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Not only for those who like to do DIY, but also for those who are experts just by looking at it and thinking, “I wish I could do this kind of DIY.”

This time we will introducemitsubishi wagon delica d5After getting it, I became more and more addicted to DIYMr. mikeda0415.

With almost no money (material cost of about 10,000 yen), it is finished as a very stylish car specification car.

Small items, interior, and even all painting of the body exterior!

Check out our collection of amazing DIY examples.

Car travel history about 15 years. From staying in a tent to staying in the car!

“mikeda0415” originally enjoyed camping in a tent.

A few years ago, I got my current Mitsubishi Delica d5 and stayed in the car.“Maybe I can’t put up a tent anymore”(Mikeda0415)as comfortable as you thinkSo, from there it became the center of staying in the car.

The reason isYou don’t have to worry about the weather too much, and from a crime prevention perspective, a car that can be locked is safe. It might be especially recommended for women! It’s good to be able to move as you think of it.”(Mikeda0415)

So recently, I’ve been enjoying car trips with my dogs by putting up a tarp (Ogawa’s Car Side Living DX) on the Delica d5 at the auto campground, mainly staying in the car.

The photo above is from when I was staying in a tent, but is this inside the tent? A space that is as stylish as you think.

This outstanding sense shines even in the car night DIY!

At first, it was like this ↑, but little by little, DIY the interior of the Delica d5healing space of your choiceI finished it.

Now, let’s take a look at a specific example of DIY done by mikeda0415.

Is it really about 10,000 yen for all the materials? DIY examples

Make the whole car look like wood!

This is a work in progress image. First of all, make a wooden frame and make the inside of the car wood.

It looks pretty big,

“I don’t have the courage to put a hole in my car,The boarding of the ceiling is done by first removing the assist grip on the side, using the screw holes, and sticking the boards there.(Mikeda0415)

Since the board is attached to the wooden frame, it is removable,always undoit is.

The finished product is shown here, but it’s so authentic that I wonder if it’s really DIY and can be done without drilling holes in the car.

DIY a small window with a 100-yen photo frame

I thought that this small window, which is familiar with the interior of wood, was made by cutting thin lumber and gluing it together.100 yen photo frameThat’s right.

One of the tricks of DIY is to make good use of ready-made products, but I wonder where such ideas come from.

Utilize the shelf bought at the antique market

Another example of making good use of what was originally in the car interior design.

As for the shelf in the image above, used items, antiques, junk, overseas antiques, etc. are gathered in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.“Matsumoto Furuichi”purchased atI just use it by hanging it on the wall.

Perfect for wood interiors!

If you keep your antenna up, you may find items that you can use in your car unexpectedly close by.

Introducing “DIY techniques that can be managed” using 100-yen items!

Up to this point, we have introduced examples of using the original photo frames and shelves as they are.DIY ideas that everyone can imitate using 100 yen itemsI’d like to introduce!

Add a rain cover to the ventilation fan, which is essential for dealing with the heat

A ventilation fan that can be made relatively easily using a USB fan for personal computers.

Isn’t there a lot of people who are installing it as a countermeasure against the heat of sleeping in the car?

mikeda0415 isRain cover for ventilatorDIY too!

It is a very stylish rain cover, but the material isDaiso BAG I happened to haveTake advantage of

After cutting, layering and sewing, attach the snap button female and glue the male to the ventilation fan side.

Even if you are not good at sewing, you can imitate it by using double-sided tape and adhesive for cloth!

Antique-style light utilizing unexpected 100-yen items

Here, we will combine various parts and materials found at 100 yen shop (Daiso),antique style lightI made

Parts and materials used

Things I bought at Daiso
・ A flat Sierra cup
・USB light
・Grinding wheel with shaft
・Metallic paint (paint)
Household tools and materials
・Cut-off nipper (end nipper)
·electric screwdriver
・Primer (Undercoat paint)
・Iron paint (paint)

First, remove the handle of the shera cup,

make a hole in the bottom

color it,

Just plug in a 100-yen USB light!

Looking at the pictures of the finished product, it’s no wonder that it is sold at antique shops and interior shops.

In addition, this light is also made with a combination of 100 yen (Seria and Daiso) parts.

It seems that the valve light was expensive as a part of Daiso and it was 330 yen, but I just painted it and attached Seria’s plant hanger with glue, and this is the finish.

the light is3WAY specification of “place, hang, attach with magnet”So, it seems to be quite easy to use both inside and outside the car!

In addition to these, I also made the watch and mirror in the photo above, and the wooden tea lantern on the far left, as small items that combine 100-yen parts.

If you buy any finished product, it will cost several thousand yen.

And here is the whole interior of the recent car ↑.

Again, with this finishThe material cost is only about 10,000 yen.it is.

It is said that it does not cost money because it uses scrap materials at home, old tools introduced earlier, and 100-yen parts and materials, but even so, it is a surprising cost performance.

Not only the interior, but also the exterior painting! !

I think there are quite a few people who are taking on the challenge of remodeling the interior to specifications for sleeping in the car, regardless of whether it is such a high cost performance.

However, in the case of mikeda0415, not only the interior but also the exteriorDIY up to all painting!

After setting the feet so that the paint adheres firmly, mask the areas where the paint should not adhere, such as lights, with tape.

I prepare the paint of my favorite color and paint it with a “brush”.

It seems that it takes a lot of courage and perseverance to do it yourself… but what a bold move!

If you ask a painting shop, it will cost 400,000 yen depending on the model,Without spending 20,000 yen for paint etc.It seems that I was able to do it.

Please see the before and after painting pictures.


Looking at the finish, it may be an ant to try it yourself!

Challenge yourself without worrying about failure

The entire interior of the car is covered with wood to give it a van life feel.

I made a lot of antique-style accessories there. And even the color change of the car body is done by DIY.

In fact, mikeda0415 has worked as a leather craft before, and is a true craftsman.

Even so, I’m just surprised that I can do this much with DIY.

“I don’t write blueprints, and I don’t often measure things with a tape measure.(Mikeda0415)

However, am I the only one who thinks that the taste, ideas, and technology are not normal?

Writer: Shiro Kashiwagi

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