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Recent luxury minivan circumstances

Toyota Alphard wins alone?

On May 10, 2021, Toyota Alphard and Vellfire, which represent luxury minivans, were partially improved and released. Some of the comfort equipment that was an option was set as standard, and a special specification car was also prepared.

Alphard’s popularity is so tremendous that it shakes the industry, and it ranked 5th in the “ranking by passenger car brand name” for January to December 2020 announced by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, despite the high price range. It became the fifth best-selling passenger car in Japan, surpassing cheaper and compact models such as the Fit.

Lexus LM unveiled in China

Speaking of luxury minivans, in January 2020, a luxury four-seater minivan “Lexus LM” was announced in China.

The Lexus LM was developed based on the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire, and the local price was about 18 million to 22 million yen at the time of its release. In Japan, the Mercedes-Benz S-class is so expensive that you can afford to buy it, but it seems to be popular as a pick-up car for VIPs locally.

EQT from Mercedes-Benz


On May 10, 2021, Mercedes-Benz announced the new minivan “EQT”. The EQT is a 3-row, 7-passenger EV with a slightly smaller body size than the company’s large minivan, the V-Class.

The EQT was developed in partnership with Renault, sharing basic components with Renault Kangoo. Detailed information such as price and release date will be revealed in the future, but if it is introduced in Japan, there is a high possibility that it will be a strong rival to domestic minivans.

Luxury minivan ranking 2022 edition decided!

This time, we created a ranking at the moment in the luxury minivan market where each manufacturer is launching new models in rapid succession. From among the passenger minivans that are officially sold in Japan, we simply ranked them in descending order of the price of the highest grade.

Option prices are not included, and cars and campers that are treated as commercial vehicles by number classification are excluded from the ranking.

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[10th place]Nissan Serena

Highest grade new car price: 4,192,100 yen

The first Serena was born in 1991. The first C23 model was a semi-cab-over type minivan with an FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) layout.

From the 2nd generation model C24, which appeared in 1999, it will be reborn as a FF (front engine, front wheel drive) layout model. It is a model that has led Nissan’s minivan lineup for more than 30 years until the current C27 model that appeared in 2016.

Serena’s strength is “safety performance”. Called “360° Safety Assist,” it comes standard with items necessary for modern cars, such as collision mitigation braking, collision prediction warning function, and collision prevention assist function for misapplication. In addition, items that reduce the burden on the driver are installed, such as preparing two types of systems that automatically switch between the “high beam” and “low beam” of the headlamp for each grade.

Another strength of the Serena is that it is equipped with the driving support system “ProPILOT” for each grade.

ProPILOT is useful in traffic jams and long cruises that are difficult to avoid while driving on expressways. It is an excellent device that assists the accelerator, brake, and steering operations on the vehicle side at the speed set by the driver (about 30km/h to 100km/h). You can reduce fatigue when driving on the highway.

Serena’s long model cycle and stable popularity are probably due to the extensive equipment that supports safe driving for drivers.

Nissan Serena’s highest grade

Nissan Serena’s top model is the 2WD (FF) specification “e-POWER AUTECH SPORTS SPEC”. The vehicle body price is 4,192,100 yen (tax included).

The feature of e-POWER AUTECH SPORTS SPEC is that “AUTECH JAPAN”, which produces Nissan certified accessories and tuning parts, has made improvements everywhere.

In addition to installing exclusive exterior and interior parts, body rigidity has been strengthened, exclusive suspension, and driving performance have been adjusted through computer tuning. It is finished as a minivan that allows you to enjoy sporty driving.

Latest “Serena” used car information

Today’s inventory

8434 units

average price 186Ten thousand yen
Base price 6 to 18.59 million yen

[9th place]Mitsubishi Delica D: 5

Highest grade new car price: 4,489,100 yen

The Delica D:5 is a 1-box type minivan that has been positioned at the top of Mitsubishi’s lineup for 15 years since its introduction in 2007. It is a car that has the SUV element of “high running performance” that has been carried by successive models such as the “Delica Star Wagon” and “Delica Space Gear”, and has gained so much support that some users continue to switch between Delica D: 5s.

