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“Car lovers” who enjoy car life and love cars. This time, Retay reported on “Nostalgic 2 Days”!

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*The content of the article below was edited by the MOBY editorial department based on the report by Carrubber.

I went to Japan’s largest classic car event “Nostalgic 2 Days”!

Hello, this is Retay, a manual girl in Kanto. I will mainly report on off-line meetings and events that I go with my beloved car, Miragino!

This time is here!! ︎2023.2/18 ₍ Saturday ₎ to 2/19 ₍ Sunday ₎ I went to “Nostalgic 2 Days” held at Pacifico Yokohama.

Organized by the magazine “Nostalgic Hero”, this is Japan’s largest classic car event where old and out-of-print cars gather.

A row of revived old cars! There were not only exhibition cars but also sales cars, and there were stores selling goods such as old car catalogs, mini cars, and stickers.

I went around the venue while participating in the “old car stamp rally” where you can make your own eco bag!

Here are some cars that caught my eye!

Go to the carriage you want first!

Even though it’s an old car, the horse-drawn carriage is even more special.

Real wood, real leather, real iron. When I actually saw it nearby, it had a solid presence.

And it’s a vehicle for sale! If I live in a big house, I want to put it on the front door!

Talking with the staff was lively, and I decided to take a special carriage!

It was actually used in the United States, so I had a valuable experience, such as the burning of the lamp and the creaking sound of the wood when I got on it.

Thank you to “AUTO SHOP Takeey’s” who has a store in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Towering walls!? “Vintage Shonan” Aston Martin

I often see only the bonnet open, but the bumper part is also completely reversed!

Glossy red and front light and plated parts that shine in the center. The elegant form and the boldly opened bonnet… it was a powerful sight!

yeah? When you look into the engine room, you can smell gasoline.

It seems that it is because the gasoline accumulated in the carburetor has evaporated.

The current car has a function called injection, so it doesn’t smell much! The faint smell of gasoline is unique to old cars.

“BREATHE x New Zealand Old Car Heaven” with eye-catching vivid colors

I was interested in “Triumph: GT6”. It’s a British car. I’m ashamed to say that I learned about a manufacturer called “Triumph” for the first time.

Bright yellow with wood and plating that goes well with the interior. Even the radio, buttons and dials are plated! I just took a peek and stared into it.

There are two mufflers in the center that run diagonally along the body. Not too aggressive, not too defensive, this way of putting it out is cool!

A nostalgic melody is playing… if you follow the sound, you’ll find Cedric painted black!

Don’t put your speakers and tools away, but dare to “charm them”!

Exquisite machined aluminum tappet cover is truly craftsmanship. I really felt the Japanese way of “casually, without hesitation”.

The event girl wearing a black velor dress was also attractive.

“DMC-12” familiar with the DeLorean of the movie “Back To The Future”

The point is the full stainless steel body and the gull wing door. Because it is made of stainless steel, it does not rust and has a unique luster.

The “TOYOTA 2000GT” that became the cover of this year’s “Nostalgic 2 Days”

A gold body that floats against a jet-black background, nothing to say! It’s unbearable.

The 2000GT sparked my interest in cars, and I had a good sense of it back then!

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