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Nissan has announced the outline of the exhibition at “Tokyo Auto Salon 2023” to be held from January 13 to 15, 2023.The “FAIRLADY Z CUSTOMIZED EDITION”, a commercial model that faithfully reproduces the “FAIRLADY Z CUSTOMIZED PROTO” that won the Grand Prix at the Tokyo International Custom Car Contest 2022, will be unveiled for the first time. In addition to the fully remodeled new “Serena”, the concept cars of “Lukes”, “Caravan”, “Cube”, and concept models of “Nissan Sakura” and “Nissan Aria” for “NISSAN e-Share Mobi” will be exhibited. The “MOTUL AUTECH Z”, which competes in the 2008 SUPER GT GT500 class, will also be exhibited.

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“Tokyo Auto Salon 2023” Nissan Exhibit Vehicle


A commercial model that faithfully reproduces the “FAIRLADY Z CUSTOMIZED PROTO” that won the Grand Prix at the previous Tokyo Auto Salon “Tokyo International Custom Car Contest (2022)” will be unveiled for the first time. This time, a special collaboration exhibition with “FAIRLADY Z 432R” was realized.

ROOX SUITE CONCEPT (reference exhibit)

Based on the light car “Lukes”, we have created a concept car to celebrate a special day with an important partner. The spacious interior space is further expanded and equipped with an electronic piano. It creates a luxurious space where you can relax like a premium seat. Proposing new possibilities with Nissan’s advanced technology and items.

Powered Base for PRO (reference exhibit)

We propose a Powered Base that supports the activities of professionals (PROs) at various sites by installing four portable power sources that utilize recycled Leaf electric vehicle batteries in the “Caravan”. The car is also equipped with solar panels, which can supply a large amount of electricity. A portable power supply supports everything from charging power tools to taking a comfortable break in the car. In addition, it is a vehicle equipped with a full range of equipment that meets the needs of tough worksites, such as a movable tool shelf and a sterilization air conditioning system. (reference exhibit)

CUBE Refreshed & Retro CONCEPT (reference exhibit)

Based on the used Cube, which was discontinued in 2019, this is a concept car that has been refreshed by replacing the exterior parts, such as scratches and fading, and the interior parts that are often touched, with new ones. We have customized it by fusing Cube-likeness and retro, and finished it with one that makes you want to go on a retro trip.

SERENA Highway STAR ACCESSORY CONCEPT (reference exhibit)

A concept model that has been customized for the Tokyo Auto Salon in addition to genuine Nissan accessories on the new Serena, which has undergone a full model change. The exterior is equipped with Nissan genuine accessories such as a front spoiler and front grill illumination that give a more dynamic impression. In addition, body wrapping and aluminum wheel wrapping are applied as a bodywork exclusively for the Tokyo Auto Salon, and the interior is equipped with items that enhance the comfort of the interior space and make driving more enjoyable.

SERENA AUTECH CUSTOMIZED (reference exhibit)

Based on the new Serena, which has undergone a full model change, the SERENA AUTECH was tailored with a commitment to sportiness and quality. With 18-inch aluminum wheels and low-down suspension, we propose customization that further sublimates sportiness.

SAKURA e-share mobi KYOTO CONCEPT ARIYA e-share mobi KYOTO CONCEPT (reference exhibit)

The new light EV “Nissan Sakura” released in May and the concept model of the crossover EV “Nissan Aria” for “NISSAN e-Share Mobi” will be on display. A vehicle intended to be deployed at A PIT AUTOBACS Kyoto Shijo of Nissan’s car-sharing service “NISSAN e-Sharemobi”, with a design that emphasizes a modern Japanese taste. In addition, an icon inspired by Kyoto is wrapped on the body side. In addition, the interior of “SAKURA e-share mobi KYOTO CONCEPT” is equipped with interior panels and interior rubber mats developed by Autobacs Seven Co., Ltd., which is promoting a business alliance.

MOTUL AUTECH Z (reference exhibit)

The “MOTUL AUTECH Z” that was driven by Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli in the 2022 SUPER GT GT500 class will be on display.

X-TRAIL AUTECH CUSTOMIZED (reference exhibit)

“X-TRAIL AUTECH” is based on the new “X-TRAIL”, a full-fledged SUV, with an even higher sense of luxury and specialness. For this exhibition, dark sputtering 20-inch aluminum wheels were used for the exterior and white leather seats were used for the interior, creating a style that emphasizes quality and elegance.


“NOTE AURA NISMO” is based on “NOTE Aura” and based on the concept of “fast-footed electric city racer” inspired by Formula E. It features a NISMO-like new-generation design, exhilarating handling, agile response, and smooth acceleration.

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