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I’m staying in the car in a Nissan NV350 caravan multi-bed with the manufacturer’s genuine bed kit.

It’s been a year and a half since I started riding.

Based on our experience so far, regarding a car with a simple overnight stay specification such as a caravan multi-bed,Advantages and disadvantages I seeI would like to tell you.

Those who are wondering if a camper with a lot of equipment is good, or if a simple overnight car specification car is enough.

Those who are currently riding in a minivan, but are considering getting a car with overnight stays next time.

I’m sure you will find it helpful!

What is the positioning of a simple overnight car?

In conclusion, a simple sleeping car specification car like a caravan multi-bed,More than a minivan, less than a camperIt can be said that

The caravan multi-bed has a large living space, but it does not have comfortable equipment such as a galley (kitchen) or a dinette with a sofa and table set like a camper.

For that reason, the budget threshold is low compared to the same base car camper.

Advantages of a simple overnight car specification car like a caravan multi-bed

・Anyway, you can easily start sleeping in the car
・No need to make a bed
・4 number, low tax
・Can also be used as a family car

Recently, it seems that commercial vehicles, that is, van-based vehicles with simple overnight stays, have become established.

I bought a genuine caravan multi-bed from the manufacturer, but there are many people who use a simple used van with nothing attached as a base and DIY it to stay in the car.

First of all, I will secure only a sleeping space, and then I will buy additional equipment later and do DIY.

Anyway, you can easily start sleeping in the carLow threshold is appealingis.

When staying in a minivan.

Bed making is especially difficult in a minivan, especially on rainy days when luggage cannot be taken out of the vehicle.

In that respect, in the caravan multi-bed with a permanent bed,The appeal is that you can lie down without bed making as soon as you arrive at your destination.is.

If your only purpose is to stay in the car, you can enjoy a simple car with a multi-bed like a caravan.

And the caravan multi-bed is a freight car registered 4 number car, so it is cheaper than a camper in terms of tax.

Due to changes in structural requirements from April this year, even caravans and Hiace narrow bodies have been released by builders one after another with 8 number camper registration models, but simply looking at automobile tax and weight tax alone 4 number It’s cheaper to leave it alone.

The exterior of the caravan multi-bed remains the same as the caravan.

Since the dimensions do not change5 number frame(Length 4700mm / Width 1700mm / Height 2000mm or less).

Most of the recent minivans are 2000cc models with 3 numbers, so caravans are smaller.

If you can go by minivan, you can also go by caravan.

Even in an indoor parking lot with a height limit of 2m, a caravan with a total height of 1.99m can barely enter.

In this way, like a minivan,It can be used as a daily transportation and as a family car.But it’s nice.

Disadvantages of a simple overnight car specification car like a caravan multi-bed

・Because the base is a commercial vehicle, the ride is uncomfortable
・It is difficult to get on and off because it is over cab
・ Car inspection is troublesome every year
– Not insulated
・Equipment is simple because it is not a camper

The caravan multi-bed is based on a commercial vehicle.

Originally, it was made to carry a lot of luggage, so it emphasized the load capacity, and compared to a passenger car, it has a rough and hard ride.

Caravans are cab-over type and have the driver’s seat above the engine.

When getting in, it feels more like “climbing” than sitting down, which is difficult for small people and women.

By the way, there is a “Serena Multibed” in the same Nissan as the caravan, but as the name suggests, it is a car sleeping specification based on the minivan Serena.

Since this is a passenger car, the problem of ride comfort and getting on and off should be solved.

Motorhomes, ordinary passenger cars, and light vehicles are inspected every two years, but commercial vehicles are obligated to be inspected every year.

If you remove the rear seat, or do too much bodywork or DIY, you will have to put it back in place every time the car is inspected.

In some cases, procedures such as structural changes may be necessary.

Regarding this, since the caravan multi-bed is registered with the flooring and bed kit installed,No need to unload bed kits etc..

However, the caravan multibed is not insulated.

It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter because it has many windows and is susceptible to temperature differences.

Insulation DIY is a must even if it’s simple.

In that respect, depending on the model of the camper, the floor, body, ceiling, and windows are all insulated.

What kind of person is a simple overnight car suitable for?

As expected, this is not only for everyday use, but also for sleeping in the car, fishing equipment, bicycles, off-road bikes, skis, surfboards, etc.Recommended for those who want to use it as a hobby caris.

Bed space is limited in simple overnight cars, so couples (adults) traveling together are ideal for sleeping in the car.

Three or fewer people including children can sleep comfortably.

If the children are very small, it would be possible for a family of four to sleep with three in the bed and one in the second row.

On the contrary, what kind of person is it not suitable for?

A simple overnight car has limited bed space, so it can be used like a camper.Not suitable for large numbers of people.

If you want to secure a sleeping capacity of 5 to 6 people with 5 to 8 people on board, you will inevitably choose a reasonably large camper.

One more thing, if you are planning a long-term trip even with a small number of people, a simple car with a lot of patience is not suitable.

With a fully equipped and comfortable camper, you can afford long trips.

Optional items for the caravan multi-bed

The caravan multibed is equipped with simple equipment, but it is possible to supplement the equipment with genuine optional items.

This time, from among the many options, I will introduce the following five that I recommend as genuine options that make sleeping in the car comfortable.

・Table kit
・In-car curtain
・Screen door
・Rod attachment
・Window panel

If you have a table kit, you can eat in the car and telework, which has become a hot topic recently.

Car curtains are essential for protecting privacy when sleeping in the car or taking a break.

The screen door prevents insects from entering, especially when sleeping in the car in the summer, and it also increases the coolness when the wind passes.

A rod attachment is a roof bar on the ceiling of the car that can be used to hang clothes or to pass and store fishing rods and surfboards.

The window panel is an optional item for the purpose of blocking the quarter glass of the luggage compartment, and it is possible to select with or without a utility nut.

We recommend the one with a utility nut.It is possible to add shelves and hooks by DIYis.


A simple overnight car is perfect for a single person or a small number of people, or as a hobby car.

It is as easy to use as a minivan and can be used for everyday walking, and if you like DIY, you can use it as long as you enjoy the inconvenience.

A simple overnight car is just an extension of a minivan.

Just sleeping in the car is enough. If you can enjoy it even if it is a little inconvenient, how about starting with a simple car with a low threshold on your budget?

Writer: Zunasuke

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