“Why?” Tires are stolen along with the wheel … Why are the attached tires frequently stolen | MOBY [モビー]

There are many thefts of parts as well as cars!


Automobile-related thefts continue unabated. The latest theft method is “CAN Invader” method. It’s been reported almost every day, so it’s important to take care of yourself tomorrow and take precautions.

What is more noticeable recently istheft of partsam.In the past, car navigation systems were targeted, but these daysFour tires and wheels attached to the car are stolenIt seems that the situation is increasing.

A tire with a wheel … what kind of trick?


Tires and wheels are often stolen becauseSports cars, luxury sedans, SUVs and minivanscar models such as

Above all,Theft damage of cars with genuine aluminum wheels is overwhelmingMostly in, then optionally fittedLarge-inch aluminum wheels with low-profile tiresare also targeted.

The modus operandi of the crime is very simple.

Aiming for a time when there are few pedestrians, gently jack up the car parked outdoors. using a cross wrench etc.I will remove the tire with the wheel in the same way as a normal tire change.A horse or block wall is placed on the removed tire part to support the vehicle so that it does not fall.

The robbery took less than an hour, and the next morning there was news that the car was parked with its tires removed and a block wall wedged under its exposed brake rotor.

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