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Lexus announces partial improvements to NX and resumes accepting orders

NX450h+“version L” (Sonic Chrome)

Lexus announced on March 2, 2023 that it will make some improvements to the NX and start selling it on the same day.

The new NX, which debuted after announcing a full model change in October 2021, has stopped accepting orders from July 2022 due to orders exceeding production capacity. We have also announced that we have resumed accepting orders in conjunction with the improvement of the department.

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Enhanced body rigidity and re-set the suspension to boil down the taste of driving

In this improvement, we aimed to further deepen the “Lexus Driving Signature,” which is a driving taste unique to Lexus.In addition to improving the front and rear body rigidity, we have adjusted the aerodynamic balance by changing the front and rear body rigidity distribution, coil springs, and absorbers. , EPS tuning. It improves steering stability and ride comfort.

In addition, the NX350 has improved responsiveness and torque feeling when starting, and by changing the control of the engine and transmission, we have improved drivability by further drawing out the potential of the NX.

“MANUAL BEV” demonstration video released

Renewal of interior color and enhancement of preventive safety performance

Interior Color: Black & Rich Cream

In the interior, the door trim, glove box, and console side panel on the passenger side have been redesigned to match the theme color of the interior, creating a more luxurious space.

In addition, in addition to changing the high-mount stop to a surface-emitting type on the exterior, 20-inch aluminum wheels are set as a manufacturer’s option on the “version L” and “F SPORT.” The “version L” uses gray metallic paint, while the “F SPORT” uses black paint.

The Lexus Safety System +, advanced safety equipment, has also been enhanced to include a low-speed acceleration suppression function that helps avoid collisions at low speeds or reduce damage. In addition to recognizing structures such as walls, the NX450h+ “F SPORT” also has a parking support brake (surrounding stationary object)[PKSB]that contributes to reducing damage.

In addition, as a manufacturer option, front and rear drive recorders that can play back various recorded images on the instrument panel center display are available.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price of Lexus NX after some improvements

NX250 (2WD): 4,550,000 yen
NX250 (AWD): 4,820,000 yen
NX250 “version L” (2WD): 5,526,000 yen
NX250 “version L” (AWD): 5,796,000 yen
NX350 “F SPORT” (AWD): 6,086,000 yen
NX350h (2WD): 5,200,000 yen
NX350h (AWD): 5,470,000 yen
NX350h “version L” (2WD): 6,176,000 yen
NX350h “version L” (AWD): 6,446,000 yen
NX350h “F SPORT” (2WD): 6,176,000 yen
NX350h “F SPORT” (AWD): 6,446,000 yen
NX450h+ “version L” (AWD): 7,295,000 yen
NX450h+ “F SPORT” (AWD): 7,535,000 yen

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