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What is Nankang Tire?

Nankang Tire is the oldest tire manufacturer in Taiwan. It is popular as a reasonable and high quality Asian tire. It has received various certifications and awards both in Japan and overseas. We now supply tires to more than 180 countries.

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Characteristics of studless tires from Nankang Tires

Compatible with a wide range of tire sizes and car models!

Nankang Tire has a lineup of various types of tires for passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, etc. The tire size is not only common 12 to 16 inches, but there are also plenty of inch up sizes of 18 inches or more.

Reasonable and reliable quality compared to domestic brands

Nankang tires are characterized by their low market prices compared to domestic brands. Depending on the product, you can purchase it at a more reasonable price than domestic brands. In addition, the safety, drivability, and comfort on snowy roads are high, and it is comparable to domestic brand tires. You can use it with peace of mind even at a low price.

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Nankang Tire studless product list

Nankang Tire’s studless tire products are as follows.



  • AW-1
  • ICE-1
  • WA-1
  • IA-1
  • ESSN-1
  • WS-1

Nankang Tire Popular Recommended Products

Of the nine products introduced above, we will introduce two recommended products.

Recommendation ① “AW-1” ┃ Featured New Product

The new product “AW-1” released in 2020 has a wallet-friendly design that selects wear-resistant materials for the compound and allows you to ride longer distances than before. Of course, performance is solid. It has evolved further from the ESSN-1, which received high praise from many snow country drivers.

Recommendation ② “ESSN-1” ┃ No. 1 selling

Nankang Tire ESSN-1

A studless tire that achieves both straight running stability and cornering performance with an asymmetrical tread pattern. It is a best-selling product of Nankang Studless. You can fully demonstrate operability and grip even on snowy roads.

ESSN-1 Product Information

Autoway is a major mail-order company for imported tires. If you order tires from the site, you can have them delivered to your home or installation shop. If you choose an installation shop as your delivery address, you can complete the tire installation simply by bringing your car in.

Import tire & wheel mail order site Autoway[official site]

If you want to buy Nankang tires at a reasonable price, we recommend the following stores.

▼Koriyama Chuo Tire Koriyama
22-4 Higanzuka, Sasagawa, Azumi-cho, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture 963-0102
TEL.024-945-4211 FAX.024-945-4213

▼Koriyama Chuo Tire Fukushima
88-1 Nishinakagawara, Segamicho, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, 960-0101
TEL.024-554-4820 FAX.024-554-4865

Koriyama Chuo Tire[Official Website]

What is the reputation of Nankang tire studless tires?

The following content was found in reviews by studless users of Nankang Tires.

  • no problem. If you apply too much power, it feels slippery, but I think it’s okay for normal use.
  • There is no dissatisfaction with the running even in the second year of use. The highest satisfaction among the studless I have ever worn.
  • Grip power that satisfies acceleration, deceleration, and cornering on various snowy roads such as fresh snow, compacted snow, frozen roads, and sherbet.

In addition, there are some reviews such as “The road noise is a little loud” and “It’s slow when cornering”, but these can be said to be the general feeling of using studless tires. Compared to domestic brands, there is a difference, but there are many people who say that it is “excellent for the price”, so it may depend on the user’s sense and model. It can be said that Nankang Tire’s studless tires are generally rated as studless with excellent cost performance.

Nankang Tire[Official Site]

In the article below, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of recommended products for studless tires, as well as price ranges for each domestic and foreign manufacturer and size.

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