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Founded 27 years ago, Camping Car Builder Toy Factory manufactures and sells Hiace-based Bancon, Buscon, and Camping Trailers.

Among many builders, it is a major company and has various collaborations such as “Karimoku Furniture”, “Disney”, and “Toyota dealers”.

Toy Factory has created a model for people who want to enjoy long trips around Japan and people who want to enjoy outdoor hobbies on weekends.BALEIA”.

In March of this year, it was unveiled at the Japan Camper Show 2022.

It is one suitable for long-distance travel that combines storage capacity and livability.

builder toy factory
base vehicle toyota hiace super long
[Special purpose camper 2.7L gasoline]
2WD : 6,070,000 yen (consumption tax included / expenses not included)
4WD : 6,400,000 yen (consumption tax included / expenses not included)
[Special purpose camper 2.8L diesel]
2WD : 6,570,000 yen (consumption tax included / expenses not included)
4WD : 6,900,000 yen (consumption tax included / expenses not included)
number of passengers 4 people (+ optional 2 people)
Number of people sleeping Five people
full length 5,380mm
Width 1,920mm
Height 2,285 mm

Concept of BALEIA

“Large luggage space and high comfort real hybrid”

Assuming a long-distance trip, you can rest your body on a fairly wide bed for a Hiace-based camper, and the luggage space can store large items such as bicycles and surfboards by removing the threshold plate.

BALEIA Exterior

base car ishiace super long.

In addition to the extension window (on the right side of the body), the exhibition car is equipped with an optional roof carrier, a ladder for loading and unloading luggage on the roof, and a side awning.

Baleia is the name of the city in Portugal, which is located at the westernmost point of the Eurasian continent.It was designed with the image of traveling across the continent while staying in the car, and even in a tough environment, it has an overlander-like appearance that allows you to seriously cross the Eurasian continent.

The front bumper, roof carrier, and wheels also have a rugged design.outdoor feelingis being performed.

When you open the back door, a space appears where you can easily load large items such as containers, motorcycles, and bicycles.

There is also an outdoor shower, and the water supply and drainage tanks (12L each) can be taken in and out through the back door.

Interior of BALEIA


indoor layout

The dinette is in front of you when you look through the sliding door on the body side.

Behind it is the kitchen (galley).

It follows the layout of Toy Factory’s popular models “Land Tipi” and “Bergen”.

The bed is placed vertically at the end, with an upper bed and a lower bed.

A total of 4 people can sleep.

These placements are similar to what we’ve heard from previous users:It will be more convenient if you combine this and this equipment from existing models.It seems to reflect the voice of “.

Dinette (living space)


The second seat can be turned forward and backward.

Turn the second seat backwards, attach a table, and use the rear bed as a third row seat to create a dinette.

A 19-inch TV and multi-action stay (optional) are installed in the galley behind the dinette, so you can relax while eating or watching TV.

The table can be removed and stored behind the driver’s seat.

Galley (kitchen)

The galley has a stainless steel sink and storage space, and next to the sink –Top lid type 40L refrigerator with temperature setting up to 15℃set up.

If you close the lid of the refrigerator, you can use it as a space to put a cassette stove, and you can feel the ingenuity to make effective use of the space.

There are water supply and drainage tanks (12L each) under the sink, and a shelf above the galley has a space for seasonings and a microwave oven for home use.Efficient layout despite limited spacehas become



The rear upper bed is 2,000mm x 1,700mm,Enough space for adults to stretch their legs2 adults can comfortably sleep in portrait orientation.


With LED lighting, you can relax while reading or using your smartphone while lying down.

Also, when the second seat and bench mat are unfolded, it becomes a lower bed.

With a size of 1,900mm x 1,000mm, we have secured a space where two adults can sleep with their legs stretched out.

electrical system

Inside the car, an “all information board” is installed to the left of the rear bed.

The all-information board makes it easy to manage, as you can see at a glance the control of the electrical equipment and the amount of charge and remaining battery power.

Air conditioning system

Baleia is equipped with an air conditioning system to create a comfortable living space.

A ventilation fan is installed on the ceiling, so that it can be ventilated even in the summer when it is difficult to sleep.

In addition, you can also install a home air conditioner and FF heater as options,Regardless of the season or location, you will be able to enjoy long-distance travel..


I explained Toy Factory’s Bancon “BALEIA”.

There is a spacious permanent bed and luggage space in the rear,As a bancon, it boasts outstanding space and storage capacity..

Whether you are a traveler who wants to enjoy a long trip around Japan or a person who wants to carry large equipment such as surfboards, bicycles, and motorcycles, BALEIA with a spacious luggage space can go on a trip without worrying about the load capacity. Isn’t it?

Writer: DRIMO Editorial Department

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