Delica D: 5’s strength is “4WD system”. It uses an electronically controlled 4WD system called “AWC” (ALL WHEEL CONTROL). It incorporates a mechanism that can control the power emitted from the engine according to the situation so that the grip force is distributed to all wheels.

The driving conditions of the vehicle are determined from information from the steering operation of the driver, the torque emitted from the engine, and the information from the yaw rate sensor, which detects the behavior of the vehicle when it turns around a curve. This is a reliable function that provides optimal grip to each wheel and protects against dangers such as skidding, spinning, and tire lock.

If you are purchasing a 4WD minivan for the first time, or if you are looking for a minivan that can run off-road with a large number of passengers, the Delica D: 5 is one of the recommended vehicles.

mitsubishi Delica D:5the highest grade of

The top model of Mitsubishi Delica D: 5 is “Urban Gear P Edition”. The vehicle body price is 4,489,100 yen (tax included).

The Urban Gear is an urban grade that was introduced in the 2019 model improvement, and features a solid plated front grill and a large front bumper.

P Edition is an expensive grade in urban gear. Equipped with a black interior, LED headlights and fog lamps, and special aluminum wheels with a “cutting bright finish”. This grade is full of items that make you feel a sporty atmosphere.

The latest “Delica D: 5” used car information

Today’s inventory

2101 units

average price 275Ten thousand yen
Base price ¥250,000 to ¥6,000,000

[8th]Volkswagen Golf Touran

Highest grade new car price: 4,683,000 yen

The Golf Touran is a 7-seater MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) derived from the hatchback “Golf”, which is the main lineup of Volkswagen. After being born in Germany in 2003, imports have started in Japan. The current model, which is the second generation, has a long model life and has been sold in Japan since 2016.

The strength of the Golf Touran is that it is equipped with a “clean diesel engine”.

Volkswagen’s proud “TDI” engine is a power unit that achieves both powerful driving and clean exhaust gas. It has cleared Japan’s strict diesel engine emission regulations, and is attracting attention for its environmental friendliness.

Although it has a small body size in the minivan genre where many rivals are crowded, it is a car that plays an active role when traveling with a large number of people and carrying shopping luggage due to ample internal space.

Volkswagen Golf Touran top grade

The highest grade of Volkswagen Golf Touran is “TDI Highline”. The vehicle body price is 4,683,000 yen (tax included).

It is a car equipped with a 2,000cc diesel “TDI” engine. The maximum torque of 340 N・m is drawn out from the engine’s low rotation range, and it shows off a comfortable driving performance even on mountain slopes with a large number of passengers.

Volkswagen’s infotainment system “Ready 2 Discover” and adaptive cruise control system with all vehicle speed tracking function are standard equipment. It is a grade that enhances the sporty impression with 5-spoke aluminum wheels.

The latest “Golf Touran” used car information

Today’s inventory

296 units

average price 162Ten thousand yen
Base price 190,000 to 4,190,000 yen

[7th place]BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

Highest grade new car price: 4.95 million yen

The 2 Series Gran Tourer was announced in Germany in 2015, released in Japan, and is still in production. Based on the 2-row seat MPV “Active Tourer”, the body length, vehicle height and wheelbase were expanded to realize 3-row seats and 7-seat capacity.

The strength of the 2 Series Gran Tourer is its “exterior design with a strong presence”. In addition to the “kidney grill” that is common to BMW models, it reigns in the center of the front mask, and the styling is easy to recognize in the city, such as a large opening and a character line that is sharply inserted into the side of the car body. .

There are two types of engine variations: a 1,500cc inline 3-cylinder turbo gasoline engine and a 2,000cc inline 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine. We have a lineup of engines that have powerful torque in spite of being a “downsizing turbo”.

The highest grade of BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

The highest grade of the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer is “218d xDrive Gran Tourer Luxury”. The vehicle body price is 4.95 million yen (tax included).

The grade that adopted the only 4WD system in the lineup. Equipped with a 2,000cc diesel turbo engine and an 8-speed AT (automatic transmission), the WLTC mode fuel consumption is 15.4km/L, which is an excellent figure for a 7-seater minivan.

