Toyota celebrates the 60th anniversary of its founding in Thailand “IMV 0 concept” and “Hilux Revo BEV concept” unveiled | Latest car information

December 14, 2022 (local time) at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Thailand, Akio Toyoda, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation and Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.hosted the Toyota 60th Anniversary Ceremony. The special event underscores the company’s desire to make Thailand an important hub for vehicle production, including electric vehicles, while building on the country’s past and present strengths, while also fulfilling its mission to achieve “carbon neutrality.” stressed approach.

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“IMV 0 Concept” “Hilux Revo BEV Concept”

Created completely new IMV pickup trucks for Thailand, “IMV 0 Concept” and “Hilux Revo BEV Concept”.

President Akio Toyoda: “To achieve carbon neutrality, carbon is not a specific powertrain and, frankly, BEVs are not the only way to reach the world’s carbon neutrality goals. We believe it is important to create a complete portfolio of carbon reduction options for our customers, including plug-in electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, as well as the GR-Yaris and GR-Corolla. We are also exploring hydrogen fuel options, such as hydrogen-powered concept cars, and I believe a holistic approach to carbon neutrality is necessary as we work towards a sustainable future.”

Toyota’s omnidirectional strategy for next-generation powertrains

Toyota is also developing “hydrogen vehicles” along with “electric vehicles (EV)” so that they can be used with any kind of energy. The most famous hydrogen vehicle, “MIRAI”, is a “hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV)”. An FCV is a vehicle similar to an electric vehicle that generates electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen and sends power to a motor. Furthermore, Toyota has developed a “hydrogen engine”, an internal combustion engine that uses hydrogen instead of gasoline as fuel. It does not use fossil fuels such as gasoline or light oil, and it is a mechanism that only water emits zero emissions. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to move towards carbon neutrality in Japan while keeping the engine by making use of its strengths? So I turned my attention to the “hydrogen engine”.until nowA mechanism that does not use fossil fuels using the internal combustion engine technology cultivated by ToyotaIf you permeate theEmployment and inheritance of Toyota technology that is competitive with other companiesThat’s the idea.FurthermoreIt is possible to reduce the vehicle price because it can be produced at a lower cost than “FCV”.Toyota does not stick to EV vehicles, and has a wide variety of models.

type specification
gasoline engine Use gasoline to run the engine.
diesel engine Use light oil to run the engine.
Electric vehicle (EV) Use electricity to drive the motor.
Hybrid (HV) run the engine on gasoline
It generates electricity and drives the motor.
Fuel cell vehicle (FCV) Using hydrogen to power a motor.
hydrogen engine It uses hydrogen to run the engine.
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What is a hydrogen engine (HYDROGEN DRIVE)? Toyota advances development!
Toyota is working on technological development of “Hydrogen Drive” to realize a carbon-neutral mobility society. When you hear “hydrogen”, you think “FCV (fuel cell vehicle)”…

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Toyota New “Hilux H2” Prototype Equipped with MIRAI’s 2nd Generation FCEV Powertrain Announced in the UK
Toyota UK announced the prototype “Hilux H2” based on the new “Hilux” on December 2, 2022 (local time).[About the new Hilux H2]Toyo…

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Toyota “GR Yaris H2” hydrogen engine car Europe announced on December 2, 2021
Toyota announced the concept car “GR Yaris H2” equipped with a hydrogen combustion engine in Europe on December 2nd (local time).[Toyota “GR Yaris H2”]The future will use chemical reactions with fuel cells …

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Prototype “Corolla Cross H2 Concept” hydrogen engine car announced in Europe on December 5, 2022
Toyota is one of many automakers who believe there is no single zero-emission solution to the world’s clean fuel quest. Some rivals go all out for power…

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Toyota new BEV “bZ series” announced on December 14, 2021
Toyota held a briefing on its battery EV strategy. The new BEV (battery EV) “bZ” series was released on December 14, 2021. This time, Toyota and Lexus combined 16 car models at once…

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