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A falling bull that is said to have stumbled in the molting to a modern passenger car

The 2nd generation 410 Bluebird is said to be the culprit behind losing to the 3rd generation Corona.

Until the early 1960s, when small passenger cars were still used mainly for small taxis rather than personal demand, the first 310 Bluebird boasted an overwhelming share of small taxis in the early 1960s following the Datsun 110/210. .

The second-generation 410 Bluebird, which appeared in 1963 as its successor, attracted attention with Nissan’s first full monocoque body and an elegant design commissioned by the prestigious Italian Carrozzeria and Pininfarina, and later it was later developed into a two-door sedan for individuals and a sports car. Also added the specification “SSS”.

However, the only point was that only the trunk part of the tail-sagging line was perceived as emphasizing design and disregarding practicality, or simply did not match the sensibility of Japanese people, and received a low evaluation, leading to the rival Toyota Corona for the first time in sales. It is known for being a piece of bitterness that forgives.

Nissan’s first modern full monocoque passenger car

With a Pininfarina design and a full monocoque body, it was thought to have a promising future.

Before minivans, tall wagons, SUVs, compact 5-door hatchbacks, and other highly convenient vehicles became popular today, the mainstream cars were sedans with independent trunks or cool sports coupes.

Among them, the popular class is expected to be in wide demand, from small taxis to family cars.

Among them, it was the Bluebird that expanded the battle for the lead with the Corona in an overheated sales battle called the “BC War” from the initials of the car name (B = Bluebird, C = Corona), but it has a long history since before the war. Nissan, with its Datsun, a small passenger car brand that boasts of

After the Pacific War, when the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers (GHQ), which occupied Japan, gave permission to resume production of passenger cars, albeit on a limited basis. Developed into the Datsun 210 equipped with a new OHV engine technology introduced from England.

In 1959, the Datsun 310 first generation “Bluebird” was born, a 3-box style 4-door sedan with a splendid independent truck.

Even though it has become lighter and has a lower floor, it still retains the old structure of placing a semi-monocoque body on a ladder frame. I was getting it.

The second-generation Bluebird, which underwent a model change in 1963, naturally tried to maintain its market share while also trying to make a difference. , The engine, which was originally the same, was also preparing a new model.

“Pininfarina vs. Arrow Line”, a bitter result

Seen from this angle, it’s certainly falling, but is it worth worrying about?

Although it has been considerably modernized, the first generation 310 Bluebird was strongly influenced by the Austin A50 Cambridge, which was produced and sold in partnership with British Motor Corporation (BMC) until 1960. British style.

However, the second generation 410 Bluebird is an elegant Italian design commissioned by the prestigious Italian carrozzeria, Pininfarina.

The four-lamp headlights are integrated with the front grille, the voluminous fenders sandwiching the bonnet, and the rich and dynamic curves that extend from the shoulder line to the tail. , was trying to break away from simple imitation.

It matched the “deluxe route” with plated parts that gave an impression of luxury and an interior that seemed to have a high quality feel, which were sought by Japanese people at the time. was also good.

However, in September 1964, a year later, the rival Toyopet Corona underwent a model change to the third generation. Raise the comfort level as well, and the landscape changes.

While the strong and robust Corona captured the hearts of the Japanese people in the middle of the high economic growth period, users gradually moved away from the 410 Bluebird, which is elegant but has a nayo impression. It’s gone.

Was it only the weak point of falling down?

Even if it is tangled on the side, it doesn’t look like a sagging tail, and rather, the aluminum sash-like door frame and the A/B pillars, which seem too thick, give it an old feel.

From that time to the present, it is often said that the tail line of the trunk is unpopular. The difference is not easily filled.

Equipped with a 90-horsepower SU twin cab engine, the first “1600 SSS” was introduced in the SSS (super sports sedan) grade that would later become the standard for Bluebird. In contrast, it could not be said to be a powerful weapon.

After all, considering that the next-generation 3rd generation 510 Bluebird has a linear design called “Super Sonic Line” and that SSS was successful in the Safari Rally, the overall design of the 410 Bluebird itself But I guess it didn’t suit the Japanese.

If Pininfarina’s original design didn’t fit, wouldn’t repeated minor changes only throw it out of balance, and the more it improved the design, the worse the situation would be? It is considered.

In fact, even if you look at the 411 type (410 minor change version in 1965, before the tail design change) owned by the Toyota Museum used in this introduction, whether you look at it from the front or from the side, Will it fall down?” I feel a doubt.

The Isuzu Bellett (1963) from the same period has a much lower tail, but I haven’t heard that the car was unpopular because of that. It seems better to think that the design was insufficient to make you feel the times.

However, since it was about 60 years ago, it is quite difficult to talk to people who were in the position of choosing a car at the time. That’s about it.

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