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The base car of the domestic camper is in all categories of bancon, cabcon, buscontoyota carare overwhelmingly large.

It may be natural to say that it is only natural for an automobile manufacturer that boasts the world’s largest annual production volume, but it is not just a matter of market share.

there isThe only reason to be chosenThere is

Reasons why Toyota vehicles are chosen

Abundance of variations

Many campers are based on “commercial vehicles” such as trucks and vans.

In the past, every automobile manufacturer developed and sold various types of commercial vehicles independently, but recently, for various reasons, considerable consolidation and reorganization have progressed.

All companies are increasing OEM (= cases where they sell other companies’ cars as their own brand products).

OEM eliminates the need for development costs and costs for preparing production equipment.

Unlike passenger cars, commercial vehicles are more about performance than design and ride comfort.

In other words, emphasis is placed on loadability, durability, and economy. Naturally, those who choose (transportation companies and businesses that use such vehicles) think, “Any manufacturer’s car will do as long as it meets their needs.”

Under these circumstances, Toyota has some OEMs, but from light vans to microbuses and trucks,Covers all car models that can be used as base cars.

We have such a wide range of models.

There is a dedicated base vehicle


In addition to having a rich lineup of car models,Dedicated base car (grade)” is also an important point.

But why does Toyota have a “camper-only base car” in addition to commercial vehicles?

There is a reason for that.

Reason 1: Commercial vehicles are not made to carry people

Again, many camper base vehicles are commercial vehicles.

And commercial vehicles prioritize cost and robustness.

Inevitably, the interior and equipment are simple, and the suspension is set to focus on load capacity rather than ride comfort (after all, I won’t complain even if the ride is bad, and if it doesn’t break, there’s no need to treat it).

However, camper users are human beings.

People will also ride in the part where luggage is normally loaded.

In such a case, what if the interior was packed in a freight car and the ride was rough?

The trip, which should be fun, somehow becomes sad.

Reason 2: There is a lot of waste as it is a commercial vehicle

A camper builder modifies a base vehicle into a camper.

At that time, the rear seat and truck bed attached to the base car may not be necessary when mounting it on the camper.

Unnecessary seats and cargo beds are removed, and if they can be reused, they are also discarded.

That’s more time and effort, and it costs more to dispose of new waste materials.

If so, it would be more economical to buy a “camping car” from the beginning, with unnecessary parts removed.

All of these reasons are unique to the “camper”. And Toyota has prepared a car that fits this situation = “camping car base exclusive car” (Isuzu also has a similar car model)

in short,

improve ride comfort= change the suspension to a dedicated one
Slightly luxurious interiorEquivalent to high grade commercial trucks
Exclude unnecessary parts= The model that removed the seats that are not used in the camper was made a dedicated camper vehicle.

Then why don’t Nissan and Mazda make such exclusive base cars?

In fact, it seems that every automaker can do it, but it can’t do it.

Although campers are popular and their sales are increasing year by year, they are insignificant in terms of the overall commercial vehicle market.

It can be said that Toyota is able to prepare a small amount of special specifications because it has the strength as a company.

What is the situation by class?

Let’s take a look at the types of cars that are used by camper class.

light camper


There are few examples of the use of Toyota vehicles in light campers.

In the first place, regarding light vehicles, both commercial vehicles and passenger cars are OEM from Daihatsu.


Conversely, the Daihatsu Hijet Cargo, which recently underwent a full model change, and the Atrai are attracting a lot of attention.

Compact bancon


A popular compact bancon with a size that is easy to use for everyday use.

There used to be a Mazda Bongo, but after Mazda withdrew from the development of commercial vehicles, the Bongo became an OEM vehicle, and the Toyota Townace van and the Nissan NV200 are in a one-on-one battle.

The NV200 has advantages in terms of driving performance and interior texture, but the most importantTownace is very advantageous in terms of interior spaceIt can be said.



This is also a one-on-one battle between Toyota Hiace and Nissan Caravan, just like Compact Bancon.

howeverHiace is overwhelmingly strong.

After all, there are 5 variations of the body alone, from standard width and standard roof to wide body and super high roof (Nissan Caravan has 3 types), and there are many variations of engines and drive systems.

In addition, although it is not well known, there is a camper base in Hiace

. Some people may not know it because it is not listed in the catalog.

It is true that Hiace has many advantages. Moreover, the Hiace is popular not only for campers, but also has a wide range of aftermarket parts.
For the time being, the strength of this Hiace will not waver.

*For all sizes, but there is a limit to the combination of displacement and drive type.

compact cabcon

TOYOTAThe Mazda Bongo, which had been the best-seller in this class for a long time, underwent a model change and became an OEM car of the Toyota Town Ace, so at the moment the Town Ace truck isonly base car


However, while the Bongo weighed 1t, the Town Ace weighed 800kg (750kg for 4WD), so the car was one class down.


Like the Hiace, Toyota has a dedicated base model in this category.As mentioned above, Isuzu also has a dedicated base vehicle called BeCam, but it usesOnly one Japanese Tokushu Body Co., Ltd.


It can be said that domestically produced cabcon is almost monopolized by Toyota Camroad.

With this year’s model change, the rear has a double tire (previously it was a single tire), overcoming its conventional weaknesses.

This will also be a rock-solid system for a while.



With the end of production of the Nissan Civilian, there are now two types of microbuses, the Toyota Coaster and the Mitsubishi Rosa, which are the bases of Buscon.


Although the Rosa has a 4WD and is in demand in snowy regions, the current model debuted in 1997. The basic design is old.


In addition, Toyota Coaster has a model called Big Bang, which is not a dedicated base car, but is perfect for mounting on a camper

* Capacity is 10 people and there are no seats in the back. It is also listed in the catalog as a microbus that can be driven with an ordinary driver’s license.summaryDomestic automobile manufacturers have continued to end their own development of commercial vehicles and withdraw from the genre.

After all, only Toyota remains.

Can you understand the situation?

It can be said that this is the world’s number one production capacity.

In addition to the high quality, there is no doubt that it is a reassuring presence for domestic camper fans, even considering that there are service bases all over the country.

Writer: Ryusei Watanabe

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