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Toyota is the second crown seriesbecomeThe new Crown Sport will go on sale in September 2023.On September 1, 2022, one year ago, the SUV coupe style “Crown (Crossover)” was released as a new challenge.Expanding sales overseas, new as a global modelThe “New Generation Crown Series” will be available in 4 body types: “Crossover”, “Sport”, “Sedan” and “Estate”.

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About the new Crown Sport

About two years ago, President Akio Toyoda asked the development team, “Why don’t we seriously remake the crown?” Mr. Nakajima was asked if he would like to launch a “sedan” after the “crossover” got the go-ahead. .

The Corolla, Corolla Touring, Corolla Sport, and Corolla Cross have made the Corolla very popular.And I had a strong impression that it was a good car for the price, and it looked good and made a good impression.The “Crown” brand will also evolve like never before as a new model aiming for a revival..

Mr. Nakajima said in the presentationThe order in which the models were introduced was “crossover”, “sports”, “sedan” and “estate”.Furthermore,Looking at the models that have been released, the degree of perfection is “sport”. Also, it is very natural that the next lineup will be a “sport” that has been changed to a sport based on the “crossover”.

Even if you compare the images from the side, you can clearly see that the front is almost the same, and the rear design shape is the difference between the sedan and the hatchback. We call it “sport”Looking at the worldly silhouette, it will be a pure crossover SUV.

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picture? All four models that surprised me New “Crown” Unconventional 16th generation “Crossover” “Sports” “Sedan …
Toyota will carry out a full model change of the “Crown” and newly develop it as “New Generation Crown Series”, “Crossover”, “Sport”, “Sedan” and “Estate”. unconventional…

Comparison of the new Crown Sport and the new Harrier

Comparing the body sizes of the new “Crown Sport” and the new “Harrier”, the overall height of the “Crown” is longer, but the overall height is -130mm lower.

spec 4th generation
New Harrier
16th generation
new crown
full length 4,725mm 4,710mm -15mm
Width 1,835mm 1,880mm +45mm
Height 1,690mm 1,560mm -130mm
Wheelbase 2,690mm 2,770mm +80mm
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I’ve seen the new “Crown” vehicle that was just announced.
Toyota will make a full model change of the “Crown” and announce the 16th generation on July 15, 2022, and will release it on September 1, 2022. In front of the tower…

About the new Crown Sport Exterior

The front part adopts a headlight with a unique daylightdo.Continued adoption of the “Crown” emblem.The rear uses “LED rear combination lamps”, which are thin and sharp.Adopt a modern two-tone color for the body color.The drive system is based on “FF”, all models are equipped with a hybrid system.The platform adopts a “newly developed platform” based on “TNGA”.It inherits the technology that has refined the chassis at the Nürburgring and greatly evolved vehicle performance such as “running, turning and stopping”.

About the new Crown Sport interior

The interior will be standardized and will make you think “It’s a crown!”It adopts an instrument panel design that integrates display audio.on the meter“12.3 inch large full liquid crystal digital meter”adopted.the navigation system“Connected Navi”. “digital inner mirrorToyota’s first drive recorder (front and rear)” is adopted.Set “In-car Wi-Fi” as an option for display audio.

New Crown Sport safety technology

It adopts the next-generation “Toyota Safety Sense”, which has enhanced functions compared to the previous model.Detects oncoming vehicles when turning right and pedestrians crossing the street after turning right or leftbecomes.Advanced driver assistance technology “Toyota Teammate”The MIRAI adopts the latest advanced driving support technology developed based on Toyota’s unique concept of autonomous driving, the “Mobility Teammate Concept”. It also incorporates AI technology centered on deep learning to help predict and respond to various situations that may be encountered while driving. “Advanced Park” and so on.

About the new Crown Sport engine

There is no doubt that it is a sport, and it definitely uses a newly developed bipolar nickel-metal hydride battery.Newly developed 2.4L direct injection turbo engine + hybrid system“eAxle”adopted.It uses the DIRECT4 four-wheel drive system that utilizes electrification technology.perhaps,As a differentiation, it seems that there is also a possibility that an engine that will replace the 2.5L engine + motor hybrid model will be added to the lineup.Also, as I said above,At the BEV recital, a two-part model was announced, and it seems likely that it will be released as a BEV model as well.

About the new crown (sports) spec

spec new crown sport
2.4 Turbo hybrid
full length 4,710mm
Width 1,880mm
Height 1,560mm
Wheelbase 2,770mm
engine Inline 4 cylinder 2.4L
direct injection turbo engine
+ motor
Maximum output 200kW (272ps)/
Maximum torque 460 Nm (46.9)/
front motor
Maximum output
61kw (82.9ps)
front motor
Maximum torque
292 Nm
rear motor
Maximum output
61kW (59ps)
rear motor
Maximum torque
169 Nm
transmission Direct Shift-6AT
battery nickel metal hydride battery
Drive system 4WD
(E-Four Advanced)
Boarding capacity Five people
vehicle weight 1900-1920kg
WLTC mode fuel consumption 15.7km/L

Is it possible as a BEV model? !

Toyota held a briefing on its battery EV strategy.The new BEV (battery EV) “bZ” series was released on December 14, 2021.Surprisingly in this “Crown(Sports)” was released.

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In order to bring in a new generation, the sedan style has a strong impression of being old-fashioned and old-fashioned, rather than being cool and friendly compared to old people.By making it a “crossover SUV”, I feel the desire to get people in their 40s and 30s to ride it by changing the impression of luxury and design.By skipping minor changes to the 15th generation and making all four bodies “Crown” models as the 16th generation, while responding to customer needs,I felt the desire to leave the “Crown” as a Toyota brand and the willingness to take on challenges.As the author, the most attractive one in the “Crown Series” is the “Crown Sport” this time, so it seems that the attention of the market is high. Those who are considering purchasing should start accepting orders at the dealer as soon as the release date is approaching.

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