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What’s the best way to clean car windows?

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There are water-based stains that dissolve in water and oil-based stains that can only be removed with detergents.Exhaust gas and rain also contain dust and oil, so they are oily stains.Even during normal driving, dirt accumulates without you noticing it.

If you leave the dirt on the surface, it will turn into limescale and a strong oil film that can only be removed with a compound or abrasive. Before it becomes stubborn dirt, let’s deal with it early and perform regular maintenance.

[Tip 1]Remove dirt with car shampoo before wiping the outside window

If you use car shampoo to remove the dirt from the outside window, you can wipe it easily without spending time. Remove water-based stains with car shampoo and water.

Recommended product for cleaning car windows “SONAX Car Shampoo”

Neutral, non-compound, firm foam for gentle and thorough cleaning.

Review of SONAX Car Shampoo

It removes dirt well and drains well, making it easy to wash.

I was able to wash everything from the body to the tires and wheels without any problems.

Recommended product for cleaning car windows “Sure Star Washing Sponge”

The two-sided structure of the urethane surface and the foam rubber surface gently and firmly removes dirt without damaging the vehicle body.

Review of Surestar Washing Sponge

The sponge is soft, but due to the shape or the hardness of the rubber surface, it is very easy to hold and does not often drop during car washing.

The rubber surface is also ideal for removing stubborn dirt, and it is useful because it does not scratch the body.

[Tips 2]Remove stubborn oily stains with a special cleaner

If you want to clean areas where stubborn oil films or water repellents have deteriorated, use a special cleaner that contains abrasives to clean them off.

Although it contains abrasives, it can remove only oil films and coatings without damaging the glass surface. It is also recommended for pretreatment when using a new water repellent.

Recommended product for cleaning car windows “SOFT99 Garaco Compound Cloth”

If you want to easily remove oily stains, we recommend using a sheet cleaner. It is convenient for partial use, such as when you want to use it for partial dirt or when you use it only for the windshield.

Review of SOFT99 Galaco Compound Cloth

I love it because it reliably removes the oil film and water repellent coating.

If you don’t rub it hard, it won’t come off easily, so the next day your muscles will be sore.

The old deteriorated water repellent coat is also removed well.

Recommended product for cleaning car windows “PROSTAFF Kiirobin Gold”

When the dirt cannot be removed in earnest, we recommend the popular “Kiirobin”. This is “Kiirobin Gold”, a cleaner that is stronger than the usual one, and you can work with it easily.

Review of PROSTAFF Kiirobin Gold

Moisten the attached sponge with a little water, add a small amount of yellow robin and scrub it. Repeatedly for about 3 sets, the terrible scale pattern disappeared.

Water droplets (oil film) can also be completely removed. I think I’ll apply a coating such as Galaco when it’s refreshing.

[Tips 3]Wiping the inner window with water is basic!Remove stubborn stains with car interior glass cleaner

Wipe the inner window with a tightly wrung wet towel, and then wipe it dry with a clean towel before the water dries, basically removing the dirt. Use a car glass cleaner to remove cigarette tar and fingerprints that cannot be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Household glass cleaner contains oil, so it is not recommended to use it because it has the opposite effect of reflecting car lights when driving at night. Always use car glass cleaner.

Recommended product for car window cleaning “Carmate EXCLEAR”

“Oil-soluble cleaner” that dissolves oil-based stains cleanly removes stains.

Review of Carmate Exclear

this! it is perfect. Groundbreaking.

Since the oil film is completely removed, it is a simple task of just spraying and wiping.

[Tips 4]Wipe the inner and outer windows with a dry cloth at the end

Rinse off the dirt with water, wipe with water, and then wipe with a dry towel or cloth for a clean and transparent finish.

We recommend wiping with a clean microfiber towel, but some products may leave fibers and other fluff on them. It is a good idea to choose a cloth that is suitable for wiping glass and windows, or a chamois leather that does not leave fibers.

Recommended product for cleaning car windows “Carmate Window Wiping Microfiber Cloth”

A microfiber cloth developed with a special technology prevents wiping unevenness and lint.
Fingerprints and tar stains can also be removed.

Review of Carmate Window Wiping Microfiber Cloth

I bought this to clean the windows from inside the car. I tried using it immediately, but as expected, there is no dust or unevenness in wiping, and it is clean and refreshing as the name of the product with transparent vision.

I don’t think it’s that different from regular towels. Dirt can be removed, but is cheap microfiber good?

The size is a little small, but the dirt on the windshield was removed cleanly.

Recommended product for cleaning car windows “Aion Wiping Cloth Plus Chamois”

A cloth with excellent water absorption and wiping properties. Since it is a set of 3 colors, it is recommended because it can be used according to the purpose.

Review of Aion Wiping Cloth Plus Chamois

It absorbs water well, so it is very easy to wipe off after washing the car. I use different colors for the window glass and the body.

Since the water droplets are absorbed, or rather disappear, the preparation time for waxing can be shortened considerably.

