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Many people are planning to spend a few days to a week in the car during long vacations such as summer vacation.

When it comes to staying in the car for such a long period of time, clothes and underwear are “WashingYou will need to do

However, if you haven’t stayed in the car for a long time, you may not know where and how to do your laundry while traveling, or what kind of laundry goods you should prepare.

Several times a year, I go out to sleep in the car for about 3 days to a week. I was wasting my time.

However, nowadays, it is possible to store items necessary for washing in one place in the car for easy access, and to secure several washing places.

Therefore, in this article, I often use it while staying in the car.laundry placeor,Laundry goods that I thought were convenient to useI would like to introduce some of them.

If you plan to stay in the car for 3-4 nights or more, you may want to do your laundry during your trip! If so, please check out the article.

“Washing” while sleeping in the car, how is everyone doing?

How are you all doing “laundry” while staying in the car?

If you are staying in the car for one or two nights, you may not wash your clothes, bring a few extra clothes, and take your laundry home with you.

However, if you stay more than 3 nights, it will be difficult to continue your trip without washing.

The amount of laundry soiled with sweat and the amount of change of clothes to bring increases, and the inside of the car may not be tidy, or all the clothes may not fit in the car.

When staying in the car for 3 nights or more, the author recommends that there is a “coin laundry”, or “laundry corner” is being used.

If you use a laundromat, it will take some time, but you can finish washing and drying in one go.

Also, if you have a washing machine at your campsite or overnight accommodation, you will be able to dry your laundry around your car.

If you decide to stay overnight in the car, it is recommended to check in advance on the Internet, etc., whether there is a washing machine at the place where you plan to stay, or whether there is a coin laundry near the place you are staying.

You can also “hand wash” small items.

If it’s a small item that dries relatively quickly, such as socks or underwear, take the plunge.hand washLet’s do it.

Bring a small tub or bucket (a sandbox set for children is recommended), wash your hands with a small amount of water, rinse it, and hang it in the car or near the door to dry.

For the water used for washing, bring a large plastic bottle or a sewage tank, put it in it, and take it home.

Alternatively, it would be better to use a space where you can wash your hands at a campsite, etc., or throw it away in a place where you are allowed to flush the sewage.

4 Convenient Laundry Goods to Have in Your Car

Below, we’ll introduce four “laundry items” that are convenient when using a washing machine at a laundromat or washing your laundry by hand.

All of them can be folded into a compact size, and they are all items that can be used conveniently at home.

If you plan to stay in the car for a long time, please consider purchasing one.

Convenient laundry goods 1. Use a “laundry bag” for temporary storage of laundry

Even if you do laundry, you can’t do it every day by staying in the car.

You’ll probably need a bag or container to hold a few days’ worth of laundry in between.

Assuming that you have more laundry than planned, the bag that you put your laundry in should be as large as possible.

In addition, it is recommended to use a material such as vinyl that does not leak water and is easy to wash.

The author isCarry bag purchased at IKEAis used as a laundry basket.

one129 yenThe price range that is easy to purchase is attractive.

The L size is very large and can hold a lot of clothes, and it is strong enough to withstand some weight.

It can be washed with water, so you can always keep it clean.

Also, by folding it when not in use, it can be stored in a small gap in the car.

You can quickly take it out when you need it, so it’s quite useful in scenes other than washing.

Convenient laundry goods 2. “Laundry net (clothing net)” that can be used to store laundry and change of clothes

When sorting soiled clothing,Laundry net (clothing net)‘ will help.

It’s perfect for sorting by color, pattern, and dirtiness, or for storing underwear.

If you put underwear in the net, you can put it in the washing machine as it is when washing.

Washing is also smooth because you can save the trouble of re-sorting when washing.

The laundry net is also recommended as a “clothing storage bag” to store the change of clothes you bring.

By sorting the contents into nets of different sizes, you will be able to take out what you need when you need it, without having to open it and check the contents.

Furthermore, the smaller net can also be used as a “accessory case” to store small items! You can put laundry goods in a net and put them together, or put individually wrapped detergent and bagYou can use it conveniently as well.

Useful Laundry Goods 3. Hanging “clothes drying net”

A type that can be used by hanging it on a car, hook, shelf, etc.clothes drying net”, it is possible to dry efficiently while saving the trouble of hanging the laundry one by one between the clothespins.

All you have to do is spread the laundry on the flat part and put it on, so it saves a lot of time.

Ideal for drying thin laundry such as socks and thin T-shirts.

In addition to laundry, it can also be used to dry fabric products such as cushions, cushions, and pillows in the car.

The author also uses it to dry cushions and floor cushions, and it is used more frequently during seasons with high humidity.

The clothes drying net in the photo I am using is3COINSof.

At 330 yen (tax included) each, it’s easy to pick up, and it’s foldable.

It’s small and slim when folded, so you can carry it compactly!

Useful Laundry Goods 4. Dry hand-washed small items on “hangers” or “mini square hangers”

Mini size “corner hangerIf you have “, you can hang it on your car and hang your washed underwear, socks, hand towels, etc. to dry.

By choosing the folding type and mini size, it is possible to store it in the car without taking up space.

It is also recommended to hang it on the handle of the car or the rear door to dry it, but if you want to dry it in a place such as a curtain rail where the hole is small and the hook of the square hanger cannot be hung, you can use a narrow S-shaped hook as the square hanger. Bring a set with you.

Enjoy a comfortable overnight trip while using “laundry goods” wisely!

This time, I introduced the laundry places that I often use when doing laundry while sleeping in the car, as well as useful laundry goods.

When it comes to traveling in the car for a certain amount of time,Laundry required during stayam.

Precisely because you can’t do laundry in the same way as at home, check the laundry place in advance,Stock up on some useful itemsbecomes a very important point.

If you often stay in the car for more than 3 nights, it is recommended to put laundry detergent and other laundry goods in a bag or storage box and leave them in the car.

All of the laundry goods introduced this time are cheap and easy to purchase.

If you find something that interests you, be sure to pick it up and use it on your next overnight trip.

Writer: haru.

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