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What are summer tires?


There are various types of tires, each with different characteristics and uses. There are studless tires that are strong on snowy roads, comfort tires that are comfortable to ride, and slick tires for race cars.

In this article, we will explain summer tires, which are one of such tires.

The difference between summer tires and normal tires

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There is no difference between summer tires and normal tires, they refer to the tires that are installed on new cars, and are designed to maximize the performance of the car.

As long as the tire size matches, basically any type of summer tire can be installed. (Note that run-flat tires can only be used on some vehicle models.)

You can freely choose the type of summer tires that suit your driving style, such as comfort tires, eco tires, sports tires, etc., so in a sense it can be said that it is a familiar custom part.

When replacing normal tires, it is also interesting to choose the summer tires that are perfect for you.

However, tires that are extremely inferior in performance to normal tires may adversely affect ride comfort. Although you can wear any type of tire, please do not choose summer tires that are significantly downgraded in performance compared to normal tires.

5 Recommended Summer Tires

Bridgestone Nextry

Nextry, a fuel-efficient tire sold by Bridgestone,

  • reasonable
  • fuel efficient tire
  • Abundant lineup

It is the cost performance strongest tire which had these. The size lineup is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, from light cars to minivans. It is recommended for family cars that are often used on weekends and for users with low annual mileage.

Yokohama Tire Blue Earth AE-01F

BluEarth AE-01F is a fuel-efficient tire that reduces running resistance to the limit. By installing it in eco-cars such as hybrid cars and EVs, it maximizes fuel efficiency.

The size lineup is rather small with three types of sedans, coupes, and compact cars. It is a pity that it is not suitable for minivans, etc., but it is worth trying if you are on a compatible vehicle and are concerned about fuel efficiency.

Dunlop ENASAVE EC204

Dunlop has released ENASAVE EC204, a fuel-efficient tire that specializes in long-life performance. ENASAVE EC204, which has excellent wear resistance and long life, is recommended for tires with small tires such as light cars and compact cars.

Of course, the size lineup is also compatible with minivans and sedans, so it is perfect for those who often drive long distances.

Bridgestone Legno GRXⅡ

The Regno GRX II, which has been completed at a high level in terms of quiet performance, ride comfort, handling, and braking power, is excellently compatible with luxury cars and sedan-type vehicles.

Although it has the disadvantage of being expensive, the tire performance balance is top class, so it meets the needs such as “I want a quiet tire anyway” and “I want a tire that does not make me tired even on long distance driving”.

Toyo Tire Nano Energy 3 Plus

Nano Energy 3 Plus is recommended for those who want a tire that stops firmly even on wet roads.

Compared to its predecessor Nano Energy 3, this product has improved wet performance by 13%, and has been released as a standard low fuel consumption tire that achieves both low fuel consumption and wet performance.

There are three types of size lineup: sedan, sports, and compact. Not suitable for minivans or light vehicles.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, consider this.

Performance comparison of recommended summer tires

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We’ve put together a list of performance comparisons for recommended tires. Please consider this when purchasing tires.

In addition, the label standards for rolling resistance and wet performance are based on JATMA standards.

tire name rolling resistance Wet performance compatible car type feature
Nextry A. c Sedan, minivan, light, compact Cost performance◎
Blue Earth AE01-F AAA c sedan, compact Rolling resistance evaluation highest rank
ENASAVE EC204 AA c Sedan, minivan, light, compact Specializing in long life
Legno GRXⅡ AA/A*Varies by size b sedan, compact Excellent quietness and handling performance
nano energy 3 plus AA b sedan, sporty, compact Wet performance specialized

Let’s change to summer tires when spring comes!

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How about the characteristics, market price, and life of summer tires?

Although it is called a summer tire, it is basically a normal tire, so don’t forget to change from studless tires in the spring.
Studless tires in warm weather are inferior to summer tires in braking performance and grip performance, so depending on the road surface conditions, they may be dangerous.

Therefore, use different tires depending on the season, and wear the appropriate tires for your car.

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