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We all know that registration of a car requires a garage.

The garage must be within 2 km from the base of use, such as your home, to the parking lot.

However, this rule is limited to campersexceptionis allowed.

We’ll talk about the exceptions later, but for now let’s think about campers and parking lots.

2 parking patterns

pattern 1.park at home

home parking lot or garageIf you can stop, that’s the best.

You can leave at any time, and loading and unloading your luggage will be easy.

However, when it comes to a camper that is larger than a normal car, circumstances often do not allow it.

Especially in the case of multi-family housing such as condominiums, parking spaces are carved according to a certain standard, and in most cases the degree of freedom is low.

Pattern 2.Use monthly parking lot

The next possible pattern is to rent a monthly parking lot.

Some people use a camper every day, and some people usually use a passenger car and play with a camper.

I thought about what kind of parking lot I should choose, about checkpoints.

Consider the unique features of a camper

Camper cars tend to be parked for a long time, unless they are used for everyday use.

Therefore, there are many things that should be cleared.

ground conditions

It’s best if it’s paved, but then the rent goes up.

A gravel floor is preferable.

In the case of a parking lot like a vacant lot overgrown with grass,Insect damageis worried.

As a result of parking in such a place before, the author also had a hard time with ants living in the car.

If it is termites, extermination alone may not be enough.

It was easy for dust to enter the car, and the car was easy to get dirty.

Are there any inclines?

Depending on the slope, water may accumulate in certain places.

Even if it rains, if water stays on a part of the roof for a long time, it may cause leaks and corrosion.

If you can’t help but lean to one side, try to deal with it by laying a board or changing the direction of the car from time to time.

Is there enough space?

When you go out, you need to load a lot of luggage.

It would be nice if you could drive up to your house to load and unload, but if you do it in a parking lot, it will be difficult if you don’t have enough space to open the door.

There is also the problem of how to carry luggage to that location.

If you are transporting and transshipping in a passenger car, where will you put the passenger car during the work?

Departure and transshipment may occur at night.

what if it rains I want to imagine every possible scenario.

Another thing to consider is battery life.

If the parking period is long, it is not uncommon for the battery to die when you want to go out.

In such a case, it is also important whether there is enough space to bring the passenger car close to you and connect it with a jump cable.

About crime prevention

It’s hard to see when you’re away from home.

To some extent, rather than a place too deepconspicuous placeis preferable for crime prevention.

Camper cars are less likely to be stolen, except for the size of a van con or smaller.

However, you should still have some preparations such as a steering wheel lock and a recorder for in-vehicle monitoring.

Even if the vehicle is not stolen, it can be targeted by car burglaries.

There are some cases where homeless people have settled in if left unattended for a long time, so it’s best to check your car with your own eyes.

Here are some relief measures!

At the beginning, I told you that campers have an exception for garage certification.

Here is the explanation.

If it’s a light to Bancon size, it won’t be too difficult to find a parking lot.

However, when it comes to more than a cabcon, it may not be possible to find a suitable parking lot in the neighborhood.

Special measures to help in such casesmotor pool systemis.

This is a measure that “the parking place does not have to be within 2 km from home” if some conditions can be cleared.

What are the conditions

・8 number camper and camper trailer
・Over 5.7 meters in length or over 1.9 meters in width
・It must be a place certified as a storage place.
・Conclude a management consignment contract with the administrator

“Where is such a parking lot?”

The answer is “camper store“is.

Since it is operated by the store, it is recommended that you first consult with the store where you purchased it.

If your purchase is far away, ask a camper dealer near you if they offer such a service.

There’s a car I like, but it’s a little big…

I’m having trouble finding a place to store it.

Before giving up on the car you want with such worries, think about using these special measures.

Dealers are familiar with all the case studies, so it’s best to talk to them first.

Writer: Ryusei Watanabe

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