“If you remove it, will it pass inspection?” Why do some cars have or don’t have a rear wiper? |MOBY [モビー]

The number of cars with rear wipers has increased recently, why?


Windshields always have wipers.This is based on the Safety Standards for Road Transport Vehicles (Article 45), “Automobiles (omitted)front glassmust be equipped with an automatic window wiper that can secure the field of view just in front of the front glass (omission).”

In other words, the front wiper is legally stipulated as a must-have item, just like seat belts and lights.

but,Regarding the rear wiper, it is not stipulated in the regulations.Cars with wipers on the rear window are becoming common these days, but in factnot obligatory to wearIt is.

In fact, many sedans and coupes do not have a rear wiper. How is it decided whether or not a car should have a rear wiper?

What do all cars with rear wipers have in common?

Nissan New Serena

Cars that are often equipped with a rear wiper as standard,Minivans, SUVs, compact hatchbacks, etc.is.

What these cars have in common isHas a rear door instead of a trunkmatter. Such cars are called 1BOX, 2BOX, 2.5BOX, etc. Right behind the rear tires, there is a door (hatch) that is lowered perpendicular to the ground, and the upper part is a glass area.

When a car with such a shape runs in weather conditions such as rain and snow,Water, mud, dust, etc. splashed up by the rear tires roll up and adhere to the rear glass.It is.

If the rear glass gets dirty quickly while driving, it will hinder rearward visibility. It is possible to wash and wipe this with the rear wiper.

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