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The singularity of the Mazda SUV, which seems to be out of fashion

Despite being a current model, the MX-30 has already entered the Mazda Museum.

The Mazda MX-30, a unique crossover SUV that confused even those who didn’t like cars, regardless of genre, at the time of its release.

I thought it was an EV, but the mild hybrid version was released first, and the EV added later has a subtle mileage on a single charge. The “freestyle door” with a double door opening since -8 is difficult to use.

In short, it’s a good car that people who have a solid concept will never get tired of, but it’s a car that’s kind of dull for people who don’t, but if I’m forced to say it, it’s a “challenging car for Mazda”.

The latest version of the Mazda “MX” series that has continued to challenge

Among the coupe-look SUVs, it makes you feel much more sporty than practical.

For Mazda, which prefers the car name of the “alphabet + number” series for domestic cars, the current representative example is the SUV “CX” series such as the CX-5, and a while ago the rotary engine “RX” series such as the RX-7. It’s still fresh in my memory (although the RX series has overseas names other than 7 and 8).

In addition, during the five-channel sales system of the bubble era, there were also the MS-6 sedan “MS” series from Anfini stores, and the “AZ” series from Autozam stores such as the AZ-1. was the “MX” series.

In Japan, only the 2-door sports coupe “MX-6” for Mazda stores was sold during the bubble era, and overseas also the roadster “MX-5” (or MX-5 Miata), the 2-door coupe Eunos Presso / Autozam AZ -3 was sold under the name of “MX-3”.

Rather, it was often used for concept cars such as the 3-rotor engine coupe “MX-03 Concept”, but when Mazda asked the world about new concepts, it often used the model name prefixed with “MX”.

The MX-30, which was developed at the same time as the CX-30 (it seems to have been earlier than the CX-30), was developed at the same time as the CX-30, which was a conservative form of SUV with four hinged doors and a tailgate with a Kodo design. It may have been a letter of challenge from Mazda to the user, “How about something like this?”

A car that encourages users to think freely

The biggest feature in terms of functionality is this double door “freestyle door”

In a news release announcing the MX-30, Mazda President and CEO Marumoto said:

“The MX-30 is a model that expands the range of the Mazda brand for customers who want to use cars with more free ideas. Our aim is to deliver such “driving pleasure” that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways in a comfortable interior space. “

The word “free thinking” is used twice, and at first glance it seems to be user-oriented, but in reality it is a form of entrusting the interpretation of the concept to the user.

For the time being, it seems that it is supposed to be a fairly narrow and vague target user of “young couples who may have children in the future”, and it will be a fun-to-drive SUV, and in the future it will be convenient to load a stroller. adopts the “freestyle door”.

Speaking of double-door SUVs, I remember the Honda Element (2003), but the much sportier MX-30 felt more like the RX-8.

I don’t want to ride a family car yet, but it’s a burden to buy a new car when I have a child. is the best, but rather than playful, you don’t feel like you’re being driven.

I don’t want to hear it from users who think, “It’s cool, so I don’t want to think too much about it.” prize.

How will the car be talked about in the future?

The cork material of the center console, which is one of the selling points in the interior, reminds me of Mazda when it was founded as “Toyo Cork Industry”.

Although it is still a current model, it has already been exhibited at the Mazda Museum and has become a “part of history”.

“e-SKYACTIV G2.0” mild hybrid version (FF/4WD) combining a 2-liter inline 4 gasoline engine with a motor, or BEV version (FF car only) with a mileage of 256km (WLTC mode) on a single charge with just the motor. The power unit is now mediocre, and there is no 6-speed MT that Mazda is good at.

Due to the laid tailgate, even if the rear seats are folded forward, it is difficult to say that the luggage space is large, and the rear seats cannot be said to be large. Since it cannot be opened, it cannot compete with the CX-30 in the same class in terms of practicality.

The design, which is considered to be one form of “KODO” design, does not adopt the large front grill, which is a recent trend, and it is considered that it is not a car aimed at the majority from the beginning.

In fact, the sales target for the mild hybrid version, which was released earlier, was initially only 1,000 units/month, and the EV version is even more modest at 500 units/year, but neither has been cleared once.

The mild hybrid version released in September 2020 peaked at 865 units in November 2020, and since the beginning of 2022, it has been sluggish with monthly sales in double digits, and the EV version added in January 2021 also Finally selling 183 units in 2021.

Looking at the sales performance alone, it is an “unpopular car”, but that is why it is equipped with a clean diesel SKTAKTIV-D1.8 like the CX-30, and an e-SKYACTIV-X, which is said to be a new possibility for gasoline engines. It seems that there is no easy leverage.

It may be that the MX-30 is playing the role of “the starting point for future Mazda vehicles”, leaving such “roles expected of Mazda vehicles so far” to other models.

With that in mind, is it too much to say that the interior using cork material, which makes you feel Mazda’s roots (“Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd.”, which was founded in 1920), “has a certain sense of determination”?

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