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There are more and more opportunities to see people actually practicing van life in Japan on SNS such as Twitter and Youtube, and in magazines about sleeping in cars and outdoor activities.

When you see them free from their homes and commutes and traveling freely around Japan, you may feel like they have something that you don’t have, and you may be able to see them shining brightly.

When I hear “van life”, I think “free and beautiful lifestyle” may be an image.

So what does it actually look like?

Therefore, in this article, in van life, where only the good parts (merits) tend to attract attention,Real parts and drawbacks (disadvantages) in lifeI would like to introduce you to the part that seems to be.

It may look like an “ideal lifestyle” when you only look at the good parts.

However, it would be terrible if you suddenly quit your job, let go of your house, and start your long-awaited van life.

If you are interested in van life or are wondering whether to start, please check out the article.

Disadvantages of van life 1. Earn money & save money while traveling by car

Van life, where a car becomes a home, enabling people to live while moving.

However, in order to continue traveling (living) while traveling by car, it is necessary to save a certain amount of money in advance or to work remotely.

Not only do you have to pay for meals every day, but you also have to pay for baths and laundry, as well as gas and accommodation fees at places where you can stay in the car.

Just like owning a house, there are a lot of things that cost money on an ongoing basis.

In particular, if you live on savings for a while, the amount you can use for living will be quite limited.

The reality is that many people say, “Even if you work remotely, you can only earn a small amount of money.”

Finding work that can be done remotely is also not easy.

In any case, you have to carefully check the amount of money you can spend every day and continue to live a life that is conscious of saving every day.

for example,Meals are prepared daily.

For example, use facilities that can be used for about one coin every other day, and stay in one place for a long time to reduce travel and save gas costs.

Each one may be a small thing, but if you continue every day, the difference will be a considerable amount of money.

It seems that people who actually live in a van do a lot of research beforehand and come up with various ideas so that they don’t spend too much money on eating out and traveling.

Van life has a free image that is not bound by time and place, butmoneyIt seems that it is necessary to live while being careful about.

Disadvantages of van life 2. Bath & accommodation problem that continues every day

Van life while traveling by car.

Unless you are staying in one place for a long time, where to take a bath or where to stay in the carLooking for bathing facilities and accommodationday after day, as long as you continue your van life.

Most of the baths and sleeping spots are charged, so it is necessary to look for the cheapest facilities as much as possible in order to keep it within your budget, especially when you are on a budget.

Also, if there are no facilities near where you are or where you plan to stay, you may end up moving your schedule forward and driving to the place you were planning to stay the next day, or suddenly moving to an unplanned place… .

Some of the currently paid parking spots in the car are equipped with showers and baths, so choosing such a facility can save you some time and effort.

However, unlike at home, it seems better to understand in advance that it is a bit difficult to “take a bath when you want to take a bath, and sleep in a futon as soon as you get tired” in a van life.

You will need time to move and research, so it is important to have some leeway in your budget and schedule.

Disadvantages of van life 3. You need to register a resident card even if you do not have a house

Even if you say “let go of the house”, as long as you live in Japan, “Resident registration” will be needed.

It seems that many van leifers use their home address for resident registration, or ask their siblings or relatives to register for the same address.

In this area, it seems necessary to consult with family and friends about “where to register as a resident” before departure.

In addition, it is a reality that it is quite difficult to receive mail if you do not have a home.

You can pick it up at convenience stores and post offices, but you have to pick it up at a store near where you are or where you plan to stay when you pick it up.

As a result, you may not be able to move around freely until the pick-up is complete, or you may need to change your schedule for pick-up.

It may be said that it is a disadvantage, especially for troublesome people, that the ease of having the mail delivered to the post even when you are not at home like at home is lost.

Disadvantages of van life 4. Couples and families, it can be stressful to be together 24 hours a day

Van life for couples, couples, and families means that they travel, eat, and sleep together all the time.

In many cases, the only time you spend separately is the toilet and bath.Always together in a small car” is quite stressful.

I have also gone out with my husband several times on overnight trips lasting about a week.

The inside of the car is narrow enough to change the mood, so the range of movement is limited. In the case of a long-term van life, it is not possible to say, “I’m going home today because I had a dispute.”

No matter how close you are to someone, there are times when you will be annoyed by their words and actions. This is especially true if you are tired from driving or traveling.

Even if you are a family member, if you think that being with someone for a long time is not suitable for you, you may want to aim for a solo van life or give up on the van life itself. .

Avoid failure!Why we recommend a “trial van life” for a certain period of time

Even if you have a solid understanding of both the pros and cons of van life, you won’t know if it’s right for you until you actually experience it.

For such people, we recommend renting a camper for a certain period of time or using your own car.trial van life”.

Start staying in the car for one or two nights where you think you can take a break, and gradually extend the period until you can experience life in the car away from home for at least two weeks. please look.

I think that you may stumble early on the first night in the car, but by the time you make improvements and stay in the car for a long time, you will be able to imagine to some extent whether it is possible to live in a van on a yearly basis. think.

After staying in the car for 1-2 nights and living in the car for about 2 weeks, if you think it’s okay, there is a high possibility that van life is suitable for you.

Of course, there is a possibility that after trying out the van life, you may find that it was fun for two weeks, but after a month or more, it was hard.

If you think that you want to realize it even if you add that possibility, isn’t that desire real?

Make a decision after understanding the advantages and disadvantages of “van life”

This time, I introduced the real part of “van life” and the part that seems to be a disadvantage.

There are some parts that I wrote a little harsh, but if you are actually thinking about living a van life, it is difficult to completely avoid the disadvantages introduced this time.

If you read the article and feel that it is difficult for you, there is no need to force yourself to start van life.

Enjoy staying in the car every holiday while maintaining the current lifestyleI think it’s totally ant to shift in the direction of “.

Of course, if there are good parts, there are also bad parts.

However, I believe that people who are actually enjoying the van life are making an effort every day to overcome the bad parts and make the most of the merits to live a fulfilling life.

In any case, take the time to research and understand both the advantages and disadvantages of van life, and give it a try.Experiencing a short-term car tripThen make a decision on whether or not you want a van life.

By doing so, it will be a fun van life with no regrets.

Writer: haru.

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