Suzuki unveils “eVX” and “two SUVs” in India! Rumors of 5-door Jimny unveiled at TAS | MOBY [モビー]

“You can tell it’s a Suzuki SUV at a glance…” EV concept model “eVX” unveiled for the first time

Suzuki eVX concept

At the “Auto Expo 2023” where the press day is being held in India from January 11, 2023, Suzuki unveiled the world’s first EV concept model “eVX”, the first EV global strategic vehicle.

Suzuki revealed that it plans to commercialize the eVX by 2025, and explained that it has a full-fledged four-wheel drive power and an exterior that can be recognized as a Suzuki SUV at a glance.

The eVX has a body size of 4,300mm in length, 1,800mm in width, and 1,600mm in height, which is about the same as the SUV “S-CROSS” sold in Europe and other regions, and has a battery capacity of 60kWh and a cruising range. Indian MIDC mode measurement value is 550km.

In addition, Suzuki’s four-wheel drive technology has been further evolved, and it was revealed that it is aiming for full-fledged driving performance suitable for Suzuki’s SUV.

See all images of Suzuki’s new concept EV “eVX”

Is the balance of power changing in India where “one in two is Suzuki”?

Auto Expo 2023 will also unveil two all-new SUVs


Suzuki’s Indian subsidiary “Maruti Suzuki India” has revealed that it plans to unveil the concept model eVX as well as customized existing models and “two completely new SUVs” at Auto Expo 2023.

On the special site for Auto Expo 2023 opened by Maruti Suzuki India, in addition to the “eVX” released this time, two of “SUV 1” and “SUV 2” using image materials of cars wrapped in veil. Post the table.

The official information is limited to the above, but one of these two SUVs is a Jimny 5-door that has been witnessed for some time and has finally been shot with a spy shot with the camouflage removed. She is considered to be a model.

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