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Suzuki is developing in India!Jimny 5-door model

The 5-door model based on Suzuki’s popular model “Jimny”, which is said to be under development by Maruti Suzuki India, a subsidiary of Suzuki in India, has been used many times as a test car. have been witnessed.

This model, which seems to have extended the wheelbase of the Jimny Sierra in Japan and added a door for the rear seat, is called the 5-door Jimny or Jimny Long, and is a model that is expected to be released in Japan.

It was also revealed that Maruti Suzuki had shipped a car, which is believed to be the vehicle developed by Maruti Suzuki, from India to Japan by sea.

“It’s not a car to avoid, it’s a car to overcome” Fans on the contrary highly praise

Is the engine the same “K15B” type as Jimny Sierra?

The 5-door Jimny has been witnessed several times in testing, but in a new video that captures its appearance, a development sheet that seems to contain information about the vehicle is attached. A vehicle was shown.

This sheet has the notation “YWD 5DR MT K15B Hi-LED”, and if it points to the 5-door, manual transmission, K15B engine, and LED high beam, it may be a great hint to know the specs of the 5-door Jimny. There is a nature.


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