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The second generation NSX that put the curtain down on its history

Acura NSX Type S

The NSX Type S, which Honda made its world premiere on August 3, 2021, appeared as the last high-performance grade of Honda’s flagship sports car, the second-generation NSX, and was sold in a limited edition of 350 units worldwide.

With this NSX Type S, Honda has also announced that the production of the second generation NSX will end and the curtain will be drawn again on the history of NSX.

On November 17, 2022, Acura’s official Twitter account announced that the production of the 350th NSX Type S had been completed, and there were voices on SNS regretting parting with NSX.

But Honda hasn’t ruled out that a third-generation NSX is coming, and Acura vice president and brand officer John Ikeda said, “When we make an NSX, when we want to ask something, we want to show it. It’s time. The first generation will be gasoline, the second will be a hybrid, and the third will be something else.”

Acura official Twitter reports final NSX line-off

“New generation NSX” appeared with the design of the first NSX motif?

Expected CG of the new generation NSX

Regarding the NSX, Apollo News Service said, “It is too early to say that this legendary sports car will be the last model.” .

Expected CG of the new generation NSX

The expected CG of this next-generation NSX was produced with reference to the design of the first NSX. According to the Apollo News Service, the modern model features a large wing placed in the rear bodywork and a distinctive midship design, with digital mirrors, a slim LED light bar at the front, and LED taillights that trace the rear wing. It is also shown that there is

Also, “The lack of a grille and exhaust pipe, and the huge flank containing two apple crates (the second generation has two motors in the front despite being a midship), an electric model is assumed. , It would be reasonable to say that Honda said that if the NSX were to return, it would be an EV.”

See all images of the new generation NSX prediction CG

Honda president answers interview about next-generation models

“Flagship sports EV” to appear by 2030

On April 12, 2022, Honda announced plans for the production and deployment of electric vehicles to be introduced by 2030, including the global introduction of two sports EVs, “Specialty” and “Flagship”. was also included.

Honda’s flagship sports car, the NSX, has ended production of the second generation, but its genealogy will continue in the future, and it can be expected that the third generation NSX will appear with a new powertrain.

Roll out 30 EV models globally by 2030

New “Integra” high-performance model “Integra Type S” announced

Plan to produce CR-V FCEV at “PMC” which NSX also created

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