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Prices of studless tires


“Studless tires” are an indispensable item if you drive in snowy or cold regions during the winter season. When purchasing studless tires for the first time, there may be people who do not know “how much”.

The feature of studless tires is that not only Japanese domestic manufacturers but also overseas manufacturers are focusing on it.

This time, we will explain how much the price of studless tires is, along with points to note when choosing and when to purchase.

Studless tire price market of domestic manufacturers

I compared the price market based on the results of researching studless tires of domestic manufacturers on mail order sites.

As of 2022, the following four major domestic manufacturers are producing and marketing studless tires.

  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama
  • Dunlop
  • Toyo

The following conditions were set for the comparison.

  • Targets products newly released in 2018 or later
  • Price per unit (tax included)
  • Any vehicle type
  • Tire sizes range from 12″ to 22″
Prices of studless tires for domestic manufacturers (as of December 2022)

When you check the list, what you want to pay attention to is “product variations.”

The reason why Toyo’s “highest sales amount” differs from Bridgestone, Yokohama, and Dunlop is that it depends on the presence or absence of a “full-scale SUV” lineup.

Bridgestone, Yokohama, and Dunlop have a lineup of studless tires for large cross-country SUVs with tire sizes up to 21 inches.The price for each unit isAbout 70,000 to 80,000 yenThe fact is that it is sold in

On the other hand, Toyo has a top-class lineup of studless tires for large minivans with a maximum size of up to 18 inches.Products on the market are limitedaccording toFeatures a narrow price rangeis.

Except for the limited lineup of tire sizes, 12-inch and 13-inch tire sizes for mini vehicles are sold at around 4,000 yen per tire, so there is no big difference in price. can be seen.

Also, since each product has different characteristics and individuality, such as strengths and weaknesses in performance, it is better to use the price market only as a reference.

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Prices of studless tires from overseas manufacturers

Similar to domestic manufacturers, we have summarized the price market research on studless tires from overseas manufacturers.

Here, too, based on the results of research on Internet shopping, etc., we summarized the sales prices by “price range” and compared them by manufacturer.

As of 2022, the major overseas manufacturers producing and marketing studless tires are as follows.

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • goodyear
  • continental
  • hancock

The following conditions were set for the comparison.

  • Targets products newly released in 2018 or later
  • Price per unit (tax included)
  • Any vehicle type
  • Tire sizes range from 12″ to 22″
Overseas manufacturer’s studless tire price market (as of December 2022)

What I want to pay attention to when checking the list is the “commercially available tire size”.

If you check the studless tires sold by overseas manufacturers,The smallest size from “14 inches”It is You can read the intention to target customers from passenger-type mini cars and compact cars.

If you check the selling price considering the above points of interest, if the tire size is smallAround 4,000 to 5,000 yenfor larger sizes50,000 to 80,000 yenAnd there seems to be a difference for each manufacturer.

As with the domestic manufacturers, there are differences in the product lineup for each manufacturer, and the performance and characteristics of tires also differ, so it is difficult to make a general price comparison. The sales price should be used as a reference only.

How to choose a good studless tire


The first thing to pay attention to when choosing studless tires is the purchase price, but there are also points that you want to check.

If you check the performance and characteristics of the product, as well as the sizes available on the market, it seems that you can choose the studless tire that is suitable for your car.

Focus on three points and choose studless tires well.

Focus on “ice performance” and “snow performance”

The first is tire performance. Just like normal tires, such as grip performance and quietness, studless tires should focus on “ice performance” and “snow performance”.

The reason why we are focusing on performance on ice and snow is that the characteristics required differ depending on the conditions and environment in which the vehicle is used.

For studless tires with excellent performance on ice

With studless tires that excel in ice performance,Effective in “icy road” conditionsis. The advantage is that the rubber material used in the tires is processed to make it easier to adhere to the road surface.

Even when turning the steering wheel in a slight curvebody spinsResulting in,Losing control and crashing into obstacles such as guardrails and wallssuch as toavoid damageit will be easier.

