BYD will release Japan’s first EV “ATTO 3” for 4.4 million yen at the end of January, and also develop subscriptions | MOBY [モビー]

Chinese EV manufacturer “BYD” launches first model in Japanese market

BYD Auto Japan, the Japanese branch of the Chinese automaker BYD, released three EV models “DORPHIN”, “SEAL”, and “ATTO 3” when it announced its entry into the Japanese passenger car market on July 21, 2022. , announced that ATTO 3 will be released on January 31, 2023.

DORPHIN is scheduled to be released in the middle of 2023, and SEAL is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2023.

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ATTO 3 is priced at 4.4 million yen and has a range of 485km


The ATTO 3, which will go on sale from the end of January 2023, uses BYD’s proprietary EV platform “e-Platform 3.0” equipped with a “blade battery” to achieve a wide interior space with a flat floor.

Equipped with a 58.56kWh battery and a 150kW, 310Nm motor, it has a cruising range of 485km in WLTC mode according to BYD research.

It is also equipped with advanced safety and driving support functions such as the Predictive Emergency Braking System, BYD Around View System, and Blind Spot Information.

In addition, it is compatible with V2L (Vehicle to Load) and V2H (Vehicle to Home), so it can be used for power supply during power outages and outdoors such as camping.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is 4.4 million yen, and it has been announced that sales will begin at 22 BYD authorized dealer stores in 15 prefectures, which will open in late January 2023.

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A 4-year subscription with a monthly flat rate of 40,400 yen is also available


BYD Auto Japan has a 4-year subscription-type lease plan “BYD e” that allows you to purchase ATTO 3 at a fixed monthly rate of 40,400 yen excluding tax, including no down payment, bonus payment, registration fee and automobile tax as a purchase plan for ATTO 3. In addition to “Flat”, we offer a variety of financing plans such as “BYD e-loan”, a loan with deferred balance for 4 years.

In addition, in addition to agent-type insurance sold through authorized dealers, BYD e-automobile insurance exclusively for BYD owners with original coverage, users can directly contract and renew contracts with insurance companies via the Internet. We will also prepare direct insurance that can be used.

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A test drive event is being held in Shinjuku, Tokyo


Until January 31, 2023, BYD Auto Japan is exhibiting “ATTO 3” at the car subscription service “MINT” store in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. You can test drive “ATTO 3” every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays during the period.

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