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Wide 3-row seat SUV “CX-90” scheduled to be released in January in North America

Mazda CX-90 teaser image

Mazda’s North American division announced the world premiere of the new CX-90 SUV with three rows of seats in January 2023 as advance information on November 15, 2022, local time.

Along with this information, a teaser image showing what seems to be the right front fender has been released. Similar to the CX-60, a teaser campaign has started for the world premiere in January 2023.

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Mazda North America Releases New CX-90 Teaser Images

Mazda CX-90 teaser image released by Mazda North America

On December 13, 2022, Mazda North America released a new teaser image of the new CX-90. A photo showing the right side of the rear gate reveals the CX-90’s tail light design.

In addition, the “e-SKYACTIV PHEV” emblem is installed under the tail light. From this, you can see that the person on the right side of the photo is a teaser image of the person trying to insert the charging cable into the CX-90.

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Australia released another teaser image

Mazda CX-90 teaser image released by Mazda Australia

Also, Australian Mazda has released a teaser image of the CX-90, which is different from the North American Mazda.

In this teaser image, the lighting pattern of the right taillight can only be confirmed because it is backlit and the shadowed areas have been blacked out.

Together with the teaser image released by Mazda North America, the design of the taillight and the lighting condition have been clarified.

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