For studless tires with excellent snow performance

If you choose a studless tire with excellent snow performance,Effective in the state of “snow on the road surface”is. When driving on a snow-covered road surface, normal tires do not grip well, leading to idling and getting stuck, or the vehicle suddenly spinning.

With a studless tire that emphasizes performance on snow,Good grip even on snowy roadsThen you will be able to drive the car more stably, albeit at a slower speed than on dry roads.

As with normal tires, even studless tires have different performance and characteristics depending on the manufacturer and type. Considering the living environment and usage, it seems to be a good idea to decide in advance whether to emphasize performance on ice or snow before choosing a studless tire.

Is it possible to run without problems on dry roads?

The second is “driving performance on dry roads”.

When choosing studless tires, we tend to focus on driving performance on roads that are frozen or covered with snow, but isn’t driving on “dry roads” that are dry and free of puddles also important?

When you hear studless tires, some people may think, “Isn’t it suitable for dry roads?”However, in recent years, it has become so expensive that it even follows normal tires.Introducing studless tires that boast excellent running performance on dry roadsdoing.

Although improvements have been made to follow the performance of normal tiresIt is not a “perfect body” because it is inferior in terms of durability and wear resistance.is the point to grasp. Although,Feeling close to normal tiresChoosing a studless tire that can be used on dry roads is also a point that you want to be aware of because it is a tire that will be used for a certain period of time in the winter season.

Choose tires that match your vehicle

The third is “choose tires that match the vehicle model to be installed”.

In recent years, the genre of cars has also diversified, and in addition to mini cars, compact cars, sedans and wagons, more and more users are purchasing minivans and SUVs.

In addition, tire sizes range from 12 inches for commercial van type light vehicles to 22 inches for oversized cross-country SUVs (cross-country SUVs).

Choosing studless tires that match the vehicle type and genre you are driving is also an important point for realizing a comfortable and safe drive in winter.

5 recommended studless tires

Regardless of whether it is domestic or overseas, major tire manufacturers have entered the field of studless tires, spurring performance competition.

In this item, we picked up five recommended studless tires. There is a fierce performance competition between domestic and overseas manufacturers, and it seems that you can choose tires that demonstrate high performance.

From the studless tires picked up this time, please try to find a gem that goes well with your car.

Bridgestone BLIZZAK VRX3

Bridgestone “BLIZZAK VRX3” is the third generation studless tire with the subname of “VRX”.

The BLIZZAK VRX3 is characterized by its performance on ice, which is said to be the “best ever”. It has become a hot topic for improving the grip on frozen roads and improving the “ice braking performance” by 20% compared to the performance of successive models. “Flexible foam rubber” that realizes fine contact with the road surface, a tread pattern that can ensure traction performance after the ice melts, and the positive incorporation of new mechanisms have led to improved performance. .

It should be noted that the impression of “Bridgestone strength” is extremely high.

Yokohama iceGUARD 6

Yokohama “iceGUARD 6” is a studless tire that combines performance on ice, durability, and low fuel consumption.

IceGUARD 6 is more polished than its predecessors in ice performance. In addition to improving braking performance on ice by 15%, the asymmetric tread pattern makes it a tire that can handle wet roads.

In addition, “premium water absorbing rubber” that makes full use of nanotechnology is adopted. We emphasize that we can expect the effect of suppressing accidents such as vehicle spins caused by the water film between the contact surface of the tire and the road surface.

The use of rubber that does not harden even when the road surface temperature is low has increased durability, and the use of fuel-efficient normal tire “BluEarth” technology has improved rolling performance. Yokohama’s proud product that also has easy driving, it would be nice to realize a safe drive.


Dunlop “WINTER MAXX 02” is a studless tire that represents the manufacturer, which is called “total balance type”.

The strength of “WINTER MAXX 02” is its durability and “effective performance”. It has the advantage of maintaining its performance on icy roads for a long time by adopting a supple component “liquid farnesene rubber”.

The use of liquid farnesene rubber has improved durability, and even four years after the season when the tires were first installed, they announced experimental results that they continued to maintain high-level braking performance on ice. It is also a notable point that there is.

