“Aaa!!” Do you have experience as a driver? The episode that made me cry in the car | MOBY [モビー]

When driving a car, you may come across various “unexpected” things. There are probably more than a few drivers who have been surprised and chilled by the unexpected movements of other cars.

In addition, depending on the situation, you may feel fear and anger that you will unintentionally raise your voice. This time, we asked the drivers about the “episode that unintentionally shouted in the car”.

At the end of the bend, there’s a car running in the wrong direction!


When driving on public roads, you may see vehicles that deviate more or less from the rules. You may be surprised by some of the most dangerous driving situations, such as cars driving past you at breakneck speeds, or cars passing through a stop with little slowing.

In some cases, there may be a risk of being caught in a vehicle that violates the rules.

“When I was turning right at the intersection, I couldn’t help but scream when a car running in the wrong direction came running in front of me. It was a one-lane road, so there was no space to avoid it. rice field.

It was a light car that was running backwards, and my grandfather was driving. I tried to get out of the car and tell him that I was driving in the wrong direction, but he wouldn’t open the window for me. There were about 5 other cars behind me, and their horns kept ringing.

When another driver of the following car came out, he finally noticed the situation, and the grandfather began to back up the car with solo solo, turned back at a space, and went back the way he came.

Just imagining where the hell it was going backwards is terrifying.” (Male in his 40s)

According to NEXCO EAST’s announcement, it is said that reverse running occurs at a pace of “once every two days” on highways nationwide. If you include general roads, it is thought that there will be a considerable number, and you can see that such examples are by no means uncommon.

If you come across another vehicle driving in the opposite direction, you should slow down as much as possible and deal with it calmly while paying attention to the other vehicle’s movements. On expressways, as soon as there is a report about a wrong-way vehicle, an announcement will be made on the road information board and on the highway radio, so be sure to check it so you don’t miss it.

When I put it in the car wash, it makes a great sound…Did you rub the underside?


Various sounds, such as engine noise and road noise, come into the car while driving. If it’s a familiar sound, you don’t have to worry about it.

“During a drive date, I noticed bird droppings in my car.

After completing the reception at the drive-through car wash, the moment I moved the car to enter the gate, I heard a loud gurgling sound from underneath the car. It sounded like something was hooked, so I couldn’t help but think, “Huh? why? ’ I let out a maddened voice.

Beside me, who was panicking, she burst out laughing and said, “This is the sound of washing the underside.” Apparently, it was a machine that sprayed water from the ground to remove dirt… I remember being embarrassed to hear such a pathetic voice.” (Male, 20s)

Some gas station drive-through car wash machines have a mechanism that cleans the underside when they enter the gate. The power of the high-pressure washer is considerable, so it’s no surprise that you would be surprised if you heard a loud noise from your feet without knowing it.

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