Giken Co., Ltd.
Notes ・Retweets are limited to official retweets.
・If your Twitter account is private, you will not be able to see the retweets, so you will not be eligible to apply.
・If you have set your refusal to receive direct mail, you will not be able to contact the winner and will not be eligible to apply.
・When contacting the winner, we will ask you to enter the winner’s postal code, address, name, phone number, and information necessary for construction for identity verification.
・Please note that if you do not enter the winner’s information within 3 days after MOBY notifies the winner, the winner will be invalidated.
・We cannot respond to changes in the construction service content after winning.
・The right to win cannot be transferred to a third party or exchanged for cash.
・We will not be held responsible for any trouble or damage (whether direct or indirect) caused by applying for this campaign, unless there is a reason attributable to our company.
・If a dispute arises between the applicant and a third party in relation to the application for this campaign, the Company will not be held responsible, and the user will be responsible for the dispute at his/her own expense. shall be resolved and shall not cause any damage to the Company.
About personal information Personal information related to application for this campaign will be collected from the application form prepared by KeePer Giken Co., Ltd.
DM Solutions Co., Ltd., which operates MOBY, does not handle such personal information.
Applicants’ personal information collected about this application and the construction of the diamond keeper and resin fender keeper will be used for matters related to this application and the construction of the diamond keeper and resin fender keeper, as well as service announcements and campaigns provided by KeePer Giken Co., Ltd. I will use it only for the notification of.

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