Michelin X-ICE SNOW

Michelin “X-ICE SNOW” is a studless tire that supports a wide range of genres from light cars to SUVs.

The feature of X-ICE SNOW is its high performance on snow. It emphasizes that braking performance on snow-covered roads has improved by 4% compared to the previous model.

The reason for this is the adoption of a new compound called “EverWinterGrip”. A highly rigid polymer material is used to create a finely roughened tire surface that takes advantage of the difference in wear from the base compound. Even if the tire wears, the condition of the surface is rebuilt, and it is designed for long-lasting braking performance.

Goodyear ICE NAVI8

Goodyear “ICE NAVI8” is a studless tire that emphasizes “the strongest in the history of the manufacturer”.

Asymmetrical pattern for the first time in the series is adopted to improve stability during braking and cornering on icy roads. The “Asymmetric NAVI Pattern” enhances the rigidity of the outside of the tire, which improves the handling feeling on curves, and improves the adhesion between the tire and the road surface, contributing to improved braking performance. I’m here.

While the sea-to-land ratio

has increased, by maintaining snow performance and rolling performance without deteriorating, it is a tire that demonstrates power not only on icy roads, but also on snow-covered and dry roads.

* A numerical value that indicates how much grooves are carved in the entire tread pattern on the tread surface of the tire.

Points to note when purchasing studless tires


There are three points to be aware of when purchasing studless tires.

It’s basically the same as buying normal tires, but you can achieve a safe and comfortable drive with studless tires if you pay attention to them as well.

Buy new tires instead of second hand

The first is to buy new tires.

Some people may think that second-hand tires are fine because studless tires are only used in winter. However, buying a second-hand product is not limited to tire wear, and there is a high risk that performance such as grip strength is declining. As a result, it will lead to a loss of safety and cause an accident.

There is no big price difference compared to new tires, so it is safe to buy new studless tires to protect yourself.

Buy the same type in a set of 4

The second is “purchase the same type in a set of 4”.

It is a dangerous act to buy a new one just to save money, saying, “I’ve only used one of the studless tires I’ve been using so far, but I’m going to buy a new one because it’s worn out badly.” Not only do you lose the balance of the vehicle while driving, but there is also a risk that the performance of the tires themselves cannot be demonstrated.

There may be factors such as punctures, bursts, etc. that have ruined the tires. However, there is a safety problem with old studless tires that have been used for a long time and new studless tires.

When purchasing studless tires, it is safe to try to choose the same type and product in a set of 4 as much as possible.

There is also a possibility that there is no corresponding tire size depending on the manufacturer

Some people choose a product because it has excellent performance, or because it has high cost performance considering the price.

However, it is possible that the product you have chosen does not have the size that matches the vehicle you are thinking of installing. It may not match the wheel you were originally using.

It would be a good idea to check the product details in advance, as you may need another wheel or have to give up the studless tire you were planning to choose.

Can you get studless tires cheaply?


Since studless tires are used during the winter season, many people may want to purchase them at the lowest possible price.

Can you actually buy studless tires cheaply? In this article, I proposed two methods.

If you use internet shopping, you can buy it cheaply!

The first is “buy online”.

In addition to major EC sites, online shopping sells studless tires as well as normal tires that are used in the normal season.

Shops that come to mind when buying tires include tire specialty stores, car supply stores, car dealers, and gas stations, but depending on the type, it may be cheaper than the retail price. In recent years, there is a service that allows you to apply for replacement work at a physical store even if you purchase online, which is convenient.

If you are thinking of buying studless tires, you should consider using online shopping as an option.

It is also recommended to get stock items during the off-season!

The second is “Get stock items during the off-season”.

This is a method for those who are already using studless tires or who are not in urgent need of replacement.

During the winter season (November to March of the following year), it is difficult to purchase or exchange studless tires at tire specialty stores, car supply stores, car dealers, gas stations, etc. Factors such as the price of the product itself rising or the reservation for replacement work being filled up are involved.

However, during off-seasons other than winter, there are cases in which the inventory that the store held up until the previous year is offered at a discounted price. If you want to buy studless tires as cheaply as possible, you should check them frequently.

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