What method do you recommend for removing oil film, water scale, and scales from car window glass?

Dirt on the windshield of the car cannot be replaced all at once, and there are roughly three types.

All of these stains are unlikely to occur if the window glass is carefully cleaned on a daily basis. But if you leave these three “stubborn stains” unattended, they can be difficult to clean.

We have picked up recommended methods for how to deal with oil film, limescale, and scales.

[How to remove the oil film]Use different items depending on the degree


In order to remove the oil film on the windshield of your car, it is a good idea to change the items you use depending on the degree. There are four solutions that can help remove oil slicks:

  • Oolong Tea
  • Neutral detergent
  • Ethanol (alcohol for disinfection)
  • oil film cleaner

A familiar item has the effect of removing the oil film from the glass to the drink “oolong tea”. Oolong tea contains ingredients that decompose fat, so the flow is to wipe the glass with a waste cloth, towel, or dust cloth soaked in it.

However, since it does not have a high detergency, oolong tea can be used for mild oil slicks.

Even neutral detergents and ethanol for washing dishes can remove a certain amount of oil film, so it is worth trying.

If you’re using a mild detergent, dip a car wash sponge in the detergent and polish the glass like you would wash the dishes. On the other hand, in the case of using ethanol, the oil film can be removed by polishing the window glass with a microfiber cloth moistened with water.

If the oil slick cannot be removed with oolong tea, neutral detergent, or ethanol, get a special oil slick cleaner at a car supply store.

There are many oil film cleaners on the market that contain abrasive ingredients, and if you apply the liquid to a sponge or cloth and polish the glass, the oil film will come off as if you were scraping it off. For heavy stains, we recommend purchasing an oil film cleaner.

[How to remove limescale]Try using “vinegar” or “citric acid”


To remove limescale from car windows, it is convenient to use “vinegar” or a special cleaner for limescale. Here are four items that can help you remove limescale:

  • vinegar
  • citric acid
  • baking soda
  • limescale cleaner

Vinegar and citric acid are familiar items. Use vinegar or citric acid, which are acidic in nature, and mix them with water to make a spray. It will be effective in removing water stains on the inside of the window glass.

On the other hand, baking soda is recommended for the outside of window glass.

Place a small amount of baking soda on a wet cloth, towel, or sponge and rub the glass with fine movements to remove limescale. It is mainly effective when washing the car or removing oily water stains.

Also, if you really want to remove the dirt, it would be highly effective to purchase and use a dedicated limescale cleaner. The advantage of sheet-type cleaners is that they already contain cleaning ingredients, so you can quickly wipe them off before going out.

Liquid-type cleaners require a cloth, sponge, and gloves for cleaning, but they have the advantage of being able to remove even strong limescale.

[How to remove scales]Polish with a glass cleaner

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If you want to remove scales from your car windows, you can use a glass cleaner to polish them.

Scales stain more strongly than oil film and water scale, and in some cases, the glass becomes full of stains when it gets worse. There are four types of cleaners on the market.

  • liquid
  • spray
  • seat
  • Compound (abrasive)

As the name suggests, the liquid type removes the scales by either applying the liquid agent directly to the glass or applying it to a sponge or towel. You have to be careful not to get it on your body because it is liquid, but it will be easy to wash off and handle.

The spray type is a simple method of spraying the liquid and wiping the glass with a cloth. Unlike the liquid type, you don’t have to worry about dripping, but there is a risk that the spray mist will get on the body, but you can apply a wide range of liquid to the glass with a little effort.

The sheet type already contains the cleaner ingredients in the cloth, so you can save the trouble of painting or spraying the liquid on the glass. However, it is a disadvantage that there are cases where unevenness is created and dirt is conspicuous.

The compound type is the best item for removing sticky scales. Dirt can be removed simply by applying a liquid or paste compound agent to a sponge and rubbing the surface of the glass.

Perseverance is essential to remove dirt, but if you can afford it, you should choose a compound-type cleaner.

Should car windows be coated?


If you don’t want to stain the windshield of your car, you can also apply a coating to the windshield.

Coating not only prevents dirt, but also has a water-repellent effect, so it has the advantage of allowing water droplets to fly off without straining the wiper even when driving in the rain.

However, if you use the wiper immediately after coating, “vibration” is likely to occur, which may cause the wiper rubber to wear out faster or lead to parts failure, so be careful.

However, there are commercially available glass coating agents that are fluorinated and repel raindrops without using a wiper.

In addition to dirt, if you often drive your car in the rain, you may want to apply a coating to your window glass.

It is recommended to clean the windshield of the car at the same time as the car wash.


It is recommended to clean the windows of the car together at the timing of the car wash. First, use car shampoo and water to roughly remove the dirt on the exterior window, then wipe the exterior and interior windows with a cleaner and dry them.

Even when cloudiness or dirt cannot be removed, you can easily make it shiny with tips on how to wipe it and special goods.

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