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Staying in a car in the middle of summer or the middle of winter can be very hot and cold.

This time, I bought items that are useful when staying in the car in the middle of summer or the middle of winter, so I would like to review them!

base vehicle

First of all, I would like to introduce my favorite Hiace Wagon GL.

If you have a camper equipped with a home air conditioner, FF heater, ventilator, etc., you can spend a comfortable time, but my Hiace wagon is a normal base, so when it comes to measures against the heat, I install a Fiama turbo kit. There are about.

Also, there is no sub-battery, so if you turn off the engine while sleeping in the car, it will be exactly the same as a normal car.

Staying in the car this summer

I also stayed in the car this summer, but my eyes got cold due to the heat every 30 minutes or so. I tried opening the rear sliding glass and opening the sliding door, so it was hot even at night and I couldn’t sleep.

At high altitudes, the temperature is particularly low at night, making it a comfortable place to live, but in the plains it was hot and painful.

Hiace has a metal body, unlike cabcon, etc., so heat is easily transmitted, and as soon as the engine is turned off, the temperature inside the car starts to rise and it gets hot. Furthermore, what I felt when I stayed in the car this time was not only the heat from the body, but also the heat coming through the window.

The same is true in winter, and you can see that the cold air is coming from the vicinity of the window. The ceiling has a multi-layered structure, so it didn’t bother me so much at night when the sun wasn’t shining.

However, as for the window glass, heat is transmitted directly and the temperature inside the car changes immediately. If you have a proper camper around here, you can achieve heat insulation by adopting acrylic double-glazed windows.

Also, even if it’s the same Hiace, the builder’s vancon has a heat-insulated body and is equipped with an acrylic window, so I think it’s comfortable.

Right now, my Hiace is not particularly insulated and only has curtains on the windows. Curtains are better than nothing in terms of insulation and blindness, but there are many gaps, so hot and cold air can quickly enter through those gaps.

I wondered what everyone was doing, and when I looked at other Hiaces when I was sleeping in the car, I noticed that there were a lot of people who put shades on the windows.

buy multi shade

Actually, I knew about the existence of shades, but I had an image that it would be troublesome to remove and install them every time, so I bought a curtain that seemed to be easy to open and close.

After that, when I actually used it, it was unexpectedly troublesome to open and close the curtain. In that case, I decided to install a multi-shade that seems to have a high insulation effect, and this time I decided to introduce it!

Eyes High insulation multi-shade.

The reason why the multi-shade is made by Eyes this time is that it has a track record of being used by many Hiace users, has good reviews, is safe, and is compatible with the slide glass attached to the rear seat of the Hiace. The part was the deciding factor.

Eyes’ multi-shade can be selected to be cut so that the slide small window equipped in the rear seat of Hiace can be opened and closed. With this, you can open and close the window without removing the shade even in hot summer. I thought this was very good.

#source slide glass

In addition, Eyes multi-shades have the following four color patterns. The one I bought is blacky on the outside and gray on the inside.

I feel that the silver exterior has a higher heat insulation effect, but if it is blacky, it seems that the multi-shade will be difficult to see when viewed from the outside, so I chose that. (Still stylish too!)

I received the product

The product arrived a few days after ordering, so I opened it.

outer surface
The outside is blackish color. It’s a dark metallic color. I don’t think there are many other manufacturers in this color.

inner surface
The inside is gray color. The texture of the quilted fabric is also good and it seems to be somewhat warm.

When I touched it, I had the impression that it was thicker and more solid than I expected. The seams are carefully sewn, and the official page says that the fabric is produced in our own factory.

According to the official page,

“By installing the multi-shade, the temperature inside the car can be reduced by a maximum of 10°C or more in hot weather. In cold weather, the temperature inside the car can be maintained by a maximum of 5°C or more.” , It seems that a considerable heat insulation effect can be expected.

I actually attached

I will remove all the Hiace curtains and install the multi-shade. Installing the multi-shade is easy as it is just attached with a suction cup.

It was hard to peel off the rail of the curtain that was originally attached, but after that, it can be installed in 5 minutes. It seems to be good because the suction cup is not a fluffy one but a fairly solid one.

When I finished pasting it, it looked like this.

It feels cleaner than the curtain!

The shade is made slightly larger than the size of the glass, making it difficult for gaps to form.

The small slide window can be divided like this and can be opened and closed. It’s nice to see such attention to detail!

One point I had a little trouble with was the rear glass and the right rear side glass.

The rear glass contains a heat wire for defogging, and the right rear side contains a radio antenna wire.

When the suction cup came just above it, it didn’t stick and came off. In the beginning, I reapplied it every time it came off, but I found something like this on sale from the same Eyes company.

If the heat wire and the suction cup are unavoidably covered, you can prevent it from falling off by attaching this sticker to the position where the suction cup will come in advance and sticking the suction cup on top of it. It may depend on the car model and model year, but it may be better to prepare this together.

I bought this and solved it by sticking perfectly.


In fact, I haven’t stayed in the car even once since wearing the Eyes multi-shade, so I can’t measure the effect.

While I was lazing around, the season changed from summer to autumn, and it was a very good season for sleeping in the car, but winter is coming soon, so I’ll see how long I can endure the cold winter season. I would love to review it!

Also, since I only purchased the rear part this time, I would like to purchase the windshield, the driver’s seat, and the passenger’s seat shade and try it with all of them installed.

I haven’t felt the effect yet, but I think the product itself is very solid and good. And above all, I like the interior of the car because I removed the curtains.

Many people may already be using it, but if you haven’t taken any measures yet, why not try incorporating it into your car stay in the coming season?


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