“The car with the most attractive color” is a light truck! Daihatsu Hijet truck wins “Auto Color Award 2022” | MOBY [モビー]

Grand Prix of “Auto Color Award 2022” decided

Auto Color Award 2022 Grand Prix decision

The “Auto Color Award”, which has been sponsored by the Japan Fashion Color Association (JAFCA) since 1998, will be held again in 2022, and on December 15, 2022, it was announced that the Grand Prix of “Auto Color Award 2022” was decided.

The Auto Color Award is a system to honor cars with excellent color design every year. The combination of the body color “Akatsuki: Sunrise Copper (M) / Midnight Black (P) 2 tone” and the interior “Blue Gray” won the award.

Each award will be decided in the final selection of Japan Car of the Year

Daihatsu Hijet truck wins award

daihatsu hijet truck

The car that won the Grand Prix of the Auto Color Award 2022 was announced as the Daihatsu Hijet Truck.

The Japan Fashion Color Association said that the Hijet Truck won the Grand Prix as a reason for its “successful solution” to “working comfortably”. It has been adjusted accordingly.”

Hijet Truck’s three body colors of “Ice Green”, “Fire Quartz Red Metallic”, and “Off Beat Khaki Metallic” and “Black” interior were selected, making it the first light truck to receive the award.

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