With the spread of EVs, will “cars become kotatsu”? Toyota’s new EV adopts newly developed ‘radiant heater’ | MOBY [モビー]

What is the “radiant heater” used in the Toyota bZ4X, Lexus RZ, and RX?

Released by Toyota on May 12, 2022, Toyota’s first battery EV series “bZ” 1st model “bZ4X” is a one-motion grip that combines a steer-by-wire and a deformed steering hole, a motor, a transaxle, and an inverter. Various “firsts” were adopted, such as the eAxle that integrates the

Because it is a “first product”, it became a hot topic as soon as it was released, but among the functions that Toyota adopted for the first time in this new bZ4X, Denso’s newly developed “radiant heater” I have.

Toyota has made this radiant heater a standard feature on all models of the bZ4X, and it is also available as an option on all models of the new Lexus RX. It will also be used in the new RZ, Lexus’ first battery-only EV model.

Denso explains that the radiant heater contributes to extending the cruising range when using heating, while it is said that the cruising range of battery EVs is decreasing when heating is used.

Serious defects found as early as about a month after debut

More than 100 degrees in about 1 minute!Quickly warms cold feet

Denso’s newly developed radiant heater heats up the surface of the heater with a thin film structure to about 100°C in about one minute. Radiant heat quickly warms cold feet, creating a comfortable interior space for driving in cold weather.

We also adopted a control technology that stops heat generation with a sensor. When the human body touches it, the temperature is instantly reduced to 50 degrees or less, ensuring safety even when the heater is continuously touched.

Power saving is achieved by efficiently controlling the radiant heater and heat pump system. It is a function aimed at achieving both a comfortable traveling experience even in cold weather and maximizing the cruising range.

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