Up to 2,500 of the latest domestic EVs such as bZ4X and Aria will be taxis! GX project started | MOBY [モビー]

Launched “Taxi Industry GX Project”

Launched “Taxi Industry GX Project”

Mobility Technologies, which conducts mobility DX such as the taxi app “GO”, has announced that it will start the “Taxi Industry GX Project”, a GX (Green Transformation) initiative in which taxi operators nationwide and various partner companies participate from December 2022. did.

He explains that he will promote GX throughout Japan’s transportation sector through Taxi GX, and will raise awareness of carbon neutrality throughout society by converting taxis, which are one of the city’s landscapes, into EV vehicles.

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Provide operators with up to 2,500 vehicles, including Toyota bZ4X and Nissan Ariya

Launched “Taxi Industry GX Project”

The activities announced as the contents of the “Taxi Industry GX Project” are “building an energy management system”, “providing EV vehicle leasing and charging equipment to taxi operators”, and “visualizing the amount of carbon dioxide reduction”. Three.

In building the energy management system, we will develop and verify the technology of an AI system that generates a charging plan that does not impair operational efficiency, taking into consideration the distance traveled according to the characteristics of the area and the actual situation of taxi operations, up to 2031. conducted on We will develop and provide optimal systems for EV operation management and energy management.

In addition, by 2031, we will provide up to 2,500 units of Toyota bZ4X, Nissan LEAF, Nissan Ariya, etc. to GO member companies that have announced their participation in the project. We have announced that we will provide and install 400 quick chargers and 2,500 normal chargers at no real cost to each office.

In addition, the management screen of the corporate service “GO BUSINESS” of the taxi app “GO” will display the amount of CO2 emissions per vehicle using an EV taxi vehicle, making it possible to visualize the amount of CO2 reduction. .

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