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“I want it, but I’m worried if I can master it”

“I feel like I’m too busy to use it that much…”

A rental camper is recommended for such people.

Not long ago, there were few companies that rented campers.

Even if there were, the number of units available was limited and it was not very popular, but the recent boom has led to a large increase in the number of rental companies.

I’m starting to see it here and there.

Therefore,Advantages and disadvantages of renting a camperLet’s think about

What are the pros and cons of renting a campervan?

Advantages of renting a camper

Advantages of renting a camper 1. It doesn’t cost anything

The same is true for ordinary passenger cars, but if the frequency of use is low, it is cheaper to rent one.

much more than buyinginexpensiveYou can use the camper at , and there are no maintenance costs, including maintenance later.

Benefits of renting a camper 2. Opportunity to try various types

With the spread of camping car rentals, the number of car models handled has also increased.

Currently, from domestic light campers to large American-made vehicles,various types of rentalThere is

It can be said that this is a perfect opportunity to compare the types you are interested in, determine the equipment you need, and explore a convenient layout.

Advantages of renting a camper 3. No maintenance required

1. But as I wrote, maintenance is essential when it comes to your own.

However, if you rent it, you can just return it.

Not only maintenance of the car, but also the trouble of washing the car is unnecessary.

In the case of a camper, not only vehicle maintenance but also the living room must be taken care of.

If you think that all of them are unnecessary, it can be said that it is quite easy.

Disadvantages of renting a camper

Disadvantages of renting a camper 1. You can’t use it when you want (maybe)

Despite the increase, rental campervans are still in the minority.

It’s not like a passenger car.

Reservations tend to be concentrated during high seasons such as consecutive holidays,plan earlyyou need to reserve it.

Also, like hotels and other travel expenses, the price will be higher during the peak season.

Disadvantages of renting a camper 2. Where to rent?

1. Similarly, although it has increased, rental of campers is still in the minority.

You’re lucky if it’s close to home, but it’s not always in a convenient location.

Do you go to the rental location, load your luggage and leave from there, or do you bring it back to your home and then leave again? Think carefully about the relationship between your home, rental location, and destination.

Disadvantages of renting a camper 3. There are restrictions on bringing pets

Many people buy campers because they want to travel with their pets.

There are probably many people who would like to try out a rental car to see what it would be like to travel with “my child” and see how their child reacts.

However, in the case of rental campers, there are almost always restrictions on bringing pets, so be careful.

Depending on the company and car model, pets are not allowed, or if you are accompanied by a petadditional chargeSome cases do.

Why everyone rents

I want to try it first

Isn’t this the most common usage?

Camping cars are different from passenger cars in that you cannot tell whether they are good or bad unless you stay overnight.

It’s a good idea to borrow different types before buying to find one that suits your style.

I don’t use it that often

“It’s not enough to buy because I’m too busy to go out often. Renting is enough.”

There must be many people like this.

I understand the hesitation of making a big investment in something you only use occasionally.

However, from my experience, I feel that the more busy people are, the more often they go out if they keep it at hand and “have it ready to go out at any time”.

I want to avoid long distance drives

For example, if you live in the Kanto region, Hokkaido and Okinawa are the furthest destinations in Japan.

Departing from home by self-driving is fun in its own way, but travel costs are high and it takes days.

There is also a way to use a ferry, but it takes time and money.

If it is difficult to take a long vacation, send your luggage by courier and move it by train or plane.

You can make the most of your time in the area by renting a camper van locally.

Points to note when renting a camper

Receive sufficient advance explanation

When you rent a vehicle, you will receive an explanation of the equipment.

At that time, listen carefully to the explanation until you can understand (convince) by asking questions as many times as you want.

In particular, there are many beds that do not become beds unless they are unfolded.Unfold and fold before departureI want you to try

I myself have many times helped people who were struggling with their beds while traveling.

Also, if the equipment and facilities are damaged, the long-awaited trip may be ruined.

What kind of equipment is installed, how to use it, if you don’t know, can you tell me over the phone?

Please drive carefully

Although most vehicles can be driven with an ordinary license, they cannot be driven in the same way as ordinary passenger cars.

Not only cabcon, but also vancon, has a high center of gravity and is easily affected by crosswinds. It weighs considerably more than a passenger car, so the braking distance is longer.

Never overdo it until you get a feel for the curves and braking.

In particular, do not fly comfortably on highways, and keep your speed modest.

Try to drive “super” safely.

In the first place, it is different from a passenger car in terms of how to make a driving plan.

It’s okay to run late at night or early in the morning to avoid traffic jams, but if you feel tired or sleepy, take a nap at a service area or roadside station.

Lying on the bed is a far cry from sleeping with the car seat folded down. I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate the value of the camper.

A rental camper that has become much easier to use than before.

Make good use of “life with a camper” I want you to experience it.

Writer: Ryusei Watanabe

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