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Hello, this is Watanabe.

This time, I will introduce how to make a bed installed in the luggage compartment of my beloved Suzuki Every.

We have summarized the production procedure, points, and precautions, so if you are thinking of introducing a bed, please refer to it.

Let’s go!

Two types of base materials for DIY beds

There are two types of base materials when DIY a bed.

In fact, there are other types, but this time we will focus on the ones that can be easily processed.


Wood that is generally widely recognized for DIY. Because it can be easily processed, it is a prime candidate for making a base.

There are many types of wood, but I think it is common to use 2×4 lumber and compound panels because the material cost is low.


  • It can be processed with common tools such as a saw, so it is easy for DIY beginners to get their hands on.
  • The unique warmth of wood makes it possible to create a comfortable living space.
  • It is possible to freely design depending on the tool.


  • Because of its weight, using a large amount of wood may increase the weight of the vehicle and adversely affect fuel efficiency.
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble requires a little knowledge and effort.

elector pipe

Metal pipes can be combined with various types of joints and assembled freely.


  • Compared to wood, it is lighter and stronger, so it can be assembled smartly.
  • The connection part is also a joint type, so it can be easily disassembled.


  • Because it is metal, special tools are required to process it.

By the way, regardless of whether you use wood or an erector pipe, the top plate of the bed will be made of wood such as a control panel.

Making blueprints

Once the base materials have been decided, the next step is to create a blueprint.

As a specific procedure

  1. Put away everything that gets in your way
  2. Write a rough image on the design drawing
  3. measure the dimensions
  4. Fill in the dimensions on the blueprint
  5. Procure and process materials

It will be a flow like this.

*Dimensions are images.

Even if it is a blueprint, it does not have to be difficult to write, and there is no problem if you can see it yourself.

In my case, I often use a notepad on my smartphone that just writes out the numbers and the necessary numbers, and even when making something a little more complicated, I just write down the numbers that measure each part on a hand-drawn diagram. .

So, if you don’t think too hard and write it out in easy mode, it’s OK.

As a point to note here, in order to make it flat, depending on the car model, the front, back, left and right legs may have different lengths.

Check the position of each leg and calculate in advanceand write it down.

If the error is about 1 cm,Attachment with height adjustment functionis sold at the corner of the erector pipe, so it can be adjusted.

Also, regarding the size of the top plate,Allow 5mm on each side from the actual sizeAnd you can avoid the trouble of not entering after applying the carpet.

Go to the home center!

I wanted to make it as light as possible, so I decided to use the latter erector pipe.

For those who travel a lot every day, such as commuting, if the car body itself is made of heavy wood, it will affect fuel consumption to some extent.

You should choose the material according to how you will use it.

Also, even if you are in a situation where four people are on board, you can return to the seat immediately.Assemble in a way that is easy to assemble and easy to disassembleis the point.

There is no problem if you have special tools or a space to work at home, but even if you don’t, you can find it at the home center.Rent processing space and cut partsI can. (The availability of processing space depends on the store, so be sure to check in advance.)

At this time, if you do not prepare a blueprint with dimensions in advance, you will not know the details of the parts, soAlways prepare a blueprintlet’s do it.

Depending on the store, if it is a straight cut of wood, there are places where the staff will cut it for about 10 yen per cut, so it may be easier to have a rough cut here.

Erector pipe is cut using a high-speed cutting machine in the machining space or using a tool called a pipe cutter.

I have used both a high-speed cutting machine and a pipe cutter, but overwhelminglyHigh-speed cutting machine is easierwas.

The pipe cutter is too plain, and it’s going to be hard to cut out a lot of


leg making

Once you have all the materials, it’s time to assemble the base.

If you use an erector pipe like me, you can fix it partially with adhesive to increase stability.

However, after considering the decomposition,Use adhesive only to join parts that are not to be removedPlease be careful.

Attach the carpet to the top plate with double-sided tape

Once the base is assembled, the next step is to put the carpet on the top board and finish it.

There are two methods of bonding carpet: “using bond” and “using double-sided tape”.Double sided tape recommendedTo do.

Once fixed with a bond, a tremendous amount of effort is required to remove it.

Double-sided tape can be easily removed, so if the carpet is damaged for some reason,Easy to replace when dirty or tornI can do it.

I think you can paint the back side for protection, but I didn’t paint it this time to save time.

In fact, it’s been about two years since I made it, but I haven’t seen any problems such as cracking or warping, so I don’t think it’s necessary to paint it unless it’s used in a place where it’s exposed to rain and wind.

Reinforced with Tucker

After pasting the carpet on all the top boards, fold the carpet and fasten the back side with “tucker”.

As a reason to keep it with Tucker,Double-sided tape has a weak adhesive strength, so use it for

This tucker tool is like a giant version of a stapler and can be purchased at most hardware stores. It is very convenient to prepare for work efficiency improvement.

If the carpet is completely fastened with a tucker, it will be difficult to correct if the dimensions of the board do not match.Temporary fasteningwill do.

After all the top boards are temporarily fastened with tucker, install the top boards on the base inside the car and check that the dimensions of the boards match.

If there seems to be no particular problem, hit additional tucker to completely fix it.

Furthermore, it is completed if you put a weight on top and leave it for about a day until the adhesive of the double-sided tape works.

Bed DIY can be done by amateurs

When you hear DIY for a car bed, you might think it’s quite difficult, but once you try it, it’s not that difficult.

Even if you are inexperienced, you can make it if you take your time.

I worked diligently in my free time, and improved it twice until it reached its current state.

If you make it several times, you will understand the point and the work speed will increase at once, so DIY from the second time onwards will be very easy.

Recently, I’ve grown tired of this bed, so I’m thinking of a new layout to make it feel a little more warm.

The feeling of building this secret base is so much fun!

Please give it a try.

See you soon.

DIY processing and modification may affect safety. In addition, you may not be able to receive after-sales support, etc., so please comply with laws, regulations, standards, etc. and do so at your own risk. If you are unsure, please check with your retailer before proceeding.

Writer: Hiroyuki Watanabe

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