“Students who can’t run without studless should return their licenses” says a driver running on a snowy road with summer tires | MOBY [モビー]

Great response to the article “The penalty for violating anti-slip measures is too light”


The article published on January 25, 2023, “”Buying studless tires is timid” Drivers running on snowy roads with summer tires… Voices of doubts about penalties that are too light” received a great response, and in the comments section of SNS and articles, There were many pessimistic reactions to the fact that there are drivers who prioritize profit and loss over safety.

In addition, the penalties for violations for not taking anti-slip measures such as installing studless tires when driving on snowy or icy roads are relatively minor with no violation points and a fine of 6,000 yen for ordinary cars. There are also voices calling for stricter punishment for certain things, saying, “The situation will not improve unless the punishment is increased,” and “It should be treated the same as drunk driving.”

Traffic troubles caused by vehicles not using anti-slip measures such as normal tires getting stuck on snowy or icy roads are nothing new, and are reported in the news almost every year during the snowy season. From this article, it can be seen that many people are asking for improvement of the situation.

“Don’t get caught” and “just pay the fine” can put your life at risk

Reasons for not buying studless tires, such as “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have a place to store them”, “I can run if I have the skills”


The article received more than 300 comments, which is unusual for a MOBY article, and most of them complained about the dangers of snowy roads and asked drivers to take measures to prevent slipping, such as wearing studless tires and tire chains. It is a content that calls to be sure to do.

However, some comments were posted explaining why they do not or cannot wear studless tires.

In addition to economic reasons such as “I don’t have the money to buy studless tires”, “I can’t rent a place to store studless tires”, “I can wear them if half the price of the purchase of studless tires is refunded” Reasons for not wearing studless tires include “you can drive without using studless tires” and “you can drive depending on your skill without using studless tires”.

In response to these comments, in addition to appealing the dangers of snowy roads again, comments expressing anger continued, such as “If you can’t understand, please don’t get in the car.”

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