Latest “2 Series Gran Tourer” used car information

Today’s inventory

973 units

average price 265Ten thousand yen
Base price 690,000 to 8,270,000 yen

[6th place]Toyota Vellfire

Highest grade new car price: 5,154,400 yen

The Vellfire is a high-end model in Toyota’s minivan lineup, which was developed with the keyword “large space luxury saloon”. In 2008, the first generation was born as a brother car of the Alphard (second generation). In 2015, the model was changed to the second generation.

Vellfire’s strength is its “cool and sporty exterior design”. The plated grille and bumper on the front mask give it a powerful look that distinguishes it from the Alphard.

In addition, the interior space has also been devised. The “relaxed captain seat” with a long slide mechanism is characterized by its combination of a seat arrangement that allows you to use your legs widely, so you can enjoy a room that is as good as a limousine car. It is a car that can provide a “relaxing space” for those who get in the back seat.

The highest grade of Toyota Vellfire

Toyota Vellfire’s highest grade is “HYBRID GOLDEN EYES III”. The vehicle body price is 5,154,400 yen (tax included).

The hybrid 4WD system, which combines a 2,500cc gasoline engine with a drive motor, has recorded a value of 14.8km/L in WLTC mode.

GOLDEN EYESⅢ is a grade added in the middle of 2021. In addition to adding gold decoration to the meter to improve the sense of luxury, the seat uses a combination of suede-like material called “plannope” and synthetic leather.

Latest “Vellfire” used car information

Today’s inventory

3760 units

average price 268Ten thousand yen
Base price 110,000 to 14,990,000 yen

[5th ​​place]Volkswagen Sharan

Highest grade new car price: 5.49 million yen

The Sharan is a minivan positioned in the “MPV” line-up of Volkswagen. The first generation was born in Germany in 1995, and the model was changed to the second generation in 2010. The first model is a long-selling model that has been in production for 15 years and the current model for about 12 years.

Sharan’s strength is “large body size”. With a total length of 4,855 mm and a total width of 1,910 mm, it is a comfortable size, allowing seven adults to move comfortably.

In addition, all seats are independent, and combined with a wide variety of seat arrangements, it has achieved excellent usability.

Two types of power units are available: a 1,400cc gasoline engine and a 2,000cc diesel turbo engine. The diesel turbo specification is a “clean diesel” developed by Volkswagen, called “TDI”, and has a powerful torque of 380 N m.

Volkswagen Sharan top grade

Volkswagen Sharan’s highest grade is “TDI Highline”. The vehicle body price is 5.49 million yen (tax included).

Volkswagen’s proprietary infotainment system “Composition Media”
Mobile online service “Volkswagen Car-Net” is standard equipment. It is a mechanism that allows the driver and passengers to obtain information about the destination and related information while driving.

The 10-spoke aluminum wheels give a sporty finish to the suspension, further enhancing the powerful exterior.

The latest “Sharan” used car information

Today’s inventory

195 units

average price 245Ten thousand yen
Base price 280,000 to 5,180,000 yen

[4th place]Toyota Granace

Highest grade new car price: 6.5 million yen

The Gran Ace is a full-size minivan with a large size, which is rare in Japanese cars. After being shown at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, it has been commercialized.

Gran Ace’s strength is its “body size with an overwhelming presence”. With a total length of 5,300 mm and a width of 1,970 mm, the body shape with sharp corners gives it a powerful styling.

Despite the FR layout, which is rare in modern minivans, the use of a “semi-bonnet” with a short front bonnet allows for 4-row, 8-seater specifications. The fact that it is a package that is rare in Japanese minivans is also a point that I would like to pay attention to in Gran Ace.

The highest grade of Toyota Granace

The highest grade of Toyota Gran Ace is “Premium”. The vehicle body price is 6.5 million yen (tax included).

The feature of Premium is that it is a 3-row 6-seater specification. By eliminating one row of seats and providing extra legroom, we have achieved a level of comfort comparable to first-class on an airplane.

The latest “Gran Ace” used car information

Today’s inventory

13 units

average price 661Ten thousand yen
Base price 5.98 to 7.85 million yen

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