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A strange test car was filmed in China

Source: burlappcar.com

A camouflaged test car with Tesla Model Y headlights and taillights was filmed in China.

At first glance, this test car looks like a Model Y, but the overall body shape and window shape look like a Mazda CX-30.

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Tesla? Mazda? What is the identity of the test car?

Source: burlappcar.com

The camouflage applied to test cars by each manufacturer has the same purpose of concealing the design by obscuring the undulations of the body, but the patterns used to achieve this are different for each manufacturer.

The CX-30 test car, which appears to be equipped with Tesla Model Y headlights and taillights, adopts the same camouflage pattern as Changan Mazda’s past test cars.

The CX-30, which is being developed as a global model, is only available in China as an EV model, the CX-30 EV, which is sold by Changan Mazda. It seems reasonable to assume that

The new Civic Type R is a test car and the camouflage pattern also appeals

Compact crossover SUV equivalent to CX-30 from Tesla?

The test car is believed to be Changan Mazda’s test car, but on the other hand, the reason why it is equipped with Model Y headlights and taillights is likely to be one of the ways to disguise the manufacturer and model. However, it is not certain.

Another possibility is that Changan Mazda provided used test cars to other companies.

As a case where it was found that a used test car was provided to another company, Mazda’s MAZDA3 test car was obtained as a white body by Hyogo Prefecture’s tuning shop “TCP MAGIC”, and professional drift racer Mad Mike rode it. It has been finished in a tuning car that you want.

In the same way, it can be assumed that Changan Mazda purchases a test car that has finished using it as a white body and uses it for test runs of new models developed by Tesla.

It may suggest that a relatively compact crossover SUV with a relatively compact body size equivalent to the CX-30 will appear from Tesla.

There will definitely be a car with the “Model A” name.

“CX-80” and “CX-70” will also be released by the end of 2023

MAZDA3 modified to Pikes Peak specifications … based on Mazda’s test car

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