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The largest number of crackdowns is “violation of suspension”


In 2020, the Cabinet Office announced that 5,751,798 violations of the Road Traffic Act (excluding violations related to score notification) were cracked down.

for various reasonsThe largest number of cases is “temporary suspension violation” with 1,604,972 crackdowns.

The white stop line is so close to the intersection that you might question its position.

Let’s solve the questions related to the stop line, such as what the stop line means, what kind of confirmation should be made from the position of the white line, and how to proceed.

Why is the white stop line farther than the intersection?


The definition of temporary stop is stipulated in Article 43 of the Road Traffic Act.

Roads marked with a white stop line are designated by the Public Safety Commission of each prefecture as intersections where visibility to the left or right is obscure due to bends, slopes, road structures, etc., intersections with complex shapes such as diversified intersections, and traffic accidents such as crossings. This is for intersections where there is a risk of traffic jams, and intersections where it is necessary to clarify the priority relationship of other intersections.

Most intersections have a white stop line 2-3 meters aheadBut there is no clear rule here. The position of the white line is determined through consultation between the local police station and the road administrator.

Most cars have a shape with the engine room in the front. Due to the vehicle structure, the front of the vehicle protrudes from the driver’s seat,If the white line is drawn at the entrance of the intersection, the front of the vehicle may protrude into the intersection.

As a result, it obstructs the path of bicycles and pedestrians, and in some cases causes accidents. In order to prevent such excessive entry, a temporary stop white line is drawn far from the entrance of the intersection.

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