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Daihatsu announces display vehicle for Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

On December 23, 2022, Daihatsu announced the outline of the exhibition at “Tokyo Auto Salon 2023”, which will be held from January 13, 2023, and released information on the vehicles to be exhibited.

At Tokyo Auto Salon 2023, Daihatsu will exhibit five customized cars including the Copen, two commercial models equipped with accessories, and one Copen that ran in Rally Japan 2022.

Under the theme of “DAIHATSU VILLAGE 2023 Dreamy, bursting Daihatsu”, the individuality of each car is emphasized through customization and booth decoration. By linking with online, it is said that many people have devised ways to feel the joy of having a car.

Exhibition of unique customized models that are exciting to see, such as outdoors and motor sports

Daihatsu Atrai WILDRANGER customized car

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023, Daihatsu will present the “Atrai WILDRANGER” customized with a boat on the roof, and the “Hijet Truck Jumbo EXTEND” and “Copen CLUBSPORTS”, which propose a combination of support cars and race cars as light vehicles. Customized models with various themes such as “Tanto CUSTOM RED/BLACK” finished in a powerful style will be exhibited.

In addition, the “Tanto Fun Cross”, which has been customized to suggest a more active outdoor scene, the commercial model “Move Canvas Theory BITTER +” equipped with accessories, the “Taft Dark Chrome Venture”, and Rally Japan 2022 The D-SPORT Racing Copen GR Sport, which won the class, will also be on display.

Daihatsu’s Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 exhibition vehicle information

■Hijet Truck Jumbo EXTEND Customized Car
Copen CLUBSPORTS customized car
Atrai WILDRANGER customized car
■ Tanto custom RED/BLACK customized car
■ Tanto Fun Cross Customized Car
■Move Canvas Theory BITTER+ commercial vehicle (equipment equipped vehicle)
Taft Dark Chrome Venture Commercial vehicle (equipment equipped vehicle)
■Copen GR SPORT rally participation vehicle

Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 will be held for 3 days from January 13th!

The 41st Tokyo Auto Salon is a once-a-year event that brings together major domestic automobile manufacturers, overseas importers, aftermarket parts manufacturers, and custom shops.

The previous Auto Salon 2022 attracted a cumulative total of 126,869 people over the three days, and the “Online Auto Salon” live stream was viewed more than 420,000 times. In 2023, the first day, which was only open to the industry and the press, will be open to anyone who purchases a limited number of special admission tickets.

It’s an irresistible and precious time for car lovers, so why not come and visit us?

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