Mazda’s new flagship SUV “CX-90” 2nd teaser video released! I saw a “face”! |MOBY [モビー]

Mazda releases additional CX-90 teaser video

Mazda CX-90 teaser image released by Mazda North America

North America Mazda, which is planning to release the new SUV “CX-90” equipped with 3 rows of seats, will follow the first teaser video released on January 12, 2023 local time, followed by the second teaser video. “Mazda CX-90 Unboxed — Performance” has been released.

Following the first teaser video, actor Hiroyuki Sanada will also appear in the second teaser video, and Mr. Ant Anstead of “Wheeler Dealers” Also appeared.

In the first installment, parts thought to be from the CX-90 were shown in a box, and the completed car did not appear. It has been.

A sneak peek at the parts! I could see the 3rd row seats!

Apparently similar to the CX-60 but slightly different front design

The design of the CX-90, which can be seen from the video, is basically the same as the CX-60, but for example, the front and rear bumper lower parts and side skirts have chrome accents, and the slits on the left and right of the front bumper. It can be confirmed that the is shaped like a double, and the design of the side signature of the front fender is different.

The appearance seems to be similar to entry-grade models such as the CX-60 “25S” and “XD”, but the CX-90 that appears in the video has the entire body in the same color and is equipped with machined aluminum wheels. Therefore, the upper grade may have this appearance.

Rotary engine revived with series plug-in hybrid

Is it the next roadster?Study model sports car released

What is the compatibility between the CX-60 face and the coupe body?

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