world’s first? The age of electric cars has come for staying in the car? ! A camper van that runs in full sunlight! Stela Vita electric RV

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increasing around the worldElectric car.

Gasoline prices are soaring in Europe, where exhaust gas regulations are getting stricter year by year, and the demand for electric cars is increasing from the viewpoint of environmental consideration and saving on gasoline costs. increase.

Meanwhile, it seems that the wave of electric vehicles is spreading even in RV, which is a car used for leisure travel, etc., and it seems that a camper van that can run only with sunlight has finally been developed.

that isStela Vita electric RV.

Let’s take a closer look at what it looks like.

What is the completely off-grid Stela Vita electric RV?

Stela Vita electric RV developed by a team of 22 Dutch university students

Solar Team Eindhoven

Engineering student team at Eindhoven University of Technology “Solar Team Eindhovenis an electric recreational vehicle designed by

This car, which looks quite modern, can run on a battery charged by solar panels installed on the entire top surface of the car body and also on the pop-up roof.

And the world’s first!A camper van that can travel long distances using only the power charged by the solar panelis.

The pop-up roof solar panel is foldable (pull-out).

It became a hot topic because it succeeded in long-distance running with only electricity generated by the car without using an external power supply.

Stella Vita Travel across Europe

Solar Team Eindhoven

October 2021.

A team of university students traveled from their hometown of Eindhoven to Tarifa in Southern Spain, traveling a total distance of about 3000km, and tested the Stella Vita.

It seems that there was a car trouble on the way and about 1000 km was transported by truck, but in the end it was able to run again, and it seems that he ran about 2000 km by himself.

Originally, the plan was to use only the solar panel installed in the Stella Vita during the test, but due to bad weather in France, the car had to be recharged twice due to lack of sunlight. It seems that

However, everything else is self-powered driving!

It succeeded in long-distance driving using only the electricity generated by the solar panel installed in the car.

By the way, the name “Stella Vita” seems to have been named because this car gets life from the sun.

Long-distance running with a small battery Large solar panel

Solar Team Eindhoven

Stella Vita is equipped with a 60kwh lithium-ion battery.

As shown in the photo above, it is charged from the solar panel installed on the entire surface of the car.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the solar panel installed on the entire surface of the car can be expanded by raising the pop-up roof when the car is stopped.

When the solar panel is folded2kwmaximum when unfolded4kwpower generation is possible.

Normal driving distance is about approx.600km!

In this case, it is the same as running a gasoline car with a fuel consumption of 10km per liter with a full 60L tank.

As long as charging facilities are spread everywhere, it can be said that the cruising distance is enough to go anywhere on a daily basis.

infotainment system

In order to avoid wasting energy in the car, it is important to accurately understand the amount of energy consumed.

Stella Vita’s infotainment system isKnow your power consumptionhelp you to

Do you use electricity for home appliances in the car? do you use it for driving? is determined by the infotainment system, and energy can be used efficiently.

Stella Vita has a well-thought-out design and lightweight body

The body size of Stella Vita is about7.2mwidth about2.05mheight about1.8m.

Width when the pop-up roof and solar panel are unfolded4.4m,height2.54mIt is

Extremely lightweight

Solar Team Eindhoven

Stella Vita was built with the goal of being as light as possible to use electricity more efficiently.

It consists of an aluminum chassis and a fiberglass body and weighs approx.1700kgis reduced to

And all parts have sufficient strength while being lightweight.

excellent aerodynamics

Solar Team Eindhoven

The futuristic-looking Stella Vita seems to have been calculated in this way.

Aerodynamics is the flow of air around a car.

This flow depends on the shape of the car.

The higher the air resistance when driving, the more energy is consumed.

It seems that the most ideal shape with little air resistance is a drop of water.

Stella Vita’s design adopts this drop shape, and by reducing the surface area of ​​the rounded body and roof rear end (rear end) as much as possible, it reduces air resistance and reduces energy consumption during driving. I succeeded.

and with the surplus powerA camper van designed so that you can stay in the car while using home appliancesis.

Lighter interior

Solar Team Eindhoven

Stella Vita is a two-seater camper van.

Based on the idea that ‘everyday life at Stella Vita is important’,Designing spacious, comfortable and lightweight interiorswas done.

Solar Team Eindhoven

Kitchen, sink, sofa, shower, toilet, refrigerator, bed, storage, and everything you need for your daily life.

With only the energy of the sun, you can live a completely off-grid life without any inconvenience and comfort.

Design in harmony with nature

Solar Team Eindhoven

The interior has been designed to be in perfect harmony with nature.

Large double doors make you feel like you are outdoors.

The colors of the interior are chosen to match the colors of nature and the colors of the exterior.

The living space is arranged so that you can cook from both inside and outside the car, and the furniture is lightweight so you can move it outside.

In camper life, especially on sunny days, the living area expands to the outside, so furniture that can be easily moved is a very nice piece of equipment.

Will a completely off-grid camper be possible in the near future? !

Stella Vita was developed and designed by a team of Dutch university students.

A long-distance test run using only sunlight became a hot topic, and it became a hot topic again when it was featured on the YouTube channel of the recently released *Fully charged show.

*This is a channel related to a motor show such as an electric vehicle that is held on a global scale called fully charged live.

Reading the comments, I see many people waiting for the official sale of Stella Vita.

completely off-gridThe day when a camper that can be enjoyed in the park will be released may not be too far away.

I’m looking forward to that time!

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