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The ideal shape of a camper

Until a long time ago, camping cars had the image of being special overseas vehicles with showers and toilets, but recently they have gradually become common in Japan, and you can see them more often.

However, in Japan, there are still high hurdles to buying a full-fledged camping car sold in the United States, such as a new car selling price of over 10 million yen, and parking space problems.

Recently, roadside stations and day-trip hot spring facilities have been enhanced in various places. Transform into a car that allows you to stay in the car.

Customize the Hiace to stay in the car

Hiace’s normal seats cannot slide the 2nd and 3rd row seats back and forth or be fully flat. In order to stay in the car, it is necessary to change the seats from the second row onwards.

There are many types of seats to choose from, such as the type that reclines and becomes fully flat, and the type that faces each other with a removable table in between. All seats can be folded at bedtime to save bed space.

Equipment for everyday use

The FF air heater is recommended for sleeping in the car in winter.

When staying in the car in the winter where you can’t start the engine, it is important to take measures against the cold safely. We recommend using an air heater (FF heater) when it is too cold to endure with just a sleeping bag or blanket.

The air heater uses gasoline and light oil supplied from the fuel tank for heating, so there is no need to start the engine. Even when staying in the car, the fuel supply type air heater does not start the engine, so you can warm up the car without worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning.

home theater system

Just by connecting an inverter that can convert DC12V to AC100V to the battery, most home appliances that do not require large amounts of power can be used in the car.

I installed an audio rack at the rear of the Hiace car, installed a 5.1ch speaker system, PlayStation 3, which is rarely used at home, a terrestrial digital tuner for cars, and a 17.3 inch flip-down monitor.

Sometimes we can use the LED liquid crystal projector and screen to enjoy the images on the big screen. A flip-down monitor with HDMI input and a large screen is on the market for around 20,000 yen. These were installed by DIY.

The sound inside the car hardly leaks outside, so even if the volume is a little loud, the neighbors can’t hear it, so it’s a perfect place to enjoy things like watching TV, listening to music, watching movies, online karaoke, and enjoying content on the internet, even in the garage of your house. increase.

For those who will have a camper from now on

Among the minivans that have only large bodies, the Hiace boasts high popularity because it has the largest interior space and various seat arrangements that are suitable for sleeping in the car.

With a cooking space for cooking small meals and a table space for everyone to eat together, there are all kinds of seat variations, so you can freely design a plan for staying in the car for each person. Please try to find the customization that suits you!

DIY processing and modification may affect safety. In addition, you may not be able to receive after-sales support, etc., so please comply with laws, regulations, standards, etc. and do so at your own risk. If you are unsure, please check with your retailer before proceeding.

Writer: Mitchie

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