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I didn’t buy a “camper” that has all the facilities and functions from the beginning.

Instead of buying a campervan, I bought a second-hand commercial van, and my husband and I customized it to stay in the car.

My husband and I decided to do DIY for various reasons, but after spending three years in the completed van, we have no regrets.

So in this article, why the author couple did not buy a camperDid you choose to DIY a commercial van?I would like to introduce the reasons and the points that I feel that it was good to actually stay in the car.

I feel that there are more merits than demerits partly due to our couple’s values, but there may be some parts that you can sympathize with.

If you are wondering whether to buy a camper or DIY, or if you are planning to DIY customization, please check out this article.

Reasons and merits of DIY a car for sleeping in the car 1. Perfect for your budget! Low cost is the biggest advantage

The biggest reason for DIY a used van is “budgetwas the problem.

In fact, as many people think, the author and his wife originally wanted to buy a camper in their 60s or older.

There were problems such as work and time to go out, but the number one reason I didn’t think about buying it right away was “the budget I can spend.”

My son was still a student when I bought the van, and even though I knew it was just for entertainment, I couldn’t immediately buy a camper van that cost several million yen.

However, one day in a magazine, I saw a person enjoying the van life by DIY a van with specifications for staying in the car. It gave me a reason to choose.

In fact, even if the purchase price of the car body includes all the equipment for DIY and overnight stays in the car, such as wood, tools, and portable power sources, the total cost isAbout 1.2 million yen.

It is much cheaper than purchasing a camper, and you can get a “car with overnight stay” like the one in the picture.

The DIY work itself took a long time and was very difficult, but I was able to create a space that I liked within my budget and at a reasonable price, so I’m really glad I did it.

Reasons and merits of DIY a car for staying in the car 2. You can freely layout it according to your taste

While looking at videos and photos of various overseas van lifers, the writer couple wanted to give top priority to the one that does not require assembly or modification when used.permanent large bedwas.

When you feel sleepy while driving, you can take a nap without having to assemble the bed.

In the case of our van, this “big bed” was the centerpiece, and the rest of the space was used for storage, bench chests, and other items.

For example, I don’t mind having a small place to sleep, so I want to do remote work in the car! If so, it is possible to design it to take up a lot of work space if it is DIY.

The fact that you can decide the layout of the car as you like according to your individual preferences, priorities, and values ​​is a great attraction that is not found in a complete camper.

Reasons and merits for DIY a car with overnight stay specification 3. You can choose only “necessary equipment”!

A camper has a bed, a table, a sofa, a kitchen, a shower, a toilet, etc. There are many things that can be added as options. Strong.

However, the interior of the van before DIY was completely empty, just a wide space.

Since we start from nothing, we can choose only the equipment that we need or can incorporate.

For example, the author and his wife, who like day trips to hot springs, didn’t need a shower, and it was OK to leave a table only when needed.

Rather than that, I wanted a large bed where I could lie down immediately, so I gave priority to the bed and secured a large storage space under the large bed.

There is also a solar panel attached to the ceiling of the car body, and a place to put a portable power supply to charge is secured from the beginning.

As for the kitchen, the added bench chest functions as a workbench, so there is no particular inconvenience in taking out cooking utensils and ingredients for cooking.

Of course, it is ideal to have everything as you would at home, but depending on your budget, space, and your style of sleeping in the car,Choose only the equipment you needI feel that being able to do it is an advantage when doing DIY.

Reasons and merits of DIY a car for sleeping in the car 4. Handmade from scratch to make a car you love

I often hear stories from my friends who stay in the car and often see them on social media, saying, “I bought a camper and used it once or twice, but I haven’t used it since because of the troublesome preparation and driving.”

Although it is an expensive camper, it seems that there are some people who are satisfied with the fact that they purchased it and do not go out here and there and have nothing to do with it.

On the other hand, it’s not that there aren’t some DIY people who say they weren’t suitable for staying in the car.

However, there are people who park their car in a place with a good view and enjoy remote work without staying in the car, or who go out just to take a nap. I have never

After all, it takes time and effort to create a space that you like from scratch, so everyone has a lot to do with their car.attachmentfeel like you have

Also, like our van, basically any car is smaller than a general camper, so it can be used for everyday use such as shopping and commuting, which may be another reason why it is used so often. .

At home, I am not satisfied with just buying and making it, and I use it almost every day for commuting, shopping, remote work, day trips, and of course sleeping in the car.

Even now, every time I open the door, I say, “What a nice space!”

I think that you can deepen your attachment to your own handmade space every time you use it.

Reasons and merits of DIY a car for sleeping in the car 5. You can get only one camper in the world!

The couple did everything from selecting the car model to designing the interior, choosing the wood and fabrics to use, and doing DIY customization one by one.

As a result, no two are the same,Only one complete original camper in the worldI was able to build up!

As long as there was no particular preference, we were a couple who didn’t choose trendy or ready-made items, but I feel that this “completely original” makes us even more satisfied.

When they actually saw the inside of the car, they often said, “It looks like a log house,” “It’s like a house!” People around you may be looking at you strangely.

Every time, my husband and I are happy and grinning (laughs).

We were able to create a one-of-a-kind camper van in the world just as we had envisioned before the start of DIY, and we were both very happy! is.

Choose the best option for your budget and purpose!

This time, I introduced why the author couple chose to DIY a commercial van instead of buying a camper van, and why they felt good about staying in the car.

Since it is cheaper than a camper and handmade, there are many facilities that are lacking.

I can’t simply say which one is better, but some of you who read this article may feel that your own work is not good enough.

In my case, my husband and I had a lot of discussions and made a choice after fully understanding the lack of facilities and the inconvenience caused by it, so I have no regrets at all.

Rather than the demerit of “the equipment that can be installed is limited” due to the size of the car and the budget, the satisfaction of designing as you like and making it from scratch is higher. I feel like

Created by ourselveshomemade camper” is so cozy that I fall in love with it every time I go out.

I would be very happy if our experience could be helpful for those who are planning to DIY or who are wondering whether to DIY or buy a camper.

Writer: haru.

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