“Japanese cars are amazing…” What is the active suspension that Japanese cars adopted for the first time in the world? |MOBY [モビー]

Suspension is related to the ride comfort of the car and the grip of the tires.


Suspension is related to the ride comfort of the car and the grip of the tires. It is one of the important parts that support the basis of vehicle movement, such as driving force and braking force, as well as comfort.

Suspension primarily absorbs vibrations and shockscoil springsuppress body vibrationshock absorberand controls the movement of the wheel while supporting the movement of bothsuspension armconsists of three parts.

The human body has approximately 260 joints that enable complex movements such as walking, crouching, and grasping objects. Many of them are concentrated in the hands (arms) and feet, and we unconsciously use the joints to absorb the impact.

The shock absorption at the joint of the arm iscatch ball movementIt will be easier to understand if you consider When you catch the ball, use your elbows, shoulders, wrists, and other joints to slow down the ball and catch it.

In addition, walking, which is the most everyday movement, includes many shock-absorbing movements. The movement of the knee is particularly important, and the reason why people can walk smoothly is because the knee joint has a great range of motion.

When humans walk, the knees hold the key to connecting the body to the ground and walking smoothly.The suspension of the car is also the key to connecting the car to the ground, and if it can move like a human knee, the dynamic performance of the car will dramatically improve.

“Active Suspension” to read ahead and prepare from complete passive


For example, when jumping from a high place, humans tend to bend their knees and land to reduce the impact of landing. When flying from a low altitude, the bend in the knees is not very large, just a slight bend from straight.

this is,This is possible because humans can foresee the magnitude of the impact that will occur and change the movement of the joints according to the degree of impact.It is.

A typical car has only one suspension setting. In terms of human beings, you can set either the knees slightly bent or the knees bent greatly.

for that reason,You can ride comfortably in road conditions where the suspension settings are good, but if the settings are not suitable, the body will receive a large impact, and the squishy ride will make the occupants uncomfortable.

While driving, the suspension supports the car without knowing when and what kind of input it will receive, and it is always passive.There is a mechanism that prepares for road conditions and impacts to achieve a more comfortable and safer ride. That’s active suspension.

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