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Even if you like sleeping in the car and enjoy sleeping in the car often, you may be a little patient, dissatisfied, or close your eyes to some extent even if you are not good at it.

I also love staying in the car because I can easily enjoy the extraordinary feeling, but there are many things that bother me, and I honestly think there are some parts that I don’t like.

However, if you continue to put up with the unpleasant parts of sleeping in the car, you may end up hating your favorite sleeping in the car someday.

In order to continue to enjoy sleeping in the car, grasp each problem firmly,devised and resolvedIt will be necessary to continue

Therefore, in this article, I will explain the parts that I feel “I’m not good at” and “I don’t like” when staying in the car, and what I’m doing to solve them even a little.various tricksI would like to introduce you.

It’s not a good idea to continue to put up with it or to let your dissatisfaction remain.

If you feel inconvenient or dissatisfied with the current situation of staying in the car, please check out the article.

Problems and solutions for staying in the car 1. I like nature and superb views!But I’m not good at “insects”…

I usually live in the mountains of Hakone, but I actually don’t like insects, probably because I grew up in the city.

Bugs are all NG, so when a big bug flies near me, I can’t afford to worry about the eyes around me, and I can’t help but let out a scream.

My home is an apartment, so I don’t need to take any measures, but when it comes to sleeping in the car, it doesn’t work.

In particular, the author and his wife often stay in places rich in nature, such as near the sea, mountains, lakes and rivers.Some measures are requiredIt is

Peppermint oil, insecticide, insect repellent spray, liquid anti-itch, etc.Insect repellent item“I always have some in my car, and when I sleep in the car in the summer,window net(an item that can be used like a screen door when the window is opened) is used.

At night, when the lights are on, a lot of insects will come, so I try to take as many countermeasures as possible, such as spending time in a car where the door can be closed as much as possible and going to bed early.

When it still doesn’t work, I sometimes ask my husband, who is okay with insects, to get rid of them, but it’s rare to get to that point.

There are various countermeasure items now, and you can expect a lot of effects.

By making full use of convenient items and taking measures against insects, you may be able to stay in your car with peace of mind even in places rich in nature.

Sleeping in the car problem & solution 2. I can’t sleep because it’s hot or cold

If you don’t have any items and no countermeasures, you can’t stand the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

When I started sleeping in the car, I didn’t know why, and in the summer, I had to sleep in the car with only a fan, and there were times when I couldn’t sleep because it was too hot.

In particular, I tend to sweat a lot and my feet get cold even in the summer. I had a pretty tough time…

If you can’t sleep, you will get sick and it will affect your driving the next day, so you have to take some measures.

However, the author couple did not have enough money to prepare many expensive items.

The first action taken wasStay in the car at a high altitude in the summer, and stay in the car near the sea in the winter” was that.

With this alone, not only the sensible temperature when spending time in the car, but also the actual temperature inside the car has a considerable difference, making it much easier to spend time.

In addition, using a portable power supply, in the summerFan or portable coolerin winterElectric blankets or small fan heatersis now used.

window netBy adding , it became possible to moderately exchange the air in the car.

I can now enjoy sleeping in my car very comfortably just by being careful about where I stay and having a few inexpensive items.

Problems of staying in the car and solution 3. “Toilet in the middle of the night” is troublesome

As I get older, I feel that the toilet has become closer, but especially in the cold winter months, I sometimes wake up many times in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.

It’s cold and it’s troublesome to wear shoes and go to the toilet outside the car.

There are times when I long for a camper with a toilet in the car, but since I don’t plan to buy a new car, I have no choice but to do a little ingenuity.

As a fundamental problem, I always try to use the toilet before going to bed, and every time I sleep in the car, I try to be as considerate of my surroundings as possible.near the toiletI’m trying to park my car.

Even with just this, the number of times you go to the bathroom during the night and the troublesomeness will be significantly different.

After that, just because it’s fun to travel in the car, let’s get out of the way and say “don’t overeat”.

That’s all.

In the summertime, if you hold back on drinking water, it can lead to dehydration and affect your physical condition.

For that reason, I try to stay hydrated without worrying about it, but when it comes to alcohol and food, I try to be careful not to drink or eat too much.

In addition, it can be used not only in the middle of the night, but also in traffic jams and toilet” in your car for even more peace of mind.

Sleeping in the car problem & solution 4. How to deal with the problem “What to do with the bath?”

Like the toilet, my car does not have facilities such as a shower.

Of course, when staying in the car, you will need to take a bath at a bathing facility somewhere.

When I decided where to stay, I didn’t research day-trip bathing facilities, so I ended up becoming a “bath refugee” who couldn’t take a bath even though I wanted to.

If it’s only for one night, it’s not that you can’t choose not to take a bath, but both my husband and I love baths and hot springs, so we want to take a bath as much as possible while traveling.

Now with food and setA place where you can enjoy hot springsas a place to stay,A spot where you can stay in the car with bathing facilities in the facilityI try to look forward to going to hot springs and baths by using

By researching bathing facilities from the beginning and choosing a place with a bathing facility in the facility, we can reduce the troublesome parts such as the time to search locally and the time to move as much as possible.

Also, when traveling on a budget, I sometimes research in advance where I can take a day trip bath at a low price before I go out.

Especially in local hot spring areas, there are many day-trip hot springs where you can enjoy hot springs for the price of one coin, so depending on the place, you can enjoy hot springs without spending a lot of money.

Problem of staying in the car & solution 5. “Gasoline fee” is too high even if you want to go far…!

The price of gasoline has soared over the past year, and many people are probably worried about the excessively high price of gasoline.

My husband and I often go on long trips, but thanks to the rising cost of gasoline, we are forced to take measures such as reducing the number of nights spent in the car.

As a countermeasure, there is no choice but to reduce the number of nights spent in the car or go to a place as close to home as possible.

In addition, you can cook your own food in the car instead of eating out at your accommodation, bring food and drinks from home, and use cheap overnight spots and bathing facilities.cost of other partsI am trying to remove the

If you are not greedy about this and that, you can enjoy staying in the car while paying attention to the cost of gasoline.

If you want to eat out locally, reduce the number of times, and if you want to stay in the car many times, cut down on food expenses.

Enjoy a stress-free overnight trip in the car with various ingenuity!

This time, I introduced the parts that I feel “disgusting” and “troublesome” when staying in the car, and various ideas I’m trying to solve them.

Compared to staying at a hotel, staying in the car is somewhat inconvenient and troublesome.

Ultimately, I felt that whether or not I could enjoy sleeping in the car directly depends on whether I can enjoy the negative aspects and how to resolve them.

In fact, I often find it fun to keep trying, and even if I fail, I look forward to discussing things with my husband, saying, “Let’s try this next time.”

We take the part that seems to be negative as positive as much as possible,Have fun accumulating efforts to resolve.

By doing so, you will come to like sleeping in the car more and more, and you will be able to enjoy it from the bottom of your heart.

Writer: haru.

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